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They Swiped Right Two Years Ago & The Rest Is History

Crystal and Brent swiped right in April of 2015 and the rest is history! Their relationship has seen long distance (two different continents!), a major time difference (12+ hours!), and a 10,000-mile move. They always knew they wanted to be together, though, so in the words of the bride, “it just felt easy.”

From The Bride:

We are a tinder success story! We ‘swiped right’ April 2015. We had a mutual friend on facebook being one of my best friends so I checked with her to make sure he wasn’t a serial killer and she vouched he was a good guy and a family friend her whole life. Her words to him ‘don’t screw it up’. We spent the next month texting because he was in New York and Mexico for his birthday, what he didn’t tell me was that whilst he was there he applied for his dream job in New York.

14th May 2015 we had our first date which was just drinks at a bar not too far away from where we both lived. We chatted for hours and the staff let us stay to keep chatting whilst they were cleaning up. From the moment I met him I knew he was going to be someone special in my life. It had been over a month since he applied for the New York job and he hadn’t heard anything so could safely ask me on a second date, thinking he didnt get the job. From the 2nd date I knew he was ‘the one’. We then spent the entire weekend together and on the Monday morning when he got to work, he had an employment contract in his inbox. 1 month later he moved to New York. This forced us to have conversations you probably wouldn’t normally have in the first month of dating but it allowed us to be completely honest and grow very close, very quickly.

With the 12-14 hour time difference between New York and Perth, Western Australia it allowed an hour in the morning and an hour at night to Facetime. Even though it was emotionally hard, for some reason it just felt easy because we both knew we wanted to be together. After 3 months he flew me over for a holiday. On my second day there he quit his job and booked a ticket to come home on the same plane as me. 1 month later we moved to Sydney together.

Brent proposed 11th September 2016 and we married 10th February 2017. Organising a quick wedding from the other side of the country meant I had to be fairly easy going about it. I booked my venue even though I had never been to it. I just had to go with the idea of ‘if it is good enough for other people to get married at then I’m sure it’s fine for us’. As long as we have the celebrant then we are getting married and that’s the only thing that really matters, everything else can go wrong but as long as we are getting married that day.

I wanted a beach, boho vibe but the only real requirement was that the day be easy. I wanted to get ready, have the ceremony, reception and stay in the same place. I would have loved to have got married on the beach in Mexico or a mountain in Canada but didn’t want people to spend a lot of money to come to our wedding. I also didn’t want it to be something that people came to for a few hours and then left to go home so we made it in the south west of Western Australia (about 3 hours from Perth) where people were forced to take time out of their lives and come away for weekend to celebrating with us. We had sunset drinks at the house we hired the night before the wedding and lunch at a nearby brewery the day after the wedding so it was 3 days of celebrating.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have all the vendors we used for our wedding, they are all the best of the best in what they do. Each of them totally got me and nailed the look I was after. Most of the vendors were either friends, friends of friends or family friends. I used to think wedding videos were these boring 5 hour films that sat in the cupboard for the rest of your life and then I discovered there are extremely talented videographers doing incredible work. We are beyond happy with the short film that 503 Films created for us and have probably watched it about 100 times so far in the last month. Every time we watch it together it takes us back to the day and how we felt – we will cherish it forever.

Cinematographer: 503 Films

See the full list of vendors and learn more about Crystal and Brent’s wedding HERE.