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This Over-the-Top Florida Wedding Will Give You All the Wedding Inspo

By Katie Kortebein

There are some wedding videos that are just so emotional, so over-the-top or so absolutely stunning, we feel they deserve a bigger accolade on our site, like the title of Love Story of the Week! We don’t think we’ve seen a more epic wedding than Maddie and Seth’s…from their style, Maddie’s bouquet, the family dance…it all makes for one INSANELY stunning wedding!

Watch the video by Dallas Wilson Wedding Films and then scroll on for an inside look at Maddie and Seth’s planning process, tips and vendors!

1. How did you two meet?

We met at the Bluebird Cafe, one of Nashville’s most famous songwriting venues. We were taking a songwriting workshop. People warn you not to date musicians, but since we are both musicians, it just works!

2. How did the proposal happen?

Maddie had always dreamed of going to LA so I riffed off her favorite movie “La La Land” and took her to The Griffith Observatory to pop the question. Once she said “Yes,” her entire family popped out and surprised her. I knew the proposal wouldn’t be complete without them. We all whisked her away to celebrate for a week in Malibu. It was so much fun!

3. What are each of your favorite things about your relationship?

Maddie: I loved that we can make something out of nothing. We can turn the most mundane moment into something fun!
Seth: I love how much we trust each other. At the end of the day, the trust we have in each other is unshakable.

4. What was the first thing you did as an engaged couple?

We FaceTimed all of our friends and family. Maddie documented every reaction—it was so much fun to watch everyone’s faces.

Madison Hope Photography

5. What were your top three priorities when planning your wedding?

Great food and drinks, amazing band and to keep the guests guessing

6. What did you each think the first time you saw each other on your wedding day?

Maddie: The best advice I got on my wedding day was to only look at Seth once the church doors open. The moment I saw him, all my nerves went away. He looked soooo smooth.
Seth: I thought “Wow, she’s the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

7. Did you write your own vows? If so, what personalized details did you add? If not, how come?

At the ceremony, we exchanged the traditional Catholic ceremony vows but wrote our own vows that we shared with each other privately. Doing our vows privately took so much pressure off both of us.

8. You both looked incredible on your wedding day! Can you each talk about your vision for your wedding day looks and the process of coming up with them?

Seth: I wear all black all the time, it’s always been my thing. I knew I wanted something a little different, as opposed to a traditional tux. A friend told me about a custom suit maker in Nashville named Eric Adler, I met with him and together we picked out each material, thread and button. He’s a genius.
Maddie: I didn’t start planning anything until I found my dress. I knew that was going to set the tone. I swore I’d never wear a sweetheart strapless dress…but that’s exactly what I went with! I took a couple of bridesmaids to Blush Bridal in Nashville, honestly just to look. I had no intention of finding or buying a dress that day. I tried on a bunch, but nothing really hit me. The last one I tried on was a St. Patrick by Pronovias dress and it was THE dress. I literally screamed. Most brides cry when they find the one, but I seriously thought I was going to throw up in this wedding dress!

Madison Hope Photography

9. Maddie, your bouquet is WILD! Can you tell us how you envisioned your bouquet and how you ended up with this gorgeous overflowing one? Also, what flowers were used?

I worked with the incredibly talented Tailored Twig from Tampa, Florida. I love flowers—I’m the kind of girl that buys flowers every Sunday and arranges them in my kitchen. I knew I wanted something that draped over my arm and dragged behind me (just to be a little extra). Daniel and Darin from Tailored Twig sent several proposals with different flower and color choices. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they brought the bouquet in on the morning of our wedding. Two men had to carry it up the stairs.

10. What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

Maddie: My favorite moment was our entrance. I got so emotional seeing all of our family and friends together. That’s what the day was all about for me.
Seth: My favorite moment was saying our I do’s. I couldn’t believe after so much time we finally became a family. I may have teared up a little…

11. What’s your top tip to all soonlyweds out there planning their weddings?

Our advice would be to document everything. We videoed everything from the proposals to picking out the invitations to hair trials…everything! It’s such a stressful time that you can get lost in the magic of it. Having that footage to look back on is super cool.

Madison Hope Photography

12. Why would you suggest hiring a videographer?

Everyone tells you the day goes by so fast. IT REALLY DOES. It’s a blur. For us, it didn’t seem real until we saw it back on video. Dallas and his team really captured not only what happened that day, but what that day felt like.

13. Can you tell us about your venue and why you chose to get married there?

We spend a lot of our downtime in Sarasota—the art scene, the beaches, the food, you can’t beat it. We wanted all of our friends and family to be able to experience Sarasota. The Ringling Museum of Art immediately stood out to us and the building is pink! I mean, come on!

14. Of course, we have to talk about your dance with your family, Maddie. Can you tell us about that—how long did it take to plan, who did the choreography, why did you decide to do it in the first place?

Okay, so it was a dance with my three sisters, mom and dad. My sisters and I grew up constantly making up dances, songs and skits. Our wedding day would not have been complete without some sort of performance. I know it’s tradition that the father dances with the bride, but, in my family, we are all so close I wanted them to be a part of it as well. We only got to work on the choreographed part of the dance for two hours total over three months. My dad killed it though! His hip shakes were iconic.

15. Who were your favorite wedding vendors and why?

Dallas Wilson Wedding Films did such an incredible job capturing the love and the fun that went on that day. I was nervous that having a videographer would maybe ruin the sentimentality of the day—I didn’t want everything to be “for the gram”—but Dallas and his team were amazing. I barely even noticed they were there, they were so discreet and so accurate in capturing every moment. Madison Hope Photography photographed the wedding and, damn, that girl is good! She knocked the family and bridal party portraits out so quickly! She was amazing!

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