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How To Celebrate With An Unforgettable White Wedding

Originating in Great Britain in 1840, the white wedding trend definitely shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. In fact, it is still the most popular choice with many couples today who are seeking a formal, more traditional wedding.

It’s true that many millennials are opting for something a little more relaxed, such as a bohemian wedding, but some still enjoy the opulence of a white wedding. If family members are also contributing to the wedding financially, classic with modern touches and styles is still pretty high up on the list of requests.

But what are some of the aspects of a white wedding that you need to keep in mind? How do you prepare for it, and what kind of wedding vendors will you need to pull it all together?


Who Can Have a White Wedding?

This is a legitimate question, because some couples may imply more into the name of this type of wedding than is necessary. But for the record, a white wedding does not exclude second marriages or particular situations where the couple may already be living together. Yet, neither must it resemble any of the descriptions from Billy Idol’s hit song “White Wedding.”

It’s 2019, so we are not trapped in the Victorian era when the white wedding first began to pop up all over the world. Times have changed, but nonetheless, this does not reflect on a couple’s relationship, as this is a “wedding style” and not a “lifestyle.”

In short, a white wedding pertains to a couple’s decision to have a traditional white wedding, with formal attire, classic decor and floral choices, and anything else that might add to the elegance of the event.


Planning a White Wedding

The planning process of any wedding can be a little overwhelming at times. That’s why it’s so important to take a few tips from an informative wedding community, such as Love Stories TV. With cake tastings, venue tours and hours finding the perfect dress, it’s easy to see how many couples just aren’t sure where to start. The best way to tackle your “wedding list” is to work your way through everything that your wedding will require, as well as the kind of vendors that you should look for when finalizing your plans.



Your wedding invitations are the first peek that your guests will have into your white wedding, and they will also help them know exactly what to expect. Be sure that the design is indicative of a formal event, and you should also note on the invitation if a particular style of dress is appreciated. Most couples request that guests’ attire be in the least business casual, with evening dresses and suits or tuxedos suggested.

While keeping up with RSVPs is always important, it becomes more of a priority when your wedding is formal. Seating charts are typically expected, and it’s important to have an accurate count for catering.



When you’re planning a formal wedding, only certain venues will do to support that. Some couples opt for separate ceremony and reception venues, while others like the convenience of having everything all under one roof. Just make sure that the space has the elegance that is required of a white wedding.

As you begin your search, consider ballrooms at high-end hotels or country clubs that have space available for events. It’s definitely not out of the question to have an outdoor wedding, especially if it’s overlooking a lake or on an upscale patio with another beautiful view. However, keep in mind that you will need a Plan B for rain or other inclement weather.


Catering and the Wedding Cake

Selecting just the right caterer is always an imperative part of the wedding planning process. However, it is even more the case when you’re having a white wedding. Most white weddings typically include a seated dinner with plated selections. However, an upmarket buffet spread is also not out of the question, if that is your particular preference. Speak to your caterer about options for selections, and be sure to offer a vegan or vegetarian dish. And regardless of the manner in which guests will be served, ensure that quality dinnerware is utilized, and that there are servers for drinks or other essentials.

A tiered traditional cake is usually served at a white wedding. However, you may also opt to add a small dessert table for cupcakes for the kids.


Decor and Florals

As soon as your guests walk into your wedding, you’ll want them to instantly feel the elegant vibe that only a white wedding can bring. Speak to your designer about filling any empty spaces with elegant touches that will bring in your white wedding theme.

White roses are a favorite for blooms for bouquets and boutonnieres, but don’t be afraid to add a few pops of color. A few other popular options include:

  • Dahlias
  • Calla Lilies
  • Peonies
  • Stephanotis
  • Gardenias

Be sure to accurately express the style and formality of your wedding to ensure that your designer can be further inspired by your vision.



For a white wedding, special attention must be given to the type of music that will be played, as this is a formal event. For the ceremony, a traditional stringed quartet is an excellent choice, along with a classical soloist. At the reception, you can definitely kick things up a notch. A brass band can be fun during dinner, with a DJ taking over afterward to fill up the dance floor.




Of course, the only prerequisite is that the bride wears a formal white dress. However, the style, whether it be modern or classic, is entirely up to you. Color palettes popular for bridesmaids include wine, berry, garden, ivy and plum tones.

For the men, tuxedos or designer suits are customary. It’s traditional for the groom to wear white, but the groomsmen may choose from traditional palettes as well.


Photography and Videography

The wedding album and video will be two of the few things that last after the flowers fade, so always meet with several prospective vendors and be sure to let them know that you will be having a white wedding.

More traditional poses will usually be utilized, but you can think as out-of-the-box as you wish. The final album and video will assuredly reflect your wedding style, leaving you with elegant memories to cherish forever.


To look for vendors who have been a part of a white wedding at your exact venue, simply search for your venue on Then you can watch real wedding videos, check the vendors’ credits and see which ones have worked a weddings there before. It’s that easy!

Plus, once your media is ready, you can join other people by uploading your wedding’s video directly to Love Stories TV. It’s a beautiful collection of weddings that truly inspire, creating a community of people who care about each other and want to share their most loved memories.