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My “Wedding Video” — A Cautionary Tale

Hi! I’m Rachel, founder of Love Stories TV, and I have a little secret: I didn’t have a videographer at my wedding (ironic, I know). My husband Justin and I got married June 29, 2013 (today is my anniversary!) and we didn’t even consider having a video. I was completely unaware of how dramatically wedding filmmaking had changed, and hadn’t seen the beautiful, cinematic films that were being produced by the new wave of wedding cinematographers. So when my mother asked if we should hire a videographer, I said ‘no thanks’ and that was that. SPOILER ALERT: I really regret it.


I hate to use the word “regret” in conjunction with my wedding because, excuse the cliché, it was the best day ever. I was surrounded by all of the people I love most, wearing the most beautiful dress I’d ever put on, being showered with love and attention by the man I’d wanted to marry since was 14 years old. Sounds cheesy but it’s all true!

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My wedding photos are beautiful; I’m including my favorites in this post and you can see more here). (Our photographer Kendra Stanley Mills is extremely talented and I highly recommend her!) But what I know now, is that photos can only show so much. Photos show your dress, your flowers, a few candid moments, many many smiles. But photos can’t capture the way things moved and flowed, the unfiltered expressions of joy, surprise, emotion, and the real *feeling*of the day the way a film can. And, most critically, THEY CAN’T CAPTURE THE DANCE MOVES OF A 100+ PERSON FLASH MOB.

You read that right, our wedding had the most epic flash mob ever. Luckily, I have fast-thinking friends who grabbed their iPhones and recorded what they could, but I wish we’d had a professional capture the incredible outpouring of love that my friends and family organized and displayed for us. I think I did an prettttty good job cutting together a video with what footage I had but we can all agree that this insane dance would be better appreciated had it been shot by the talented men and women whose work I showcase on Love Stories TV. So, please enjoy my “wedding video” and let my story inspire you to please please hire a wedding cinematographer.


– Rachel