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This Couple’s Love Story Is The Absolute Cutest

By Katie Kortebein

We love a good meet-cute, but Megan and Sam took it to another level with their “started from middle school, now we’re here” love story! We connected with Megan to get the whole scoop and to pick her brain on some of their wedding details, like the reason they chose Brklyn View Photography (one of our faves!) as their wedding photographer. Coincidentally, the day they received our email, they were in the hospital meeting their first child—a girl. Talk about serendipity! Read on for their sweet story then watch their wedding film by NST Pictures and check out more gorgeous photos by Brklyn View Photography below.

Love Stories TV: How did you and Sam meet?
Megan: Sam and I met in middle school in sixth grade! My family is originally from Los Angeles and we moved to Sarasota, Florida when I was eight years old. Sam’s family moved from Cape May Point, NJ in the middle of sixth grade. We were in the same friend group and we actually have the same exact birthday (Sam is only a few hours older than me) so I remember always having to schedule our birthdays separately. I also secretly had a huge crush on Sam. After seventh grade, my family moved to Belgium for my dad’s job. My parents kept a place in Florida so, over the years into high school and college, I would go back and see him occasionally out with old friends. It was not until we had both graduated college that we saw each other in Florida during a holiday and decided to just go out together. We instantly knew something was there. Unfortunately, Sam was living in Miami and I was in New York City at the time. Neither of us wanted to do long distance. About five years later, I received a message from Sam saying he had moved to NYC—I was recently single and the timing was perfect. He knocked on my door November 2015 and that was it! We’ve been together since.


LSTV: Tell us about your proposal
M: On our second date, we did not want to leave each other towards the end of the evening so we wandered into the West Village, bought a beer from a local bodega and sat on a stoop for what seemed like hours talking. The night of our proposal, he brought me to a restaurant we went to on one of our first dates (I should have known something was up since we got a bottle of wine on a weeknight!) then wandered back into the neighborhood we were in after that second date. We went to the same bodega and got a beer and then we walked to our stoop (I honestly thought he was just being cute). Once at the stoop, he got on one knee and proposed. I know amazing things were said, but I was honestly in total shock and couldn’t wait to just say “YES!”


LSTV: What was your biggest challenge while planning your wedding?
M: Honestly, it was trying to balance our relationship while planning and making sure we still gave each other some time to enjoy the process.


Cedar Lakes Estate, Port Jervis, New York rustic white and green ceremony arch


LSTV: What about wedding planning was actually easier than expected?
M: I am 100% a type A personality so, when it comes to planning, I have that down! I was beyond organized when it came to placing family members in their cabins to organizing everything for the bridesmaids. I thought it was so much fun!


LSTV: How did you decide you wanted a wedding video and how did you find NST Pictures?
M: My husband is actually a senior producer at CNBC, as well as a documentary filmmaker, so we wanted to find someone that would film a lot of raw footage for us to look back on. NST Pictures was wonderful and put together a great trailer for us and we have so much footage that my husband will make into a long extended version!


Cedar Lakes Estate, Port Jervis, New York rustic white and green ceremony arch


LSTV: Favorite moment from your wedding video and why?
M: Every moment. Cedar Lakes is so beautiful and the scenery in every scene is so remarkable and different. If I had to choose it would be the moment I am walking down the aisle listening to Sam’s vows which were better than anything I could have imagined.


LSTV: How did you find Brklyn View Photography and how did you know you wanted Jainé to photograph your wedding?
M: We wanted to find someone who used natural light and wasn’t “cheesy.” Jainé has such an amazing talent for taking beautiful images that will stand time.


Cedar Lakes Estate, Port Jervis, New York rustic white and green ceremony arch


LSTV: What is your favorite photo from your wedding and why?
M: My favorite wedding photo was taken during our ceremony. Sam and I are laughing and so is Sam (my husband’s brother-in-law who married us), the sky is incredible and we look so relaxed and like we’re having the best time.


LSTV: Your wedding dress is gorgeous. How did you find it? Who designed it and how did you know it was the one?
M: Thank you! My dress was Monique Lhuillier. I got it from a boutique store in Minneapolis called l’Atelier Couture. I knew that I wanted something with lace in a champagne color and the moment I tried it on, I knew that was it! Our plan was to wear our wedding attire (my dress, Sam’s suit which was from Sebastian Gray in NYC) out to a restaurant on our first wedding anniversary but not sure my one-month post-baby body will fit in it!


Cedar Lakes Estate, Port Jervis, New York rustic water photo bride and groom


LSTV: Most important piece of advice for brides-to-be?
M: Enjoy the process. Yes, it can be stressful, hard work that takes patience and organization, but, at the end of the day, who cares if your hair is out of place or something did not go perfect? If you are with the right person, your day will be perfect just walking down the aisle and seeing their face.


Cedar Lakes Estate, Port Jervis, New York rustic white and green ceremony arch


Fun Fact: Their first dance was to “All My Life” by K-Ci and JoJo, which Sam and Megan danced to at one of their middle school dances. How cute!!


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