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All Your Wedding Photography Questions Answered

By Katie Kortebein

Jainé Kershner is the owner of Brklyn View Photography, a Brooklyn-based studio that focuses on light-filled, natural shots. Jainé has a knack for making her couples feel at ease and has received multiple accolades from various publications! She was a guest on our podcast, Love Stories Radio, where we asked her your photography-related wedding questions and have compiled quick hits of all her answers below! Listen to her episode to get the full responses and even more great info and inspo!

Do people still do boudoir shoots?

It depends on the bride. There are definitely boudoir photographers and some brides will do this as a gift for their partner, but it depends how comfortable you are in your own skin!

Are engagement photos always included with a wedding package?

Every photographer is different, so some people will include it, but I don’t. I’ve found some couples don’t want an engagement shoot so I offer it á la carte. However, I always recommend doing one because we’ll get to know each other, you’ll be more comfortable in front of the camera and, finally, you’ll be much more relaxed on your actual wedding day because you know the end result. Bonus: you get awesome photos!

Does it matter if our save-the-dates are clearly in a different season from the wedding?

I don’t think so at all! I actually have this come up a lot. Some people have a city wedding and do a beach session or vice versa. It’s nice to have a variety!

What should I wear to my engagement shoot?

I’ll start with the do’s. Do get your hair and makeup done—have your trial that day (and then go on a date after!). Do clean your rings so they’re extra sparkly. Do wear something comfortable and body-flattering. If you’re self-conscious about something, make sure to dress up your assets. If you don’t like your arms, don’t wear a sleeveless top, make sure you feel comfortable. Don’ts are mostly for the men but do make sure to press your shirt and pants. Don’t wear sneakers (unless you’re running in your photos). Don’t wear tiny patterns. Checkered shirts are really popular, but if the check is too small, it’ll create an issue.

Any tips for posing on the wedding day?

Picking a dress that suits you and your wedding will help. Your partner should get close to you, like pick your dress up, stand next to you and then put it down. That way you can be close to each other, but they won’t be stepping on your dress. I also like to have the couple get next to each other and I tell one of them to whisper in the other’s ear what they want for lunch or what cold cuts they want and they always end up laughing and it makes for great shots!

We’re having a destination wedding and we’re torn between hiring a local photographer or flying one out from our home state who we know we really love. Would it be worth it or should we stick with all local vendors for a destination wedding?

Bring the photographer that you want. In my opinion, as both a photographer and someone who is married, you want the best possible photos. If you sacrifice anywhere in your wedding, it should not be in your photography. Talk to your venue and see if there’s a fee because some will charge you if you don’t use their recommended photographer. If that’s not an issue and you can afford to fly your photographer out, I would always suggest investing.

Is there an average photographer price or does it vary by location?

I think it’s the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” Someone with a lot of experience is obviously going to be more expensive than someone with very little experience. In New York and LA, we’re in kind of a bubble and photographers can charge a lot more. In the middle of the country, they can’t be above a certain rate or no one will book them. Do your research and if all the people you like are around the same bracket, I would say that’s kind of the going rate. Always ask to see full galleries and see if the company has good reviews.

Will a first look ruin the moment on the aisle?

I don’t think so! You can do things to still be a surprise when you walk down the aisle, like the veil. First looks are great because you have a private moment together to enjoy a part of the day before everything gets kind of crazy. I’ve also heard a lot of couples say they feel so much better after because it can calm your nerves. You also get to enjoy your cocktail hour and start the party when everyone else does. If you don’t want to do a first look, I’ve had a couple privately read their vows as they stood back to back and held hands, which was really sweet. But if you’re already considering a first touch, I’d say go ahead and do the first look, you’re already so close!

We realized we don’t like our photographer’s work and want a new photographer, is it horrible to switch photographers?

I think you have to listen to your heart in this situation! The photographer does want to do a good job and make their client happy and if it turns out their style isn’t making you happy, I think the best thing to do is to part ways and just know you will lose your deposit. You don’t want to regret it and, if you don’t like the photos, you definitely will. Plus, this is something you can’t do over. It does also depend on who paid the deposit and if you have to talk to your parents or your fiancé, but I would say trust your gut and make the hard choice to go with a new photographer.

We’re debating between a photographer who is offering eight hours and one who’s offering six. Is it worth spending for those two extra hours?

You definitely need a photographer for at least eight hours because all weddings I’ve ever been to are eight hours or more for a standard ceremony and reception. You’ll want to ask when they will show up and when they will leave on your wedding day because you may have to pay for an extra couple hours depending on that.

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