Danielle + Richard | Portland, Maine | Portland Company Complex - Love Stories TV

Danielle & Richard

From The Bride:

Life can simultaneously be both so captivatingly beautiful and immensely heartbreaking. Richard and I have been so very blessed in our lives together, we have three beautiful boys and adventures filled with joy and excitement. We also have encountered our fair share of trials and tribulations. On September 16th, 2017 Richard was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. After several months of chasing treatment options and grasping for faith, staring face to face with fear and uncertainty, we chose to rise in faith and love. After 17 years of convincing ourselves that we were so perfectly content with being permanently engaged, suddenly nothing felt more right than to cement our love with vows of marriage. It was close to “impossible” a word we have heard quite to frequently lately, although this time our amazing community rose boldly to the challenge. Quite seamlessly venues, vendors, and friends offered services, time, and energies. The outpouring of the human spirit was overwhelming. As a designer and wedding planner I have collaborated and implemented many nuptials. I have scoured inspirations, layouts, and wordings with a soft heart tug toward styles and textures that appealed to my personal style. I knew in my heart that if I was going to do this, I wanted to execute it in a way that captivated us. I did not want a structured ceremony but rather a celebration of life and love. A reflection of our story, and a heartwarming memory to share with all of those that have supported us along the way.

The day arrived so quickly, and unsurprisingly yielded little to no worry. I was quite simply enraptured by the love and generous souls of those that executed this day, constantly spellbound with the largest of emotions. The quiet moment in solitude before our first look, staring out into the vast space of unknown. The sight and embrace of my handsome groom as the reality of the day sunk in deeper. The sweet surprise of telling our children that we would be getting married and they would be our best men. Being walked down the aisle together by my unconditionally loving parents. Catching sight of my 92 year old grandfather, the first love of my life who has the unfortunate disease of dementia. Grasping the hands of my best friend with no intention of ever letting go. The love and the emotions that filled the brick walls of the historic Portland Co was enough to warm even the most bitter of an early spring Maine day. Symbolic of our exact purpose, and intent. Words don’t quite seem to capture the essence of what it was, and what it will remain forever. Our hearts are just so full of gratitude to each and every individual who was a piece of it. It was a beautiful blessing amongst the storm, a union of hearts, and a reminder that love conquers all.

About The Dress:

I was searching on once wed (a used wedding dress site) for my dream dress. I had two weeks to plan so I didn’t have the space to be too picky. I was looking with one of my best friends and we went over this Berta dress and both gasped simultaneously, it was my exact size! We saw the price and moved on. Day by day I searched looking for dresses that would not need to be altered and would fit the style I wanted. I kept coming up short. I emailed the owner of the dress and asked her if she would ever be willing to accept less. We corresponded a few times and then I shared with her a piece of our story, she immediately wrote back that she wanted me to wear the dress for my wedding and that she wanted this to be a gift from her. A total stranger, touched by another’s, the most beautiful gift I could have ever received. I felt like Cinderella, it was absolutely breathtaking. Im honored that she allowed me to borrow her stunning gown for the most special day of my life.


  • Cake: Cakes For All Seasons
  • Ceremony Venue: Portland Company Complex
  • Cinematographer: Happy Camper Films
  • Dress: Berta via OnceWed
  • Flowers: Cider House Designs
  • Hair: Mackenzie Lamoureux
  • Lighting: The Event Light Pros
  • Makeup: Mackenzie Lamoureux
  • Music: Larry Williams Band
  • Photographer: Amanda Fogarty Photography + Mackenzie Lamoureux Photography
  • Planner: Cider House Designs
  • Reception Venue: Portland Company Complex