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How to Get Featured on Love Stories TV

Updated: 2/10/20. We are excited to share our updated and revised editorial guidelines for features on and our marketing channels!

Now that you have uploaded videos to and made sure your filmmaker channel is updated, you’re probably interested in getting your work featured on our homepage or social channels.

At Love Stories TV, our job is to get your work in front of more people to help you book more weddings. We are marketers, you are the artists. You know how to create a beautiful piece of work that your couples will cherish. We know how to make your work stand out on our site, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Our editorial guidelines are created to help your work perform better on our marketing channels and reach more people.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Wedding Details

Make sure the video has as many vendors, designers and styles tagged as possible AND that you’ve included the Love Story.

More on this here, but the bottom line is that, in order for our editorial team to feature your video, we need to know as many details as possible. Plus, the more vendor, designer and location details you tag, the more likely your video is to be discovered by soonlyweds searching our site for those terms. Also, tagging other pros and dress designers means we could select your video for a feature if we are partnering with those brands and service providers. Don’t know all of the wedding details? Here is a handy template you can use to request the info from your couples. Don’t be afraid to ask them—they want their wedding video featured too!


Send an email to

Email our editorial team and let us know why we should feature this video. Here’s the type of elements we’re looking for:

  • Crying or highly emotional grooms. Nothing performs better on our site or social channels than a crying groom. Whether it’s the first look, during the ceremony or during a toast: crying grooms = more views for your videos.
  • Unique backstories. Did the couple meet or get engaged in an unusual way? Our viewers love a meet-cute.
  • Epic venues. Castles, mountain tops, outer space, underwater—if this wedding took place somewhere epic, our audience is sure to love it.
  • Cute pets or kids. Did the couple include their puppy in a sweet way that made it into the video? Did a young member of the family give a sweet speech or participate in the ceremony? Kids and dogs make for great content.
  • Surprise guests, costumes or dances. Flash mob? Surprise visit from a celebrity? These types of moments are highly engaging on our social channels.
  • Diversity. We strive to showcase weddings of all colors, shapes, sizes, budgets and gender orientations. If you have a fantastic wedding video that features a couple from an underrepresented group, we’d love to showcase their film.

When you email us, you must include the Instagram and Facebook handles for all the vendors involved. You can either submit the link to the video on and if the video is selected for a feature we’ll work collaboratively with you to optimize it for our social channels. OR you submit a vertical edit that you’ve already optimized for social based on the following guidelines:

Vertical Crops

Vertical videos perform better on Instagram and Facebook than horizontal videos. It’s not our opinion, it’s a fact. You can read more about that here and here. Need help cropping your videos for vertical here are two handy resources from our friends at Archaius Creative and How to Film Weddings.

Standout Emotional or Visual Moments

Social clips should highlight the most emotional part of the video—this could be a groom’s reaction, an amazing speech or surprise dance, heartfelt vows, an amazing dress shot, etc. We’re looking for outstanding emotional or visual moments that will capture our audience’s attention. Alternatively, we also love to feature weddings with really interesting backstories. In that case, the video might not have one standout moment, but our headline will grab the viewer’s attention.

Cold Opens

On social media, you have a nanosecond to catch your viewers’ attention. You want to open your video with the most interesting moment that will grab the viewer’s attention. Open the video immediately to the action, like a crying groom, epic dress shot, first look, etc. and your film will perform better on our Instagram (and yours). Films that open with a sweeping view of a landscape or aerial shot of a hotel are going to lose the attention of someone scrolling through their feed. Basically, whatever the reason is that you’re sending that video to us, that moment should be what the video opens to. Learn more about cold opens here.

Don’t Open With Logos or Text

We welcome you to watermark your work or end the clip with your logo. We don’t post videos that open with the couple’s name in text on the video or with the filmmaker’s logo. You’ll lose the attention of the viewer. We will always tag you in the caption and direct viewers back to your page on to watch your work and contact you.

No Black Bars

There should be no black bars in the video because it should be vertical. Exact dimensions should be 1080 x 1350 or a 4:5 aspect ratio.

Minute or Less

Your video should be less than 60 seconds so we can share it on our feed (this is Instagram’s limit). This also allows us to share your work on Pinterest, linking back to the page and, thus, getting even more eyes on your work.

Love Story

Your video page on must have a Love Story before we will feature it anywhere. Our viewers love to know more about the weddings they’re seeing on our channels, so we like to have a great story on their page, like how the couple met, a great story from their wedding planning process or reasoning behind why they chose their location, etc. The best-case scenario is to ask your couple for the story of how they met and fell in love. Here’s a template for that. If this isn’t possible, include a sentence or two about what made the wedding special, in your opinion.

Subtitles or Text Overlay

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Captions will improve the performance of your videos on Facebook or in Instagram feed posts. If the video is primarily a voice-over of emotional vows, a great speech or a letter reading, we would like you to include subtitles in white or yellow bold Open Sans font, preferably with a shadow, at the bottom of the video. We would also like to see this for videos with a great backstory—you can refer to us if you need help with the copy. You’ll need to start or end the video with a quick still without captions so we can use that as the Instagram thumbnail. That image should follow these guidelines: a clear, emotional or celebratory moment between the couple like this, this or this.


Here are some of our top-performing Instagram and Facebook videos, which closely match our editorial guidelines:

Karli & Ty by Sea Jay Films.


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Regina & George by BSR Wedding Films.


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Ciara & Warren by ABP Films.


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Interested in Guaranteed Features?

Want to guarantee yourself a spot on our homepage or other exclusive placements? We have special opportunities that we reserve for filmmakers who have uploaded a certain amount of films to their channel or who join our Love Club. Email to learn more.

Have more questions? Check out our getting started guide here.