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9 Amazing Officiant Speeches That Will Seriously Inspire You

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been asked to officiate a wedding. Or, maybe you’re the one getting married (um, congrats!) in which case, you need to find the best vendors for your big day, officiant included. We got you.

To start, what is a wedding officiant? Your officiant is the person who leads your wedding ceremony and, ultimately, marries you! They can be your childhood priest or rabbi, your sibling or a vendor you clicked with like our Love Club member, The Vow Whisperer. Just remember, your officiant must be legally recognized in the state in which your wedding takes place for the marriage to be legal, so if you choose to go with a loved one, make sure they get their certification with plenty of time before the wedding.

An officiant can make or break your wedding, so be clear with the tone you’d like to take, whether it’s a little lighter or very straight-forward. To help you decide, we’ve rounded up the most emotional, inspiring and hilarious officiant speeches on our site. Watch them all, see which ones you click with and we hope this will help you plan your ceremony and choose the person who will run it.

1. Melissa + Matt by Embee Videography. It’s easy for couples to fall head over heels for each other while sharing extraordinary moments together. (Just ask a Bachelor contestant!) Melissa and Matt’s officiant has the best advice for keeping love alive long past those exiting first few dates. “Love the ordinary.” He continues, “love making dinner, love going shopping, taking a walk together. Ironically, if you love the ordinary, you can make some of your days extraordinary.”

2. Marianna + Kellen by Rodrigo ZadroIf you’re having trouble starting off your officiant speech, try asking each partner a few questions about their relationship and what makes it special to them. Ahead of their wedding day, Marianna and Kellen’s officiant asked the bride and groom the one thing they love most about each other. During the ceremony, he revealed their answers—their reaction to this sweet surprise is so fun to watch.

3. Molly + Mike by BirdhouseMolly and Mike’s officiant gives a beautiful speech telling the story of how the couple met. It’s important to make sure your officiant knows your backstory so you can have moments like this in your ceremony that make it feel more personal and more YOU.

4. Matt + Justin by Films By J. Matt and Justin’s officiant begins the ceremony with a powerful message that directly addresses LGBTQ couples. “If I can be a representative of the Episcopal Church, I think we owe you, the LGBTQ community, an apology. Because it’s too late, it’s been too slow, and I think that you have taught us how to be a better church.” The officiant’s honesty and humility is inspiring — moving is an understatement.

5. Morgan + Gui by Kemari Lyn Films. When deciding on who you want to officiant your wedding, don’t let traditions keep you from creating the experience you want to have on your big day. Instead of picking just one officiant, this bride asked her dad—a pastor—to be their second officiant! She writes that he even “prayed a special prayer welcoming my husband to our family.” Watch this proud poppa up at the altar as he co-leads the ceremony.

6. May + Mitch by Zest Kauai. Elopement weddings call for an officiant that is able to make the couple feel super comfortable — it’s only the three of you up at the altar, after all! May and Mitch searched high and low for an officiant in Kauai. It wasn’t until they saw a bunch of wedding videos with Kelvin Ho happily cracking coconuts throughout his speech that they knew they found their guy. His happy, easy-going personality totally sold them. Watching Kelvin perform his seashell hand-washing ritual on top of a Hawaiian cliff for major ceremony inspiration.

7. Kaylee + Jason by Ricker Films. One way to think about your officiant speech is like ten minutes of amazing life advice. Kaylee and Jason’s officiant gave a speech that could basically be pinned to every quote board on Pinterest. “There’s a time in your life when you begin to measure time in terms of decades. When you look back upon them, you realize that your time upon this earth is really short, and so each moment that you are given on this earth is a time to celebrate.” Well said.

8. Erika + Heath by The Quail + The Dove. Find your inner stand-up comedian and work the room with various LOLs. Thinking the officiant’s romantic remarks were coming to a close, Heath gets ready to kiss his bride—and totally gets called out. While his eagerness is beyond adorable, the way Erika and Heath’s officiant playfully teases the couple will have you tears.

9. Sophie + Josh by Image Flow Productions. This couple’s wedding was officiated by Elvis. Ok, FINE. An Elvis impersonator, but still. If you aren’t yet sold on The King, just wait until you hear his clever song references during the ceremony. Lucky for us, what happens in Vegas…stays recorded on video to be watched over and over again.

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