#LoveStoriesTVandChill Episode 22: Martoca Beach Garden - Love Stories TV

#LoveStoriesTVandChill Episode 22: Martoca Beach Garden

In Episode 22 of #LoveStoriesTVandChill, Rachel Jo Silver and Juliette Dallas-Feeney are back at The Plaza Hotel to talk about destination weddings, aka, everyone’s favorite type of wedding. 😎 Rachel and Juliette reveal their favorite destination weddings they’ve been to, and then watch a wedding from Martoca Beach Garden. If you’re considering a destination wedding Mexico, we promise you will fall in love with this gorgeous, family-run venue located in Nayarit. Watch Kevin and Lisa by Story of Us Films with Rachel and Juliette to learn more about Martoca Beach Garden and see what a wedding ceremony really looks like on their charming beach! Spoiler: This wedding video opens with scenes of the cutest bb turtles making their way to the ocean — 100% the best thing you’ll watch all day. 🐢💕

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