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Wedding Party Gifts: A Special Token For Your A-Team

As you’ve already discovered, selecting your bridal party was a big decision. After all, these are the people who will stand next to you on what will be one of the most important days of your life. And beyond that, they will help with choosing the dress, selecting the best flavor for the third tier of the cake and deciding whether to go plated or buffet-style with the catering. 

Needless to say, they will be there for you through thick and thin, so it’s only right to provide them with a gift that will signify your appreciation and loyalty. Plus, it’s one custom surrounding the wedding process that you should always keep.

However, as you begin to shop around for something that will demonstrate your thankfulness, there may be a few questions that come to mind. This guide should help put you on the right track, as well as provide you with a few helpful tips and ideas. 


When Is The Best Time To Present The Gifts?

When looking for that special moment to share your gifts with your bridal party, there are a few different times to consider. However, this can also apply to the type of gift as well.

  1. Popping the question – When you’re getting married, there are actually a few different questions that you will ask, although they may not be in the same league as the “big one.” Yet, when you’re asking if a loved one would like to be a part of your bridal party, this is a good time to hand out a small piece of “party swag,” such as a water bottle that says “Bride’s Tribe” or the “I Do Crew.”
  2. Rehearsal dinner – Many couples like to bestow their more formal gifts at the rehearsal dinner. It works out nicely because everyone is assembled together for probably the last time before the special event. While the rehearsal is a time to be sure to finalize any decisions or go over the timeline one last time, the meal following it provides a moment to socialize and spend some valuable time with your loved ones. This provides an excellent opportunity to pass out your bridal party gifts.
  3. At the reception – While many couples forego this option due to the hustle and bustle of the day, some still feel that it is somewhat traditional to give the bridal party gifts during a break in the activities at the reception. It also fits into the idea of a reward for a “job well done.”


Should My Wedding Style Reflect On My Gift Choices?

When your wedding fits into a particular style, it’s often a nice idea to match your gifts accordingly. If you’re having a very formal wedding, such as a black tie or a white wedding, then it would be considerate to choose from a more upmarket selection, as that both the financial and time investments of your bridal party will likely be higher.

Watch real black tie wedding videos for creative ideas that might inspire ideas for gifts for your bridal party here.  

However, if you are going to have a more laid-back vibe, then basically anything is a go for the vision behind your gifts. It can also be fun to stick with gifts revolving around a particular theme, should you wedding be based upon one.


Do All Of The Gifts Need To Be The Same?

It may seem “fair” to select the same gifts for each sex in the bridal party, but it isn’t a prerequisite. If you can make selections that will be appealing and appreciated by everyone, then go with it! But if you decide that you would rather each gift be more reflective of each person’s personality, then don’t shy away from making that decision based on tradition.

Furthermore, some like to purchase different gifts for the maid or matron of honor and the best man. As that their part in the wedding is a bit more entailed, it often feels right to provide them with a higher symbol of your appreciation.

And for all of those ring bearers, flower girls and other children participating in the ceremony, select gifts that are definitely more age appropriate. 


What Are A Few Good Options For Gifts?

Every couple has a different idea of what they’d like their wedding gifts to represent. However, there are several types of gifts that seem to stand out during the selection process.

Sentimental itemsA very popular option when choosing your bridal party gifts include items that will express a loving sentiment. Therefore, many couples opt for items that can be engraved. These can include pieces of jewelry for the women, as well as cuff links or pocket watches for the men. Stainless steel or sterling silver picture frames are also a beautiful choice, especially once they are filled with a photo from the wedding. You can also consider a custom photo book highlighting images from the course of your relationship or from wedding events like the bachelorette and shower. You can use a tool like Motif, which helps you to create simple and easy albums, cards, calendars, etc.

Practical gifts – We all know that many wedding styles are throwing tradition right out of the window, so there’s no need to hold onto it when selecting the tokens of appreciation for your bridal party. That’s why some couples are deciding on memberships or subscription services for everyone. Gym memberships are widely popular, as are subscriptions to a favorite video or music streaming service. When opting for gifts of this nature, it is thoughtful to purchase an annual membership or subscription. Another popular idea is to gift Birchbox subscriptions to your bridesmaids and groomsmen! They’ll receive a monthly beauty shipment and think of you whenever it arrives. And for the kiddos, consider toy store gift cards! 

Wedding-related choices – Of course, everything is centered around the wedding at this point, so the gifts may be as well. Consider options that will be used at a bridal event or worn in the wedding. Some ideas include monogrammed robes that can be worn when getting ready on the big day. If the women are having their makeup done professionally, you may purchase the exact products that are being used. You may also decide to purchase matching jewelry that everyone in the bridal party will wear on the wedding day. For bridal party jewelry, check out brands like Kendra Scott who have beautiful pieces that can be worn on or beyond the wedding day.

You may use to search your venue, and then watch the real wedding videos. You can search the credits for professional makeup artists to learn more.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to ensure that you leave your loved ones with a reminder of exactly how happy you are that they could be a part of your wedding. Whether you go with something traditional and shiny or something a bit more out-of-the box, they’ll have no doubt how special they made your day.

Moreover, don’t forget to share your wedding with the bridal community on You will have the opportunity to help millions of other couples as they begin the wedding planning process.