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They Were Set Up… And It Worked!

Not a single detail was overlooked on Desta and Travis’ wedding day. With the exception of the bride’s flower crown and the bridesmaids’ bouquets, Desta (the bride), made all the floral arrangements. We are so in love with the way she incorporated cotton into the design — those boutonnieres are amazing! What we love most, though, is that you can just tell that the couple and their guests are having the best. day. EVER.

The Love Story:

Back in the day, Desta worked for the City of Tallahassee. She was on a committee where she met a gentleman who she woudn’t have known otherwise, since he worked on a completely different floor. Once they got talking, Desta shared with him that she grew up hunting. After learning this, he mentioned that he knew a guy who would be perfect for her, and he’d love to introduce them. At the time, Desta had a boyfriend, so she politely declined. Later that month, Desta and her then-boyfriend broke up. So, she waited a little while, then reached out to her new friend asking to meet this perfect guy.

Enter Travis. Desta and Travis were both invited over to her friend’s house for a family dinner. After that dinner Desta’s friend asked what she thought. She said that she liked him.

The very next night, Desta was out at a bar with some girlfriends when she heard someone call her name. She turns around, and it’s Travis. The same Travis she had just met for the very first time the night before and never would have known or even recognized had it not been for their family dinner. That’s the night their love story began.

That night at the bar, Desta put her number in Travis’ phone. The very next day he texted her and invited her to join him and a few friends at a sports bar to watch an FSU basketball game. After the game, Travis’ friend suggested they all go to Monster Jam. Travis’ looked at Desta, expecting her to decline, but to his surprise, she was all for it. They went to dinner, then to Monster Jam, then they all went bowling until 2am. In the words of the bride, “craziest first date ever.”

So, two days after the family dinner where Desta and Travis were introduced, they were on their very first date

  • Bridesmaids Dresses: Etsy
  • Cake: Lucy & Leo’s Cupcakery (used cupcake food truck)
  • Ceremony Venue: Old Willis Dairy
  • Cinematographer: Wild Light Films (Steven Kopacz)
  • Dress: Vocelle’s Bridal
  • Flowers: Missy Gunnels & the bride (Missy created bridesmaids’ bouquets and bride’s flower crown, all other details by bride)
  • Groom: Aaron’s Custom Cloth
  • Hair: Hair by Kaitlin Davidson
  • Makeup: Belles Femmes
  • Music: Tobacco Rd Band
  • Officiant: Amanda Doumanian Reeves
  • Photographer: Terri Smith Photo
  • Reception Venue: Renovated Dairy Farm
  • Shoes: Etsy barefoot sandal