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Love Stories Radio: A Podcast On Your Wedding Questions

Love Stories Radio is a podcast by Love Stories TV founder Rachel Jo Silver and Head of Brand Partnerships Juliette Dallas-Feeney. On the pod, they pull questions from wedding Facebook groups, ones you’ve DMed us and even those you’ve sent us on Slack and answer them for you! They help you solve some dilemmas such as: Should you check your wedding dress when flying (NO), what to do if your future SIL is trying to dodge your bach party, our fave natural deodorant (Scullys!) and Vitamin C serum and so much more (seriously, we’ve covered a lot). It’s a lot of weddings and a little beauty + shopping. Want them to answer YOUR question? Ask it in our Slack group or DM either of them @racheljosilver and @jdalfeen.

Episode 54: How can I coordinate our wedding party’s outfits? Featuring Brittny Drye of Love Inc.

Episode 53: What if I’m not a sample size? Featuring Madeline Gardner of Morilee Madeline Gardner

Episode 52: Does an engagement video cost extra? Featuring Jennifer Thompson of NST Pictures

Episode 51: Should I do a bridesmaid proposal? Featuring Dana Putman, a newlywed

Episode 50: Is it rude to reach out about late RSVPs? Featuring Love Stories TV’s Love Club

Episode 49: Is a do-not-play list rude? Featuring Kaylin Lee Clinton of Blue Opal Jazz

Episode 48: Who should be my maid of honor? Featuring Ari Hershey, bride-to-be

Episode 47: What can we cut if we have a strict budget? Featuring Jessica Bishop of Budget Savvy Bride

Episode 46: Should I do a first look? Featuring Jainé Kershner of Brklyn View Photography

Episode 45: How early should I book a stationer? Featuring Carly Martin of Clementine Studio

Episode 44: What’s the best way to display all the great photos from our honeymoon? Featuring David Soberman of Motif

Episode 43: How can I guarantee that my wedding video will be epic? Featuring John Bunn of Redeemed Productions

Episode 42: What are some of the most out-of-this-world weddings you’ve planned? Featuring Emily Reifel of The Plaza Hotel

Episode 41: Is velvet too trendy for a bridesmaid dress? Featuring Grace Lee and Monica Ashauer of Birdy Grey

Episode 40: What are some general rules for wedding jewelry? Featuring Carly Popofsky of Kwiat 

Episode 39: What’s the best way to share our hashtag? How many wedding photos can I post on Instagram? Featuring Megan DeWaele Bieber of Hitched With a Hashtag

Episode 38: When is the best time to buy a wedding dress? And when should I get alterations? Featuring Shawne Jacobs of Anne Barge

Episode 37: What are the most important decor elements for someone on a budget? Featuring Lisa Gooder, Executive Director of BRIDES Magazine and

Episode 36: Who should I bring with me to try on dresses? Featuring Sam Roberts of Kleinfeld Bridal

Episode 35: How far out are you supposed to send your save the dates and invites? Featuring Carmela Heintzelman of Fiore Press

Episode 34: How do I make sure my engagement ring looks bigger than it actually is? Featuring Kwiat

Episode 33: Is it worth it to hire a day-of wedding coordinator? Featuring Kaitlin Shea Weddings

Episode 32: What should I do for my wedding makeup: Airbrush or traditional? Featuring Megan Garmers of MG Hair + Makeup

Episode 31: Is a custom wedding dress right for me? Featuring Leslie Voorhees of Anomalie

Episode 30: What’s the best way to save money on a destination wedding?

Episode 29: What’s the best way to plan a sustainable wedding? Featuring Jennifer Grove of Repeat Roses!

Episode 28: Do I *actually* need a wedding video?…Plus, what’s the best bridal subscription box?

Episode 27: What do I really need to wear under a wedding dress?

Episode 26: For real, why are wedding flowers so expensive? Featuring Carly Rogosta of Bloombar

Episode 25: What do I do if I don’t love my wedding makeup trial? Featuring Kelli Bartlett from GLAMSQUAD

Episode 24: Are printed save the dates *really* necessary? Plus…Where can I fin plus-size bridesmaid dresses?

Episode 23: How do I make sure the food at my wedding is *actually* good? Featuring Mollie Chen from Hungryroot

Episode 22: How do I write a good wedding speech? Featuring Speech Tank

Episode 21: How do I pick a hashtag for my wedding? Featuring Happily Ever Hashtagged

Episode 17: What are the best dress brands for plus-size brides? Plus…How do I decide what family to invite to my small destination wedding?

Episode 16: What should I include on my wedding website? Plus…Should I pay for my flower girl’s dress?

Episode 15: How do I avoid stress eating while wedding planning? Plus…What is the *actual* point of wedding hashtags?

Episode 14: How do I communicate to my guests that our wedding is adults only? Plus…How do I sell my wedding dress?

Episode 13: How much should I tip my wedding vendors? Plus…Should I do a “first touch” instead of a first look?

Episode 12: How many maids of honor is too many? Plus… Should I hire a day-of wedding coordinator?

Episode 11: Do bridesmaids need to get the bride a wedding gift?… Plus, should the bride have to pay at all on her bachelorette?

Episode 10: I’m getting a prenup…What should I look out for? Plus…What are the must-have items to add to my registry?

Episode 9: What do I do if I don’t love my engagement ring? Plus…Should your guests buy you a gift if they’re paying to travel to your wedding?

Episode 8: Should my brother be a groomsman if my FH isn’t close with him? Plus…Is it ever OK to take off my engagement ring?

Episode 7: I’m afraid to wear my engagement ring… Plus: What are the best hair extensions for your wedding?

Episode 6: Should my FMIL be in the room when I am putting my dress on?

Episode 5: Can I ask my guests to pay for my honeymoon?

Episode 4: The BEAUTY episode! How to get a wedding day makeup look you’ll love, the truth on airbrush foundation…and more.

Episode 3: What to consider if you’re not having bridesmaids, an argument for first looks, do I have to invite kids? And more…

Episode 2: What should bridesmaids pay for? Lash extensions? Robe recs, and more…

Episode 1: Since You Asked…A podcast to answer all your wedding ?s


Rachel and Juliette have another podcast, Do You Follow?, where they talk about and answer questions on social media and marketing. It’s VERY fun and VERY informative.