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Wedding Venues in Michigan, United States

Michigan-also known as "The Great Lake State"-stands out in that it is the only U.S. state with two peninsulas. In terms of your big day, that means that the state boasts an impressive selection of waterfront venues. Anything from lakefront receptions to yachting down the Detroit River, there are a number of wedding venues that can make your wedding day memorable.

Whether staged outdoors or indoors, Michigan weddings are famous for their glamour. The reason is simple: the state offers a number of unique wedding settings, ranging from contemporary to rustic to extravagant venues. The picturesque surroundings give a little natural beauty to every wedding reception.

In addition to the titular Lake Michigan, the state contains an additional 65,000 natural bodies of water. No matter where in Michigan you choose to hold your wedding reception, you'll find your surroundings equally rewarding. Even if you decide on a venue without a waterfront view, you can take wedding photos literally just around the corner.

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Michigan Weather to Consider When Picking Your Venue

While Michigan sets a great stage for a spring or summer wedding, note that its winters can be intense, with the state continually topping the charts in the U.S. with record snowfalls. This means that it's important to keep a close eye on your weather app for those winter weddings!

On the other hand, Michigan venues and accommodations come at a discounted price during the winter, so if you are on a tight budget, you really can't go wrong with a celebration in the snow!

Why Choose Michigan for Your Wedding?

Michigan has a rich history spanning from Native American culture to the automobile era. The state is home to a number of landmarks-from 18th-century forts to covered bridges to living history museums.

Michigan State Historic Sites like the wooden covered bridges and the famous Great Lakes lighthouses, with 3,200 miles of shoreline, are just the beginning. The state, in fact, offers a little something for everyone. Upper Peninsula's Quincy Mine tells the story of Michigan miners who gave a boost to the industrial era. The Henry Ford Museum offers an insight into famed marvels like, the Wrights' bicycle shop that turned into an airplane lab, Rosa Parks' quest for Civil Rights and Thomas Edison's innovative lightbulb.

Notable Michigan Wedding Venues

As mentioned above, Michigan is split into two sections, with the Lower Peninsula being the more popular choice for wedding events, especially Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor and Traverse City.

Going by the nickname Motor City, Detroit is the largest city in the state, and it offers the most wedding venue choices-both in the city and immediately outside. With a number of gorgeous churches and stunning countryside accommodations featuring an array of extras, such as baroque gazebos and drawn carriages, Detroit boasts rich wedding reception offerings.

  • Grand Rapids is the second-largest city in Michigan and a stunning stage where urban lodgings meet the surrounding wilderness. Located just outside the city are historical theatres and a number of stylish dining venues.

  • Kalamazoo is surrounded by lakes and split by rivers and is famous for its craft breweries. If you are looking for a mixture of historical sites and unique wine and dine, Kalamazoo is just the right choice. And, yes, the city is home to Gibson Guitar.

  • Ann Arbor - a.k.a. Tree Town-is famous for its breathtaking views. While small in size, Ann Arbor is a cultural hub rich in artistry and unique cuisine, courtesy of the University of Michigan alumni, for the most part. Ann Arbor wedding venues are typically cheaper than Detroit venues and offer a little something to everyone-from banquet halls to little-known but no less brilliant wineries.

  • Traverse City is well-known for its wine manufacture, being an established grape-growing center. The city also boasts stunning cherry orchards, which gave it the nickname "Cherryland." If you are looking for a ranch-style wedding reception and stunning views, Traverse City is a perfect choice.

Michigan Venue Prices

When it comes to prices, an event for up to 50 people can cost anywhere from $350 to $45,000, depending on your location of choice and the selected package. There is a 6% Michigan sales tax to consider, alongside an 18% to 21% service fee.

At a Glance

Michigan is a picturesque setting, perfect for both outdoor and indoor wedding receptions. With the exception of harsh winters, the scenery is to die for.

You can take your pick from a number of choices; various settings are in play, from city centers to beachfront to vineyards to sleepy towns with historical sites, churches and even barns. If you're considering a rustic wedding, an old historic Ann Arbor barn is a famous wedding reception spot. If you are more into a modern vibe, Kalamazoo will blow you away with its monumental soirees.

Overall, whatever it is that you are looking for on your big day, Michigan is sure to deliver!