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Embracing Wedding Comedy with Tess Tregellas | The Pre Nup Podcast

Discover how comedian Tess Tregellas brings laughter and creativity to wedding planning.
Updated July 13, 2024
by Rachel Silver
Laughter is the Best Wedding Planner: Tess Tregellas on Comedy and Chaos

Embracing Wedding Comedy with Tess Tregellas

Welcome to another exciting episode of The PreNup, the wedding-obsessed podcast designed to help you plan your dream day! I'm your host, Adriana, and each week, I’m joined by the industry's top professionals, celebs, influencers, and friends who share their best tips, advice, and lessons learned so you don’t have to. This episode is proudly brought to you by Honeyfund. Join over 1 million couples and start your fee-free registry at honeyfund.com today!

Bringing Laughter to Weddings with Tess Tregellas

In this episode, we are thrilled to welcome the incredibly talented Tess Tregellas. Tess is a comedian, producer, director, and amateur magician, known for her immersive comedy shows and wedding-themed antics. Tess brings a fresh perspective to wedding planning by infusing humor and creativity into every aspect of the celebration.

Running a Marathon in a Wedding Dress

Tess’s unique approach to comedy includes unforgettable stunts like running a half marathon in a wedding dress. She shares the hilarious and heartwarming reactions from onlookers and the fun she had along the way. This episode dives into how Tess’s comedic flair can turn even the most stressful wedding moments into cherished memories.

The Power of Bridal Privilege

Tess discusses the concept of bridal privilege and how donning a wedding dress can influence people’s perceptions and interactions. She provides insight into how brides can harness this "superpower" to navigate wedding planning with confidence and assertiveness. Learn more about Tess’s experiences and tips for embracing your bridal privilege.

Incorporating Comedy into Your Wedding

As a performer, Tess has a unique talent for incorporating comedy into weddings. She shares stories from her immersive show, "Crash My Wedding," where things hilariously go off the rails. Tess offers practical advice on how to add humor to your big day, making it memorable and entertaining for all guests.

Handling Stage Fright on Your Big Day

Many brides experience stage fright when all eyes are on them. Tess provides valuable tips on managing this anxiety, drawing from her experience as a performer. From focusing on individual guests to embracing the moment, Tess’s advice helps brides feel more at ease as they walk down the aisle.

Setting Boundaries and Managing Stress

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but Tess emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and managing stress. She shares her own strategies for staying grounded and maintaining control without losing the fun and joy of the celebration. Discover how to find the balance between planning and enjoying your wedding day.

Fun and Practical Advice

In our fun segment, Tess shares lighthearted moments and practical advice for brides-to-be. From dealing with wedding planning stress to ensuring you stay within budget, Tess’s insights are both entertaining and useful. Don’t miss out on her expert tips and stories.

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