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Discovering Parisian Bridal Chic with Rime Arodaky

Unlocking the Elegance of Modern Bridal Gowns with Top Designer Rime Arodaky
Updated July 13, 2024
by Rachel Silver
Parisian Chic: Bridal Fashion Secrets with Rime Arodaky

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Pre Nup, the wedding-obsessed podcast designed to help you plan your dream day! I'm your host, Adriana, and each week, I’m joined by the industry's top professionals, celebs, influencers, and friends who share their best tips, advice, and lessons learned so you don’t have to. This episode is proudly brought to you by Honeyfund. Join over 1 million couples and start your fee-free registry at honeyfund.com today!

Unveiling Parisian Elegance with Rime Arodaky

In this episode, we are thrilled to welcome the incredibly talented bridal gown designer, Rime Arodaky. Rime is renowned for her modern, feminine, and sexy gowns that have adorned countless Pinterest boards. Not only is she one of the most prominent designers of our generation, but she is also a bride-to-be herself!

Rime shares insights into her design process, starting with her love for music and its influence on her collections. She curates playlists that set the tone and vibe for her designs, creating a unique atmosphere that inspires her work. Whether it's Lana Del Rey or Sophia Coppola's world, Rime dives deep into the music to bring out the best in her creations.

What to Expect at Rime's Flagship Stores

Rime's flagship stores in Paris and New York offer brides an unparalleled shopping experience. Each store aims to provide a best-in-class experience that constantly evolves and improves. Tune in to learn more about what makes these stores special and the unique touches Rime incorporates to create a memorable bridal shopping experience.

A Designer's Own Wedding Journey

Being in the bridal industry for over 12 years, Rime’s experience has significantly shaped her own wedding planning. She shares her journey of designing multiple outfits for her big day and balancing her professional commitments with her personal celebration. Listen to the episode to find out how Rime manages to stay relaxed and enjoy her wedding planning process.

Differences Between French and American Brides

Rime highlights some interesting differences between French and American brides in their approach to wedding dress shopping. She offers valuable advice on staying true to your style and avoiding the overwhelm that comes with too many choices. Discover how to focus on what truly matters when choosing your bridal gown by listening to the full episode.

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress Style

Rime's advice for brides is to stick to their true style and not get caught up in trends. She suggests reflecting on everyday fashion choices and translating them into a more editorial bridal look. Confidence and alignment with personal style are key to finding a timeless gown. Learn more about Rime’s tips on finding your perfect dress style in this episode.

Fun and Practical Advice

In our fun segment, Rime shares some lighthearted moments and practical advice for brides-to-be. From dealing with wedding planning stress to ensuring you stay within budget, Rime's insights are both entertaining and useful. Don’t miss out on her expert tips and stories.

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