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Wedding Venues in Miami, FL

Browse and discover wedding venues in Miami, Florida to find the perfect team for your big day.

Love Miami’s white sandy beaches? You’re not the only one. Miami is a popular destination for couples who want a beach wedding—and there are a number of venues in Miami that can help make your day as special as possible.

If you want to get married on the beach, there are a number of Miami Beach hotels that can accommodate you. The city’s hotels offer a variety of wedding packages, from intimate affairs to elaborate affairs. There are also a number of venues in Miami where you can get married on the beach without having to stay at the venue.

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Miami Weather to Consider When Picking Your Venue

While Miami is a great place to get married, it must be noted that it is a very humid place. If you are not a fan of hot and humid weather, a Miami wedding might not be your ideal wedding date.

If you are still set on a Miami wedding, make sure to pick a venue with AC, or make AC a priority when choosing your venue.

Why Choose Miami for Your Wedding?

Miami is a city with an international flair, but it is still very much an American city. Here, you can find citywide celebrations of diverse cultures, traditions, and foods. You can experience the sun, sea, and sand on one day, and then attend the world's largest art fair the next. With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, Miami is a perfect location for an outdoor wedding.

Miami Beach is the ideal location for your wedding. With more than seven miles of beautiful beaches, you can be sure that your guests will enjoy themselves. The city also offers a wide range of wedding packages and facilities to choose from. The city has more than 100 hotels to choose from, offering everything from luxury to budget accommodations. Miami is also home to more than 200 restaurants, all offering unique food, drinks, and ambiance.

Notable Miami Wedding Venues

Miami is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning skyline. It’s no surprise that Miami wedding venues are equally stunning.

  • Miami Beach is known for its Art Deco style and brightly colored homes. This area is famous for its gorgeous beaches, which are perfect for walking. The city offers a wide range of wedding venues, including spaces that are located on the beach.
  • North Miami Beach is home to the famous North Miami Beach Botanical Garden, which is located inside Tropical Park. The park is located on Biscayne Bay, which is perfect for boat tours and picnics. The city offers a number of wedding venues, including the aforementioned botanical garden, the park’s amphitheatre, and romantic bridges.
  • Coconut Grove is famous for its unspoiled beauty and lush surroundings. The area is home to the famous CocoWalk, which features an open-air market, outdoor cafes and restaurants. The city is also home to the Miami City Ballet, which offers a number of ballet performances, including the Magnificat that is held in the Miami City Ballet Theater.
  • Coral Gables is known for its Spanish-style architecture and beautiful homes. Just outside the city are a number of gorgeous countryside wedding venues.
  • Little Havana is known for its colorful homes and fantastic cuisine. The city is home to the famous Versailles Restaurant, which offers authentic Cuban cuisine. The city also offers a number of wedding venues, including the Versailles Restaurant.
  • Key Biscayne is home to the well-known Crandon Park, which offers a number of wedding venues, including the beach, which is perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

Miami Venue Prices

When it comes to prices, an event for up to 50 people can cost anywhere from $350 to $45,000, depending on your location of choice and the selected package. There is a 6% Miami sales tax to consider, alongside an 18% to 21% service fee.

At a Glance

Miami is a city that is all about living in the moment, enjoying yourself and feeling good. This is exactly what the locals do every day, and why this city has become a haven for party people.

Miami is all about celebrating the good times, and getting hitched is no exception. As the home of the Miami Heat, the city is renowned for its sporting events. The Miami Dolphins are another popular football team that are known for their passionate supporters. If you are planning a big sporting event kind of wedding, then Miami is the place for you.