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How To Plan A Freestyle Bohemian Wedding

A bohemian wedding, commonly known as a “boho” wedding, is growing steadily in popularity. Once reserved for those free-spirited, nomadic couples, it is now seen as a wedding that is based on a particular style, often accompanied by more natural factors than typically seen in a more formal wedding.

Many couples have probably had a bohemian wedding, without really knowing that was what it was called. However, it is a popular choice for anyone who wants a relaxed wedding that incorporates a variety of unique aspects.

If you are looking for a ceremony and reception style that will set your special day apart, then a bohemian wedding may be your answer.  Flowers, tents, campfires, vines — you name it, and it can make your dream wedding a reality.

But first, let’s learn more about what to expect when planning a bohemian wedding, as well as what you can do to make sure that you learn all about some of the latest exciting trends.



What Exactly Is a Bohemian Wedding?

A bohemian wedding can include a myriad of styles, which is what makes it such a fascinating choice. You can go completely hippie-chic, or border more along the lines of a more natural theme. Many bohemian weddings also focus on ideas from a past filled with nomadic lifestyles, with a hint of a gypsy adventure, plus bright colors and fun out-of-the-box ideas.

Even though it is now recognized as a popular wedding theme, its origins are actually rooted in something that incorporates a little more practicality. With formal weddings all the rage, including white weddings and opulent Gatsby-like styles, it was only natural that a new type of wedding would need to evolve — one that would implement ways to still have a remarkable wedding, but to do so at a much lower budget. This is why, to this day, DIY projects, handmade items and family heirlooms remain the basis of a boho wedding.  

Additionally, there’s a lot of free expression in bohemian weddings, which is why this is such an attractive option to many couples. Not everyone wants a wedding steeped in rich tradition, as numerous couples are looking for ways to shake things up and make their big day something memorable and unique. The primary rule of a boho wedding is that there are no rules, which can be quite appealing when faced with the alternative of expected etiquette.

But how exactly do you plan the perfect bohemian wedding? Let’s take a look!


How Do You Plan a Bohemian Wedding?

Getting started is the most difficult part of planning a boho wedding. Once you understand the simplicity behind such an event, you can take the idea and run with it, easily incorporating it into every aspect of your wedding day.


You’ve probably heard it said that location is everything, and that is absolutely the case with a bohemian wedding. While you can choose a traditional church or ceremony site, and a basic hall as a reception venue, the good news is that you can get really creative with your site when opting for a boho wedding.


If you’re going with a natural theme, think about a garden or even a space nearby or in the woods. When sea air piques your senses, a laid-back beach wedding is also a splendid option. Chic barn weddings are also all the rage, and also fit in well with a more rustic boho theme. Basically, you can pick any space that suits your personalities — whether inside or outside. The choice is all yours!



Some couples opt to allow family members to prepare the meal, but this can prove to be difficult when it’s a large wedding, or your family members are actually members of the bridal party. Instead, you can reach out to a local caterer and select dishes that are specialties of your region, prepared with only locally sourced ingredients.


When it comes to the cake, rather than a traditional topper, think about using fresh flowers instead. Some couples even opt for something different, like cupcakes, instead of the expected multi-tiered wedding cake.



When selecting entertainment for your reception, most bohemian weddings prefer to go with live music. It provides a more natural setting, especially if you keep it simple with a solo singer and a small band. You can definitely include modern music on the agenda, but it’s also fun to toss in a throwback occasionally. This can also make it more enjoyable for older friends and family members.



It’s the nature of a bohemian wedding to utilize the natural resources at hand for your decor. This can mean twinkle lights in the evergreens surrounding the patio, or hanging vines and wreaths to accent any plain areas that need a little pizazz. Some couples like to go with a muted color scheme for this type of wedding, but you can also go to the exact extreme and throw around pops of bright colors that will add a note of festivity.


It’s also a great idea to get your A-team together and create decorations that can be used for the ceremony or the reception. Being able to DIY can not only help you keep your budget down, but it’s also a nice activity for members of the wedding party, and it adds to the overall boho vibe.



Your floral designer is sure to be able to point you in the direction of flowers that will work well in more natural-looking bouquets and arrangements. However, part of the fun is that some couples like to gather their own wildflowers to incorporate as well. If you want to go really free-spirited, what can express that more than a bunch of freshly picked blooms, tied with a simple ribbon?



Another great thing about a more casual wedding is that your options for attire open up dramatically. Many couples like to look for suits and gowns that are made of natural fibers. And for the wedding gown, you can get as whimsical as you like. Some trending ideas are bell sleeves, high waistlines and stitched accents.


There’s also no need for five-inch heels. In fact, some couples decide to forego shoes altogether, especially if they have sand beneath their feet or will be standing on cool stones in a summer gazebo.



When you’re looking for vendors who have been a part of bohemian weddings at your venue, it’s easy! Just search for your venue on, watch real wedding videos and then see which vendors have worked weddings there.

If you’re the type of couple that doesn’t like to be constrained by rules, you should consider choosing a bohemian wedding style. It’s a simple concept that’s truly taking the world by storm, especially in the past few years. And once it’s over, you can share your amazing memories about your bohemian wedding on LoveStoriesTV!