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You’re Sure to Have the Perfect Honeymoon at This Resort

By Katie Kortebein

You’ve spent the last year or more planning every detail of your dream wedding and you had a wonderful day with all your loved ones and your new spouse. But that means it’s all over now…but, don’t despair, you’ve still got the honeymoon—the perfect way to kick off your new life together and celebrate this new beginning! We talked to the team at Selva Resort, a gorgeous wedding venue and honeymoon spot in Costa Rica, to get everything you need to know about the ideal honeymoon.

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1. Describe the process of booking a honeymoon at Selva Resort.

You can book your honeymoon at Selva Resort by going to the website and sending an inquiry email. After a swift confirmation and payment, you’re ready for your stay. There are several ways to get here. The fastest and easiest way is to take a 20-minute flight to Tambor. The airport for Tambor is only a 10-minute walk from the San Jose main airport. Another option is to take a taxi boat shuttle directly to Selva Resort. This is a fun option because you can rent a quad when you’re here, which is an exciting way to start your trip and honestly easier to ride here than a car. Finally, you could also rent a car and drive, taking a beautiful ferry ride on your way here.

When you check-in, we’ll welcome you to your villa with a bottle of champagne, strawberries and three varieties of artisanal organic jam. We’ll give you inside information on places to go, activities to do and all the restaurants and bars in Santa Teresa. We’re always available for any inquiry or need you might have. We can also arrange for you to enjoy an in-villa private chef, couples massage, horseback riding, yoga and surf classes and much more.

2. What about your villas is special for newlyweds?

The villas are specifically designed for honeymooners—they’re built with as much open space as possible, high in the sky and tucked away in a luscious jungle. Honeymooners will enjoy absolute freedom and, of course, many romantic moments. The villas are constructed between the trees, which offers a very special, private experience. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful with an unforgettable ocean view and epic, incredible sunsets—perfect for celebrating your new life together.

3. What are some of the different activities newlyweds can partake in?

Newlyweds can explore the pristine beaches toward Hermosa and Manzanillo on a quad or relax at the Montezuma waterfalls. Many of the waterfalls have swimming holes, two have rope swings and Montezuma Falls is ideal for cliff-diving. We also highly recommend taking a surf lesson together. What’s better than learning a new skill together? You can also take a yoga class together in Santa Teresa or even a private yoga class at the villas. Horseback riding on the beach during sunset is an incredibly romantic activity. At Selva Resort, we also offer couples massage or a private chef and you can order room service from any of the amazing restaurants here. Santa Teresa and neighboring villages have tons of hiking opportunities from the mountains to the jungle to unspoiled beaches. You can also get your blood pumping with various extreme sports available to you, like ziplining, cliff jumping, motocross, canyoning or surfing. In short, there are endless activities newlyweds can do here! Also, there are so many romantic spots available for you and your new spouse to cherish, and most of the time you will have the beaches all to yourselves, especially if you go further up north.

4. Do couples on their honeymoon get anything special or is there a honeymoon package?

When couples stay at Selva Resort, they can expect absolute privacy, while still being close to all the restaurants, bars and ocean. Upon arrival, you’ll receive a bottle of champagne, strawberries and artisanal jams to celebrate your new life together. You will be offered various activities and we’re available twenty-four hours a day to give you the best information and service possible in order to make this the stay of a lifetime and, of course, a perfect honeymoon.

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5. What’s the best time of year to visit Selva Resort?

Anytime is a good time to stay here—even the less popular rainy season. In fact, there are many advantages to staying during this time, particularly in August, September and October as it doesn’t rain every day so there are plenty of sunny days to enjoy. Plus, the prices are usually lower and Santa Teresa is not overcrowded during this period.

6. How much does a honeymoon typically cost at Selva Resort?

The cost depends on the availability of the three villas and when you would be staying with us. Simply contact us to let us know which villa you’d like and when you want to visit us and we’ll be able to get you a price!

7. What are the various activities couples can partake in at Selva Resort?

The relaxed couple:
You can take a yoga or meditation class together, get a couples massage, hang out by the pool, grill up some food, let a private chef make you a delicious meal or simply watch the sunset at your beautiful oceanview villa. You can also arrange to have a guide pick you up at 8 a.m. and take you to Tortuga Island, a beautiful island not far from Santa Teresa. You don’t need to do anything except sit back, relax and enjoy. They’ll serve you a delicious lunch, cocktails and snacks and you’ll have the opportunity to go snorkeling or swimming.

The cultured couple:
Hiking is a great way for you to see the local area. You can hike through a canopied forest around Playa Hermosa, catch a glimpse of the local wildlife in the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve sanctuary or walk a riverbed to one of the most spectacular waterfalls, situated just outside the Karen Mogensen Nature Reserve and a must-see. You can also tour the Curu National Wildlife Refuge,a former cattle and agricultural farm that has been transformed into a privately owned and protected park. You’ll get a chance to see five different ecosystems: marine zone, mangrove swamps, tropical dry forests, moist jungle and farmland. The area towards the jungle in the mountains offers many excellent hiking trails, especially around Playa Carmen, where you can explore rivers and luscious jungles. And, of course, a hike exploring all the beaches is extremely rewarding! Finally, we highly recommend renting a fishing boat and explore the ocean, going whale watching or swimming near an underwater volcano.

The adventurous couple:
If you’re interested in mountain biking, you can enjoy mountain trails, fire roads, logging roads, and other unpaved trails in Santa Teresa, Hermosa and Montezuma. You can decide to just rent a mountain bike and head out or go on a tour with a guide. They’ll take you through some classically beautiful Costa Rican countryside with views of the sea to a secluded and beautiful waterfall. You can choose your level of intensity so it can be as extreme or lowkey as you wish! In nearby Jaco, you can go bungee jumping or try canyoneering. Safari vehicles will take you up the mountain to a private reserve. When you arrive at the top, you’ll be outfitted in the latest and safest gear, instructed on the proper use of our equipment, then begin your five-minute hike to the first zipline. After two “zips” over the river, you’ll get a dry training rappel to familiarize you with the proper technique. After a short hike, you can go swimming and cliff jumping if you’d like! Then you’ll do a few rappels ending with the longest unassisted rappel in Costa Rica (150 feet) that leads to a drop into a pool. Another great activity for adrenaline junkies is cliff jumping. When conditions are right, you can jump from 10, 20, 30 or 45 feet into the deep pool at the base of the 80-foot falls. Motocross is another exciting option. You can work with a company that can give you tours around Costa Rica so you can see local wildlife like monkeys or crocodiles sunning near the river beds. In Malpais and Montezuma, there are absolutely stunning spots ideal for adventurous tourists to climb and you can get a guided tour at the same time! Finally, at Selva Resort, we work with Iguana Divers—a dedicated team of PADI dive professionals who dive every day—who will take you out on boats to check out the biodiversity in our area. You’ll get individual attention while swimming with sharks, morays, lobsters, stingrays, crabs and schools of colorful fish. Come in January through August to catch oceanic manta ray season or August through September to see the humpback whales.

Visit Selva Resort for more on this gorgeous resort and stay tuned to see more from on this stunning property!