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How to Film an Influencer Wedding

By Katie Kortebein

We recently shared the wedding video of influencer Caitlin Covington of Southern Curls & Pearls (@cmcoving on Instagram). Booking an influencer wedding can be huge because their video is sure to be seen by thousands, even millions of eyes, depending on their follower count. Their name is also likely to boost your own SEO presence and ultimately your chances of being booked by other couples. We talked to Arden Film Co. about what it was like to film an influencer wedding and to get their tips on booking and filming your own.

How were you introduced to Caitlin and Chris? 

Caitlin wrote a blog post about her indecision in booking a filmmaker. This truly pulled at our heartstrings! We shared our work with her and expressed the value behind creating an heirloom for her family to cherish. We were incredibly flattered she chose us to capture her big day!

What advice do you have for other filmmakers who want to book weddings like this? 

Strive to build a portfolio and online presence that you’re proud of, and that appeals to the type of clients you want to book. This takes time—be patient and gracious with yourself. When reaching out to influencers, do so out of sincerity. Do you think you would actually be a good match stylistically and interpersonally? Keep in mind you could be working with them over the course of a year or more—from booking to wedding film delivery.

What tips do you have for working with an influencer/blogger that you would share with other filmmakers? 

Our biggest business tip would be to automate your inquiry workflow and have your client experience set in place before an influencer shares that you are their filmmaker. Next, be sensitive, understanding and respectful of what this type of client feels comfortable sharing with the world from their wedding day. Always keep the big picture in mind—and this goes for any client—you are there to create an heirloom for their family to look back on for generations.

What is your favorite moment in Caitlin and Chris’ wedding film?

There are so many! The time we had to be creative the morning-of with Caitlin in her beautiful getting-ready robe was a dream. We loved being able to capture her glowing anticipation and happiness. Another has to be the letters they wrote to one another, which we recorded and incorporated into the film. 

What would you say is the most difficult part about working with someone who has a large following, if anything?

Caitlin is even sweeter than she appears on social media—so nothing was difficult there! She is gracious, genuine and kind! Being well versed in your process will help minimize any difficulty managing a rise in potential clients.

What is the most rewarding thing about working with an influencer/blogger?

Our couple’s reaction to viewing their wedding film for the first time feeds our hearts and souls. Working with an influencer means you get to witness thousands of reactions from their following—and that’s pretty special!

Feeling inspired? Check out Arden Film Co.’s channel below where you can watch tons of real wedding videos or visit ArdenFilm.Co to learn more about them and see even more of their work.