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Vintage Wedding: When Old Becomes New

One of the most on-trend words these days is “vintage.” When 20-somethings are filling their apartments with mid-century modern furniture and all of the fashion signs show that we are going to keep seeing styles from decades ago showing up on the runways, it’s only natural that vintage weddings would continue to grow in popularity.

A wedding is a chance to showcase your love by channeling your inner personalities and highlighting just who you are as a couple. So, when the inspiration hits for a vintage wedding, you have no choice but to follow your creative ideas.

But what is a vintage wedding exactly, and how can you bring your vision to life?

All Things Vintage

Once you’ve decided on a vintage wedding, it’s best to understand what that entails before diving head-first into the wedding planning process, which can prove to be a little overwhelming at times. Opting for a vintage wedding doesn’t mean that you have to scour thrift stores to find attire. It just means that you’ll have an eye for a particular style. Thankfully, the fashion world has made it simple to find replica gowns and accents, while floral designers and event specialists know just the right touches to help you appreciate a particular era.

If you’re going with a full theme, some popular angles are Steampunk or the Golden Age. However, most couples are adding low-key touches, such as weathered looks and antique accents or finishes, throughout numerous facets of their wedding, to bring everything together in a glamorous vintage display.


Start With Your Invitations

Your invitations and save-the-dates are your guests’ first glimpse into what to expect at your wedding. Some great styles to give a nod toward your vintage wedding theme include incorporating popular colors from that era, or a particular motif that you plan to use in your decor and other designs. Printing on paper with an aged look or burned edges is also an excellent way to give a vintage vibe.


Find The Perfect Venue

Your venue will play a big part in your vintage weddings, especially the space for your reception. If you can find just the right look, then you may not even need to go all out with your decor ideas.

If your style will be Gatsby-era, a ballroom can be a fabulous place to start. And if you’re going more with a rustic vintage, a refurbished barn or a summer garden can be nice ideas.

Furthermore, venues with throwback lighting fixtures or chandeliers can really set the mood.


Make the Attire a Focal Point

One of the best ways to truly bring across your vintage wedding style is through the wedding attire. Of course, the bride’s game is always the focal point, so be sure to be very selective. Perhaps you can repurpose a family gown, or even find one at a vintage shop. However, so many designers are creating absolutely stunning vintage replicas, so it would be very easy to go that route.

For men’s formalwear, throwback jackets are all the rage, and who doesn’t love a good bow tie and a set of suspenders? Be sure to tie the look in with the shoes — wingtips always do the job.



Incorporate Fabulous Florals

The right flowers can also add special touches to the venue’s decor, as well as the bouquets and boutonnieres. If you’re looking for something that gives a charming, antique touch, consider loosely gathered blooms, including plenty of wildflowers and baby’s breath. For a bit more of a glamorous appeal, hydrangeas, blush roses and dusty miller make excellent choices. You can also zone in on a particular era and speak with your designer about more detailed options.

Along with a single flower, such as a dark red rose, for the boutonnieres, you can also add pocket squares. Another inspiring idea is a pocket watch, which could also be given as a gift to the groomsmen.

When considering centerpieces, think about using antique vases or old bottles to hold the flowers. Popular accents include stacks of books, birdcages and old clocks.


Bring in Family Heirlooms

“Something old” doesn’t just apply to the bride’s attire. In fact, a vintage wedding is the perfect style for incorporating as many family heirlooms and mementos as possible. A lovely touch is to set up a table near the entrance with black-and-white family photos in antique frames. Throw on some family pearls that will accent your vintage-inspired gown, or tie an old piece of lace from your grandmother’s wedding dress around the bouquet.


Add Extra Sweets

It’s become quite popular to add other confections to the cake table, and you can really use this to your advantage with a vintage wedding theme. Bite-sized desserts can add a special touch, as well as old-school cookie jars filled with treats on rustic tables.


Consider a Live Band

To make your reception truly memorable, a live brass band would set the mood. In particular, look for entertainers who can mix things up with selections from the big band era and modern-day renditions. Many bands will even dress with a vintage look and use retro microphones. Throw in a lounge singer, and you’ll have the perfect atmosphere to showcase your vintage wedding!

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Vintage weddings are considered to be one of the most beautiful styles this year, providing the option to mix these accents with anything from a winter wedding to a summer gala. Vintage weddings are perfect for any season, and they are also an excellent way to bring all generations together to celebrate your love. You can easily learn more on LoveStoriesTV.