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Love Story Of The Day: Bride Searches For Childhood Crush On Facebook But Finds Her Future Husband

We can’t make this stuff up! This is serendipity if we’ve ever seen it. When the bride went on Facebook looking for her middle school crush, she came across someone with the same name living in the same town. A friend request led to messaging, messaging led to texting, texting led to a first date, and that first date led to an incredible wedding complete with the groom’s “Channing Tatum” style dance moves from, a hilarious best man speech, and a film to capture it all! Watch Natalie and Justin’s fun wedding by Wise Films, then read below to see why love truly does work in mysterious ways.

From the bride: 

I met my husband on Facebook. We met due to the fact that he has the same exact name of a boy that I had a crush on in middle school. This middle school crush had moved away and years later I decide to look him up on Facebook. I looked him up and there he was “Justin Duncan” from “Edgewood, Maryland.” The exact name and location where my crush had once lived. I thought well maybe he moved back around our area. Well come to find out no, it was not him. It is in fact, Justin Duncan from Edgewood, Maryland who is now my husband but it is not the Justin Duncan I had gone to middle school with. We have been dating for 8 years this coming September. We just had our dream wedding together on June 25, 2017 at Pond View Farm. We could not have asked for a more perfect day. Hope you enjoyed our love story and our wedding highlights film as much as we do!

We have to know…how did you go from first Facebook message to first date?!

So I sent Justin a friend request on Facebook and he messaged me saying “hey do I know you, you look familiar.” We got to messaging and come to find out he wasn’t who I thought he was, but gave me his number and told me to text him anyway so we could talk more. We were texting each other non stop for a few days. Justin invited me out to his best friend Steven’s (the best man that got the cake in the face) 21st birthday party! He came to pick me up but first came inside and introduced himself to my father. Then we stopped at his house to meet his family before we went to Steven’s party!

Tell us what was going through your head during Justin’s dance! 

I was actually impressed that he did a dance like that! I thought it was funny to really see him trying to dance like Channing Tatum! I was also thinking wow I hope my grandparents don’t see this! LOL

How did you find your wedding videographer and what made you choose them? 
I just started looking on the internet for wedding videographers in Maryland. I watched some videos for a few different companies and fell in love with Wise Films’ wedding highlight videos! I was obsessed with watching all of Wise Films’ videos! I know I have watched them all and some more than once! I knew I had to have them for my day! I really thought these guys had talent for wedding videos and I was dying to see how mine would look!

What was the most unexpected thing about your wedding day? 

That fact that everything went so perfect! I was so stressed out the week leading up to it! I had so many little tasks to complete for the wedding. I was also so worried it was going to rain! I was obsessively checking the weather multiple times a day. At one point there was a 60% chance for rain on our day. So the fact that the weather turned out absolutely beautiful was amazing! Everything ran smoothly and all of my vendors really did amazing at their jobs! We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?

I think just picking out everything for my day and making it personalized to my own style was the fun part!

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides? 

Think about what is important to you and your future husband for your day! If it is a priority to you guys do it! Having a video of my day, amazing pictures, and having all of our friends and family there were all priorities to us both! So we made that happen!

Anything else our viewers should know?

Enjoy the process of wedding planning because it can become stressful at times. Just remember it’s your day to make it personalized to you! There is no right and wrong in planning your dream wedding! Also, if you have not considered a videographer for your day I highly suggest you watch a few wedding videos of other couples! A wedding video is something you will cherish your entire life! I can not stop watching our video and I love that I can relive our best day ever over and over again!

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