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How to Find Wedding Beauty Inspo on Social Media

By Katie Kortebein

You may have a good idea of your theme and dress for your wedding day, but you may still be having trouble really pinning down your look because there’s a LOT of different hair and makeup styles out there. It can be overwhelming! So we talked to Megan Garmers, the founder and director of MG Hair & Makeup, to get all her tips for finding your wedding beauty inspiration on social media.

Courtesy of Sarah Joan Studio

How do I search for beauty inspo on social?

Definitely use hashtag searches to help you find looks. The one word of caution is that remember not all photos posted by hairstylists and makeup artists are actually their work. You should find the inspiration you like and also find it from various sources—not all the same artist.

Courtesy of Molly Quill Photography

Are there specific hashtags you should check out?

I would suggest using: #bridalupdo #updo #bridalhair #bridalmakeup #naturalmakeup #weddinghair #weddingmakeup #braids #beachywaves #halfup #bridalhairstyles #bridalmakeupartist #bridalhairstylist. You can also look up: #metgala #oscars #goldenglobes #emmys because award shows create a ton of hair and makeup inspiration. Also, for finding a pro in your area, I suggest searching: #[insert city or area name]bridalmakeupartist or #[insert city or area name]bridalhairstylist.

What are the best platforms/channels to use for this?

I’ve found that Instagram is usually the best place to look. Lots of Pinterest photos end up being the same type of looks and are often very photoshopped so they actually aren’t realistic.

Courtesy of Isabelle Selby Photography

What’s the best way to show beauty pros your inspiration?

Creating a mood board, a Pinterest board or another document or folder of ideas is a good way to do this. I would suggest having one with photos of things you like and another of things you don’t like. Even better is if you have photos of yourself when you had hair/makeup done where you really liked and/or didn’t like the result. You may think the most important thing is showing your stylist what looks you like, but it’s actually equally important to show them looks you don’t!

Courtesy of Williamsburg Photo Studios

Anything else you want to add?

Remember that what you see on social is often edited—especially makeup. Understand that while some photos look super cool, they might not be realistic to wear for a full day of photos and all the things you’ll be doing at a wedding. Photos just need to look good for a second—they don’t have to hold up to dancing, hugging, crying and staying put for 10 hours in humidity. Also, look for a mix of photos you like in general and also photos of looks on people who look like you. If you look like Reese Witherspoon and show a photo of Beyonce or JLo, that just isn’t a good representation of what the end result will be on you.

Courtesy of Corey Torpie Photography

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