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This Groom’s Reaction to the First Look Is EVERYTHING

The first look Jen and Wes share on their wedding day is one of the most beautiful, emotional moments we’ve watched so if you stop reading right now and fast forward to 1:24, we def won’t hold it against you. Jennifer, a talented makeup artist, married Wes at the most stunning Hawaiian Airbnb EVER. Although you probably can’t tell from their gorgeous film, a devastating flash flood actually hit Hawaii just days before. Thankfully, all of their vendors were OK, and they were able to have their wedding as planned. As you can see, the day turned out to be ~video perfect~. Watch their full film by Matter Video below and read on for Jen’s best advice for future brides.

The Love Story

How did you meet and fall in love?
We connected over our love of food. It will always be a huge part of our relationship. We enjoy cooking at home as much as we love eating out.

Tell us how the proposal happened.
We were celebrating my birthday in Koh Lanta, Thailand. Wes suggested that we go on an early morning hike. As I was adjusting the timer on my camera for a photo opportunity, Wes popped the question. I was so surprised! We ended up getting everything on camera!

Will Khoury

The Wedding

Tell us about something that was creative or unique to your wedding.
The devastating flash floods hit Kauai days before our wedding. Kauai saw over 27 inches of rain within 24 hours. Heavy rain continued for days after the flood. Much of the island was destroyed and many residents lost their homes. We were so saddened by the news and worried that we’d be forced to change our plans. Luckily, our venue and vendors were fine and we got the green light! The weather on our wedding day was absolutely beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for a better day in paradise.

Describe the moment from your wedding day that stands out to you the most.
The funniest moment of our wedding day was when Wes accidentally swatted my vows out of my hands. He was trying to shoo a mosquito away and also took my vows down with it. Everyone had a good laugh and it’s a moment we’ll never forget. Maybe we can make it into a GIF!

How did you find your wedding dress? Who designed it and how did you know it was the one?
I found my wedding dress at Kinsley James Couture Bridal. My dress designer is Anne Barge. I wasn’t sure what style I wanted so I let the stylist choose a couple for me. When I put on my dress, I felt so beautiful. Everything from the beadwork to the lace detail was perfect. I knew I had to have it!

What made your wedding feel extra special to you and your partner?
We wanted our wedding to feel like a huge party with our friends and family. Every little detail was planned out by us and our closest friends. We made sure to personalize everything to reflect our relationship. The cake topper, favors, and other details were custom made by our friends at @studiobui on Instagram.

Will Khoury

How did you find your filmmaker and what made you choose them?
Being from the wedding industry myself, I was introduced to Matter Video through another vendor. After seeing their work, we knew we had to have them on our wedding day. They were the first vendors we booked for our big day!

What is your favorite moment from your wedding film?
Our favorite moment was definitely the first look. I kept my wedding dress as a surprise from Wes up until then. The look on Wes’ face when he first saw me in it was priceless. Matter Video did a phenomenal job capturing our emotions on video. It was worth the wait!

The Couple

Ok, back to you and the love of your life! What do you think the “secret sauce” to your relationship is?
The “secret sauce” to our relationship is adaptation. We are constantly changing and evolving, both individually and as a couple. We aren’t the same people we were when we first met. As long as we can adapt, we can work out any bump in the road.

What are your fave ways to spend a weekend together?
We have two extremes when it comes to weekends. We’ll either have a jam-packed schedule filled with a long list of to-do’s or we’ll relax and soak in the now.

Will Khoury

What do you like most about your partner?
We balance each other out. Wes is able to be strong when I feel weak and vice versa. He’s not afraid to ask for help or feel vulnerable.

If you were to guess, how do you think you’ll celebrate your one-year anniversary?
It’d be filled with lots of delicious food, a relaxing massage, and some beach time!

Finally, tell us the No. 1 piece of wedding planning advice you wish you would have known OR that you found to be the most helpful.
The best wedding planning advice I’ve ever gotten was: Set aside some time on the wedding day to just talk to each other. Even if it was just a few minutes, it was a moment we will never forget. The wedding day schedule seemed endless. Things can run late and not go as expected. There will be hiccups. However, none of that is important. We were able to step away for a few minutes and just chat with each other.

Will Khoury

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