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Finding the Best Videographer for Your Wedding

The wedding planning process can often be overwhelming. Between selecting day-of transportation to finding the ideal decor ideas, you can easily find yourself knee-deep in planning activities for months.


One wedding vendor that should be booked as soon as possible is your wedding videographer. There’s nothing quite like watching the memories of this special day over and over again — especially on your silver wedding anniversary.


But how do you find the right videographer? And what information should you have at your disposal to ensure that you make the right selection? Follow these tips, and you will be well on your way to checking this off your wedding to-do list!



Make Sure They Have the Right Experience

The closer you get to your special day, it’s understandable that your friends and family will try to be as helpful and accommodating as possible. Unfortunately, this often spills into volunteering to provide services that should be reserved for a professional. Just because your nephew has a popular YouTube station, it doesn’t mean that he has the experience to be your wedding videographer.


So, in other words, you’re on the hunt for a professional. There are all sorts of videographers out there, but you’ll definitely want to look for one that specializes in weddings. Filming an ad or videoing a birthday party is completely different than a wedding. Your videographer will need to understand the ebb and flow of such an event, and know when to be at the right place at exactly the right moment. He or she will typically work alongside your wedding photographer to watch for all the right cues to capture every moment, from the first kiss all the way to the last dance.


Ask to See Their Work

When you’re searching for any type of wedding professional, one of the most important things to do is ask to see their work. Videographers may have short clips on their websites, but it’s important to see an entire video so that you can see the full range of the wedding.


Some videographers may excel at the ceremony, but then aren’t as on-track when it comes to mingling throughout the reception to capture some wonderful candid moments. You want your wedding videographer to be great in both regards.


If it’s available, you may even ask to see an unedited video, so that you have an idea of the entire process, and how you end up with the final result.



Discuss Specifics on Your Wedding Style

A professional wedding videographer is trained to film all types of weddings. However, it’s still best to provide a basic understanding of your event, and ask a few simple questions, should they apply.


  • Are you comfortable filming outside?
  • What about low lighting?
  • Can you adequately cover a very large wedding?


Additionally, you can easily search for your venue on, watch real wedding videos and then watch the credits for videographers who have filmed your particular style or even at your venue.


Look Into Pricing and Packages

When you do find a videographer who meets your expectations, then it’s time to discuss the bottom line. Many videographers will have packages that include a set amount of hours at the ceremony and reception, as well as a DVD, Blu-Ray or digital file. Other videographers may offer their services a la carte and by the hour, so you can create your own package according to your budget and requirements.


Usually, your guests may also purchase their own copy from the videographer, or this can be a perfect gift for parents or other members of the bridal party.


Be Sure Which Videographer Will Film Your Wedding

If you are talking to an agency who employs several different videographers, you’ll need to know which one will be at your wedding. When you meet with one videographer in particular, and you find that your personalities click right away, you should make certain that is the videographer on your contract.


Shop Around

Even when you think you’ve found “the one,” it never hurts to shop around a little bit, just to compare services and prices. As with any major decision or purchase, it’s best not to sign with the first videographer that you meet until you see what other options are available.


Check Into Their Emergency Clause

While you may not want to even think about it, unexpected situations may arise that could keep your videographer from filming your wedding. In case of an emergency, you’ll need to know that there is a backup plan in place, and that another capable videographer will step in to provide an equal service.


Look Over Your Contract

Speaking of contracts, signing one is a serious matter, even if seems as simple as two seconds and a dotted line. Your contract will specify exactly what you can expect for the price that you have agreed upon during your meeting. If you have discussed something with your videographer that is not listed on the contract, request that it be added. Furthermore, if there are any changes made to the original contract, always have both parties initial to them — just to be safe.


Typically, couples are required to place a deposit at the signing of their contract. For any remaining funds that are due, a billing schedule will be set up, with the final payment usually at least 90 days prior to the event. Just keep in mind that every videographer is different, so always be sure to understand what is required.


Selecting your wedding videographer is a great accomplishment in the world of wedding planning, especially with help from LoveStoriesTV. Remember to book early, as that the best videographers keep full calendars, and be ready for a beautifully displayed memory that you can enjoy for years to come.