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Our Top 10 Recommended Wedding Videographers in Utah

We've rounded up the top recommended videographers in Utah to help you find yours!
Updated March 18, 2023
by Emma Levin

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re probably bursting with excitement at the thought of walking down the aisle. The lead-up to your wedding can be one of the most memorable times of your life, but it goes without saying that planning a wedding comes with its fair share of challenges.

If you’re not sure where to begin, Love Stories TV can help you choose the right Utah wedding videographer for you and your partner. You can also browse our thousands of wedding videos to find all the inspiration you may need for your day.

If you’re deep in your vendor search for your Utah wedding, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. Rest assured, we are here to be your guide.

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, videographers might not be at the top of your to-do list. However, going without a wedding videographer could mean forgetting all the special tiny details from your big day. Affectionate first looks, a flower girl’s smile, tear-inducing wedding toasts, all these moments that are meant to be cherished forever and that's where your wedding videos come in.

Whether you’re planning a vineyard wedding in Hyde Park, Utah, or a picturesque countryside wedding at Holmstead, Ranch, we promise you that these Utah videographers can help capture all the unique and special details of your big day. After all, it's extremely common for newlyweds to watch their wedding videos on every anniversary. What better way to remember your vows to each other?

Why hire a videographer for your wedding in Utah?

As you go down your wedding checklist, you might have a big fat question mark next to the videographer. We get it. However, forgoing a wedding videographer could mean missing out on capturing that life-like memory of your special day.

You’ve probably seen your parents’ wedding video from the ’80s and laughed at the big hair and poofy dresses. You might even think wedding videos still come on VHS. Well, today, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Wedding videos have graduated to a number of styles, and, no matter what, they'll flawlessly capture the details that could be forgotten with time.

You don’t have eyes in the back of your head, do you? A wedding video captures all the important minor details. Whether it's the laughter from your best man’s toast or watching your friends breakdance to a 90s throwback, all these details could be forgotten with time. But what if they were preserved forever?

A videographer also allows you to have an unplugged wedding. That means your mother-in-law can rest during the toasts instead of taking a shaky iPhone video. Your wedding video can be a family heirloom, one to be rewatched on your anniversaries or whenever you want to relive your special day.

Your wedding day takes a long time to plan but will go by ridiculously quickly. That’s why having a skilled videographer who captures your day from start to finish is so important. You have invested your time, money and energy into planning your wedding and wedding videos are one of the few things that will actually live past this day.

Whether you want an elegant chateau wedding in Sandy or a rustic ranch wedding in Moab, you can find a Utah wedding videographer for you on lovestoriestv.com with thousands of options to choose from.

We know it can be overwhelming. That’s why we have some recommendations and tips for you!

How to choose a videographer for your wedding in Utah?

If you get married in Utah, you will want to choose a videographer based in this area. They will likely know the venue well and not need to travel to you, which can be costly. To help narrow down your search, we’ve selected 10 Utah wedding videographers that we think you should definitely check out.

1. Story Box Film

Based in Herriman, UT

What makes Story Box Film special?

If you’re the ultimate romantic looking for that documentary-style feel, then look no further than Story Box Film. This husband and wife duo perfectly captures your special day from beginning to end. Their films feel very intimate and personal, to the point that a couple’s love is palpable through the screen. Plus, this duo loves to travel, so if you’d like to have your wedding outside of Utah, Story Box Film will pack their bags and travel at no cost to you! You’ll have a forever memory of your big day thanks to Story Box Film.

Watch: Kinzee and Clinton's wedding in Skull Valley, AZ by Story Box Film

Contact Story Box Film about providing their videography services for your wedding.

2. Samuel Hansen Productions

Based in Utah

What makes Samuel Hansen Productions special?

Samuel Hansen Productions is fully invested in every couple’s story. Samuel films in a way that feels natural and authentic, so upon rewatching, you’ll be transported right back to your big day. He’s extremely friendly and accommodating and can put any camera-shy individual at ease. He’ll also tailor your video to your preferred film style, so you can put your trust in the hands of Samuel Hansen Productions.

Watch: Megan and Sean's wedding in Midway, UT by Samuel Hansen Productions

Contact Samuel Hansen Productions about providing their videography services for your wedding.

3. Natasha Mack Films

Based in Orem, Utah

What makes Natasha Mack Films special?

If you’re thinking about having your wedding off the beaten path, then Natasha Mack Films could be the right videographer for you. Natasha is a true adventurer, and her passion for nature is perfect for those couples looking for an earthly backdrop. She is willing to go the extra mile for her clients and will ensure your smiles and laughter light up on the screen. If you go with Natasha Mack Films, you’ll probably replay your wedding video for days on end.

Watch: Zach and Danielle's wedding in Utah by Natasha Mack Films

Contact Natasha Mack Films about providing their videography services for your wedding.

4. Jake & Kylee Films

Based in Salt Lake City, UT

What makes Jake & Kylee Films special?

