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How To Get Featured On Love Stories TV

Hello wedding filmmakers! Now that you’ve published your videos on it’s time to get them featured on our homepage, blog, and social channels. Love Stories TV isn’t your typical wedding publisher. We’re not looking for one particular point of view or aesthetic. We think the best part about wedding videos is the emotional element: hearing a heartfelt speech, seeing a parent react, watching a romantic dance. We’re looking for videos that make people reach for the Kleenex, in addition to the ‘wow’ factor weddings with incredible venues and fashion. Here’s how it works:

All Videos Published On Our Site Are Eligible For A Feature

(Note! Make sure you tap Make Public on each video in your dashboard. Only public videos are reviewed for features!)

Our editorial team reviews all published videos for a potential feature. When we feature a video we ALWAYS tag the filmmaker and we do our best to link back to their channel on so potential clients can contact and book you for their wedding. We feature videos on:

What Are We Looking For In A Video To Feature?

  1. DATA. The more data and details you include when you publish your video the better. Wedding details help our editorial team learn about the wedding and craft a story around the video. Make sure to tag as many vendors, designers, and wedding pros as you can.
  2. EMOTIONAL MOMENTS. Think tearful groom reactions, sweet first looks, surprise serenades and dances, heartfelt or funny speeches, and any other moment that makes you grab for a box of kleenex.
  3. ADORABLE ELEMENTS. Kids, dogs, grandparents, anything that makes you say “awwwww”.
  4. EPIC VENUES AND LOCATIONS. Mountaintop elopements, epic flower installations, hot air balloon, exits, you get the picture.
  5. DIVERSITY. We are proud to feature weddings of every size, shape, budget, color, religion, culture, location, and style. We love to feature non-western weddings.
  6. INTERESTING LOVE STORIES. Did the couple meeting in an amazing way? We love a good meet-cute or incredible love story.
  7. THEMED WEDDINGS. Disney, Harry Potter, our audience loves anything with a good pop-culture moment.
  8. SPECIAL GUESTS, CELEBRITIES, AND INFLUENCERS. Did Beyonce officiate the wedding?
  9. LUXURY. Who doesn’t love a little glam? Filmed a particularly over-the-top wedding? We want to see!

Want To Up Your Chances Of Getting Featured On Our Instagram and Facebook?

  1. VERTICAL AND SQUARE CROPS. Vertical videos perform better on Instagram and Facebook. Think about it: most people use IG and FB on their mobile phone and a vertical video appears larger and takes up more of the screen. If you publish a video on and send a vertical cut to that will up your chances of getting featured on our social channels.
  2. COLD OPENS. Does your video contain one of those emotional moments we talked about above? We’re always looking for vertical cuts that open immediately with the most amazing moment. You only have a second to grab a viewers attention on social media — showing them the best part up-front will draw them in and get them to spend more time watching your content and learning about your business.
  3. STRONG THUMBNAILS. A thumbnail that represents the most emotional moment in the film will get people clicking. As long as a great shot of that emotional moment is in the clip, we can select that still to be the cover photo on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  4. SUBTITLES.  This isn’t required, but it would enhance the performance of your video. Remember, on FB and IG people are scrolling, often without sound, so being able to read the amazing vows and speeches will increase the total viewers and time people spend watching your video.

How Does The Process Work?

Step 1. Upload your video to and make sure to tap ‘Make Public’ in your dashboard and add the wedding details

Step 2. Create a vertical or square crop of the video that opens with the most emotional moment in the film and is 60 seconds or less.

Step 3. Email the social media crop and the video link to and let us know what makes the video ‘feature worthy’. We can’t respond to all of the emails we get, but we do read them all, and if you can bring to our attention an amazing video you published on our site, it makes our job easier!

Have more questions or want to opt-out of being featured on a certain social platform? Email

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