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10 Valentine Weddings to Get You In the Proposing Mood

Updated May 25, 2024
by Katie Kortebein

Who doesn't love to watch rom-coms at this time of year? And what's better than a movie? Real-life romance, of course! We picked our ten favorite Valentine weddings and teamed up with famed NYC wedding planner and TikTok star, José Rolón, LA-based event planner and host of The Rheeality Podcast, Jason Rhee, and founder and CEO of Something Borrowed Blooms, Lauren Bercier, to create this seriously charming Valentine's special.

The hosts watch gorgeous wedding videos, share wedding tips and tricks and just generally gush over these amorous affairs.

This four-episode series features Rolón, Rhee and Bercier as they watch real wedding films from the Love Stories TV library and share engaging commentary about each love story. The hosts chime in on the décor, fashion and overall style of the weddings. Looking for advice on how to throw a standout wedding? They've got you covered!

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1. Madeline + Van by Viby Creative

See this boho Joshua Tree wedding in Episode 1, featuring the most touching vows.

2. Efua + Gabe by Iris Films

This romantic Nigerian and Ghanaian wedding at the D.C. National Cathedral will inspire your day in everything from their lush florals to the adorable first look and wedding gifts.

3. Zailey + Brandon by Roman Howell Films

Episode 2 opens with this fun Santa Barbara beach wedding with an utterly charming love story.

4. Emily + Rob by Cinemate Films

This snowy elopement in Norway actually occurred on Valentine’s Day and you have to hear the bride's vows.

5. Brittany + Drew by Brooklyn Holden Films

This beautiful outdoor wedding in Roche Harbor, Washington in Episode 3 features a stunning lace gown and a seriously cute toddler.

6. Chloe + Tyler by A Little Long Distance

This adventurous Moab, Utah wedding showcases an emotional groom reaction as well as nostalgic home footage of the couple and their proposal.

7. Dallas + Jeff by Tia Lorae Storytelling

This rustic Vail, Colorado ranch wedding proves that rain on your wedding day really is good luck!

8. Georgie + Dave by New Age Films

This upbeat and chic Australian wedding kicks Episode 4 off with non-traditional attire and glamorous details.

9. Nadine + Nathan by Once and For All

This earthy forest wedding in Victoria, Australia features the most delightful first look and an emotional groom.

10. Allison + Lauren by The Beginning Studio

Come for the thrilling fashion in this contemporary Tasmania, Australia wedding, stay for the heartfelt speeches and beautiful vows.

Watched the full Valentine special and want more? Watch the newest episodes of Wedding Talk free on Chicken Soup for the Soul for the inside scoop on how to throw the best wedding ever! Plus, get wedding inspiration from stunning wedding videos 24/7 on The Love Stories TV Channel.

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