Jake & Kylee Films won't overlook any small but touching moments from your wedding day. Their stunningly detailed videos are filmed in 4K Ultra HD, so their visuals are vibrant and bright. This married couple says that film has always been their passion, and they couldn’t think of a better career than capturing love on camera. Their website says that “if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures!” Jake & Kylee Films will go the extra mile to document all the thoughtful details of your beautiful wedding.

Watch: Mike and Haley's wedding in Keizer, OR by Jake & Kylee Films

Contact Jake & Kylee Films about providing their videography services for your wedding.

5. Jillie's Films

Based in Provo, UT

What makes Jillie’s Films special?

On Jillie’s Films’ website, she asks, “Can I be your third wheel?” which perfectly encapsulates her attitude towards her couples. She is personable and takes the time to get to know her clients, ensuring their needs and desires are met with their forever keepsake. Her videos perfectly capture the personality and emotion of her clients, telling an intimate and unique story for every couple. She is also flexible, spontaneous and loves the great outdoors! You’re sure to be moved by Jillie's beautiful videos.

Watch: Tanner and Chelsie's wedding in Idaho by Jillie's Films

Contact Jillie's Films about providing their videography services for your wedding.

6. Happy Camper Films

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah

What makes Happy Camper Films special?

One word to describe Happy Camper Films: wow. Whether they’re filming the stunning landscape or a loving look between a couple, their attention to detail is astounding. You can rest knowing your love story is safe with Happy Camper Films. Their cinematography has an ethereal feel and is nothing short of a blockbuster film. This husband and wife team is committed to honest storytelling, so they capture their couples’ intimate love story on a deep level. If you’re lucky, you might even get some tips on how to make your wedding day run as smoothly as possible. You won’t regret choosing this dream team.

Watch: Diana and Peter's wedding in Big Sur, CA by Happy Camper Films

Contact Happy Camper Films about providing their videography services for your wedding.

7. AW Creates

Based in St. George, UT

What makes AW Creates special?

AW Creates acts as a fly on the wall, documenting every single part of your wedding day. Alexis feels like an instant friend, and she works closely with each couple to ensure all their needs are met. On her website, she says that “videography is the purest form of capturing a moment." Her films fully embody that mantra. All the precious moments from your Utah wedding will be preserved down to the tiniest detail. You can trust that AW Creates will go above and beyond to flawlessly create a living memory of the best day of your life.

Watch: Chad and Angels wedding in Oklahoma City, OK by AW Creates

Contact AW Creates about providing their videography services for your wedding.

8. Shades Of Jade Films

Based in Park City, Utah

What makes Shades of Jade Films special?

Shades of Jade is adventurous and up for anything. You can book her for elopements, small ceremonies, or a big 200 person wedding; she can handle it all. Jade is an expert at capturing unbounded emotion, magnificent scenery and loving support from your family and friends. If you’re a little shy in front of the camera, Jade’s outgoing personality can make you feel right at home. She'll take the time to get to know you as a couple, so her films are as unique as your love story.

Watch: Brianna and Brady's wedding in Salt Lake City, UT by Shades of Jade Films

Contact Shades of Jade Films about providing their videography services for your wedding.

9. BaileyThorneFilms

Based in Salt Lake City, UT

What makes BaileyThorneFilms special?

BaileyThorneFilms captures every single moment of your big day. The light, the colors, the striking background, every detail comes to life in her films. Every couples’ love story flows so effortlessly in her videos, guaranteeing every rewatch will transport you back to the altar. Whether you’re interested in a documentary, artistic, or cinematic style, BaileyThorneFilms can cater to your specific needs. Don’t be surprised if you experience pure bliss as you replay your perfect wedding video.

Watch: Reace and Madison's wedding in Draper, UT by BaileyThorneFilms

Contact BaileyThorneFilms about providing their videography services for your wedding.

10. Tanner Castro Films

Based in St. George, UT

What makes Tanner Castro Films special?

Tanner Castro Films creates videos that capture all the important wedding moments you’ll never want to forget. Whether it’s the sheer love and support from your family and friends, or the breathtaking landscape, Tanner Castro Films won't miss a single detail. Tanner is known as an expert organizer, so you can feel relief knowing that no one will be missing or left out from your wedding video. You can put your faith and trust in Tanner Castro Films.

Watch: Eleanor and Zach's wedding in Wanship, UT by Tanner Castro Films

Contact Tanner Castro Films about providing their videography services for your wedding.

Need more wedding videographer tips? We've got you covered. Now that you know how to find a videographer for your Utah wedding, browse and explore even more wedding filmmakers in Utah.

Once your wedding is over, don’t forget to share your wedding video on lovestoriestv.com to inspire couples who are planning their wedding and to show your appreciation for the talented videographer you end up hiring.

Need help finding a videographer, venue, vendors or ideas for your wedding? Browse our massive library of real wedding videos tagged with all of the pros who made the big day happen to find your wedding dream team. Here are a few popular categories to get you started: New York weddings, California weddings, boho weddings, rustic weddings, South-Asian weddings, and more.

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