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Love Story Of The Day: Bride Reminds Future Brides & Grooms To Prioritize The Guest Experience — Her Reason Is Spot On

“Your wedding day is as much about you, as it is your guests.”

Because, while it is most definitely YOUR day, what would your day be without those you love there to celebrate it with you? Watch Zainob and Mathew’s unreal Antigua wedding captured by The Brothers Martens, then read our full interview with the bride where she reminds couples not only to forget about the small stuff, but also to remember just how important your guests’ experience is on your wedding day.

How did you and Mathew meet and fall in love? Share your love story!
We first met briefly passing each other between classes at the University of Texas San Antonio, in 2003. It was just an ordinary, but pleasant meeting. One day after classes, we ended up commuting home together. We began some small talk and we learned we both hailed from the same part of Houston, went to rival high schools, and although we are from different ethnic groups (Akwa Ibom & Yoruba), we are both Nigerian. We ended up spending a lot of time together and we realized we had so much in common. Very soon, a great friendship developed and we became very close. We decided to make things official the following year. We shared some wonderful moments together over the years and we soon became best friends. In 2014, Mathew decided to fly over to London (where Zainob was studying at the time) to surprise her and ask her to marry him. It was the first time in their relationship that they had to endure long distance, so he came up with an elaborate plan, which included her family, friends, and a movie (it was an entire production) and he was going to propose at Primrose hill in London. Everything went accordingly for 6 months, until the day of the proposal when the weather decided to ruin his plans. Thankfully, Mathew made prior arrangements to take Zainob to Paris to celebrate and since the original plan didn’t work, he decided to propose there instead. The second attempt was successful and Mathew professed his love and asked Zainob to marry him on the Pont des Arts bridge aka the love lock bridge as the Eiffel Tower shimmered in the background. The rest is history….13 years and counting!
Tell us more about that incredible dance performance at the end of your wedding video!
The dance performance was organized and choreographed by the groom’s sister Grace. She loves to dance, particularly cultural dance. One of the things we loved about Antigua, Guatemala is that it’s such a culturally interesting place. Because we also have so much cultural pride, we knew we wanted it to be a part of our wedding day and what better way than to show off our culture than with some cultural dance moves. It was a huge highlight of the night and it was just so electrifying!
How did you find your wedding videographer and what made you choose them?
We first discovered Henry’s talents while attending a friend’s wedding in Dallas. The wedding featured a same day film which was something we had never seen before. We were completely blown away by the quality, all the hard work, and creativity! It was love at first sight and we immediately knew we had found our wedding videographer. While speaking with Henry, we discussed our plans for our destination wedding. After our conversation, we became even more excited about our wedding! We trusted him completely not only because of the work we had seen previously, but because of how much enthusiasm he had for our event. He was totally invested in our story and we knew we had found the perfect person to document our special day. 

What was the most unexpected thing about your wedding day? 

The most unexpected thing was the weather. We had a welcome party the night before and it rained and poured the entire time. On the wedding day, it was also scheduled to rain so my wedding planner suggested we move to plan B and get married in the covered parts of the ruins. I thought to myself, we brought our families from all over the world to witness our special day in this beautiful city of Antigua. How often do you get the chance to get married in a 17th century ruin with arched roofs and corridors and a panoramic view of a volcano? I decided, we didn’t come all this way for nothing. It was part of the journey, and if it meant it was going to rain on us in the process, then so be it! I stuck to my intuition and it did not rain, as a matter of fact, the sun came out just as the ceremony was starting. It was indeed the perfect day!

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?

We love to travel, so immediately after getting engaged we knew we wanted a destination wedding. While researching locations, we ran across Antigua and fell in love. We booked a flight shortly thereafter and went to meet our potential wedding planner, who further sold the location to us. It was even more magical than in the pictures! The culture, textiles, and romantic atmosphere combined, took our breaths away. We knew immediately we had found our wedding location! The city of Antigua, with its rustic, timeless, and cultural style made planning easy and we decided to merge that with our cultures to bring a unique wedding experience.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides? 

Don’t stress the small stuff…the most important thing is not your dress, or the amount of money you spend, or how flashy your wedding looks. What’s most important is your guest experience! I know it may sound strange, but your wedding day is as much about you, as it is your guests. The wedding is one day, it’s a celebration of your relationship and friendship together. It’s about bringing together both families and having a great time together. If you can achieve that in one day, I am most certain you will have a chance at a successful marriage and life together.

Anything else our viewers should know?

I had been planning for months not thinking about myself until the very last minute I realized I didn’t have a dress. I am not the type of bride that had dreams about her wedding day or neither did I know what style of dress I wanted. The whole idea of going bridal dress shopping felt suffocating and I knew I didn’t want to spend so much money on something that didn’t feel personal. So at the last minute, I decided to make my wedding dress. I made the decision for two reasons, I wanted something personalized. Secondly, I wanted to be able to look back on my wedding dress years from now and still love it. It was very important to me that my nieces, and my unborn daughters would feel inspired, not only by the dress, but by my courage to make it. So I went for the non-traditional approach… I knew styling had to be key! I decided not to do a veil, and just go really dramatic with my hair…adding flowers at the last minute. Somehow, everything came together so beautifully and I couldn’t have been more proud seeing all of the pictures now. HERE is the website for my wedding dress!

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