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This Couple’s Daughter Was the Flower Girl at Their Whimsical, Black-Tie Estate Wedding

By Katie Kortebein

There are some wedding videos that are just so emotional, so over-the-top or so absolutely stunning, we feel they deserve a bigger accolade on our site, like the title of Love Story of the Week! We have Georgia and Willis’ epic wedding video on repeat and can’t get over the fact that they had their months-old daughter as their flower girl. It’s too cute!

Watch the video by This Modern Revelry and then scroll on for an inside look at Georgia and Willis’ planning process, tips and vendors!

1. How did you two meet?

We were mates for years before we actually got together. We first met in a pub in Notting Hill, London. Two years later, after seeing each other most weekends, he asked me out on a date. Only then did I start seeing him as more than just a friend….so, I’m glad he asked. 😉

2. How did the proposal happen?

We were in Thailand…Willis had arranged for us to have a romantic sunset dinner on a beautiful beach. Just the two of us in this idyllic setting with the sun setting over the sea. Unfortunately, whilst the staff were setting up, a tropical storm blew in—you know, high winds, torrential rain…they had to move us to the restaurant…haha. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Amelia Allen

3. What are each of your favorite things about your relationship?

Willis: Georgia makes me laugh a lot, she is a real home builder, creative and the best mother to Delilah.
Georgia: Willis is always so supportive and encourages me to take every opportunity. He is also my biggest cheerleader.

4. What was the first thing you did as an engaged couple?

Haha, I think we went on a booze cruise around Phi Phi the next day! Classy!

Amelia Allen

5. What was your budget?

I don’t actually know the total cost of the wedding. The most important thing for us was not to scrimp on the venue, videographer, photographer, food and music. Everything else was on a tighter budget. For example, I initially wanted matte gold cutlery, but little extras like this really add up and, in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t add anything to the enjoyment of the day.

6. What were your top three priorities when planning your wedding?


Amelia Allen

7. What did you each think the first time you saw each other on your wedding day?

Willis: I couldn’t stop crying. G looked so beautiful. I couldn’t believe my luck.
Georgia: I thought….trust Willis to be 45 mins late to his own wedding! 😂 This guy is never on time for anything….then I saw him crying and all was forgiven. He looked super dapper and very handsome.

8. Did you write your own vows? If not, how come?

We didn’t write our own vows…we were quite nervous about speaking in front of 100 people, so we sent letters to each other that morning instead.

Amelia Allen

9. Georgia, can you talk about your dress shopping experience? And let’s talk about your three outfit changes!

I chose my dress two months after giving birth, so what I thought I would wear went completely out the window as my body had changed so much. I didn’t want to put any pressure on myself to lose weight and I certainly didn’t want to feel self-conscious on the day. All of the dresses I had in the changing room I could have worn to a ball or a black tie event, except the Morilee dress. I just thought to myself, “When on earth will I ever get another opportunity to wear something like this?” so I just went for it! Also my venue was a grand manor house so I felt an understated dress wouldn’t look as dramatic and impactful.

My second dress was a last-minute eBay purchase as I realized I couldn’t dance like I wanted in the Morilee dress and no one could get close to me in it. It is HUGE 😂

The final outfit was just something I actually had in my suitcase and didn’t plan to wear at all. I was happy to get back in my own clothes, trainers on and just party!

10. Your wedding day feels like if a cotton candy machine exploded in a designer’s factory lol! What would you consider as your “wedding theme” and how did you land on that?

Haha thank you! My business is called Sugar Tits London, we make super bright Instagrammable sweets and bakes for brands, press days, photo shoots, etc. Our branding is mainly pink and my house is covered in disco balls, so the wedding was basically an extension of my business and personality. Willis didn’t really have much input into the planning since he doesn’t enjoy doing this kind of thing and is super chill.

Amelia Allen

11. Your daughter was involved in the celebrations, correct? How did you include her?

She was my little flower girl and so incredibly behaved during the day/evening. She loves looking back on the photos of the day. I am so so pleased she was there to share it with us. Shout out to my mum and sister who kept her so entertained on the day.

12. Why would you suggest hiring a videographer?

The video is the absolute best. Money so well spent. The day goes so fast…it’s a whirlwind, so it’s priceless to be able to watch all the highlights back.

Amelia Allen

13. What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

The dancing, the piñata hitting, smoke bombs, the cake eating, ahh, I just loved it all! We just had so much fun.

14. What’s your top tip to all soonlyweds out there planning their weddings?

Make sure on your big day you eat your food, cake, etc. You spent a fortune on it so enjoy it—we certainly did! I know it’s hard not to micromanage on the day, but, as soon as you take a step back, you start to really have fun.

Amelia Allen

15. Who were your favorite wedding vendors and why?

The videographers, This Modern Revelry, just work pure magic!!! They produce THE COOLEST videos whilst maintaining the perfect balance between being professional, friendly and fun! It was like having two mates with you on the day. Which is exactly what you want, especially as they are capturing intimate moments with friends, family and your partner. They made me feel so so comfortable and confident, as did my photographer, Amelia Allen, who also worked so hard. She is an amazing portrait photographer. The props company, The Prop Factory, are just wonderful. They totally saw my vision and helped me bring it to life with their amazing props. Pink sofas, neon lights, a pink lemonade stand etc.! I just adore them! The family who run Devon Vintage Ice Cream Van Co. are seriously cute! They let me have a go at serving up the ice cream on the day—it’s A LOT harder than you think working a whippy machine, and getting in the van with a huge dress on was hilarious! My company, Sugar Tits, supplied some sassy sprinkles, pink choc, meringues, etc. for them to pop on top of the ice cream. Plus, they were super accommodating as we booked so last minute and everyone loved the ice cream. For the kids, it was a fun novelty and, for the adults, it brought back amazing childhood memories. Seeing the vintage ice cream van come down the drive at Pynes House was absolutely stunning.

16. Anything else you’d like to share about your wedding or some details I didn’t ask about?

Yesss…bridesmaids dresses, you really cannot please everyone. And, understandably, they all have different tastes, body shapes, etc. I originally bought the same dresses for all five of them, but the best thing I did was to scrap that and let them choose their own dress in the colour scheme I chose! They were all happy, comfortable and looked INCREDIBLE! So I would really recommend doing this.

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