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FAQ About LoveStories TV

For Filmmakers

What is Love Stories TV?

Love Stories TV is a video platform for wedding planning and inspiration, bringing engaged couples and event professionals together in a uniquely visual community. Founded in 2016, our mission is to provide our community with a never-ending supply of wedding related inspiration and entertainment in a fun and organized way. is a place for engaged couples to find products and services for their weddings, a place for filmmakers and wedding vendors to connect with brides and grooms, and a place for wedding enthusiasts to find endless hours of inspiring and entertaining video content.

Who owns and operates Love Stories TV?

Love Stories TV was founded by Rachel Jo Silver. Meet the rest of our team here.

Why should I publish my videos

Engaged couples are visiting to find ideas, products, and services (like wedding videographers!) for their wedding. When you upload videos to they’re published on a dedicated video page (example) that credits you and links back to your filmmaker channel (example). On your channel you can write a description, link to your website and social channels, and have a contact button so prospective clients can easily email you directly. Plus, every video published on is reviewed for a potential feature on our social channels, blog, homepage, or partner channels.

Is there a fee for filmmakers to publish on


How does Love Stories TV make money?

Our Love Club program for wedding vendors, national advertising partnerships, distribution partnerships, and affiliate shopping links.

What are distribution partnerships?

We partner with brands and media companies whose audiences we believe will add value for our wedding filmmakers by providing them access to more potential customers. For example, we have a distribution partnership with Amazon Prime Video. You will always be notified if your video is part of a distribution partnership and you will always be credited.  In accordance with our TOS you can contact or at any time, for any reason, and request that video be taken down from, our social channels, and partner channels. We will do so as quickly as possible. All of our distribution partnerships are structured so we can take down any video, at any time, for any reason.

When Love Stories TV first launched filmmakers could embed videos, now they need to upload. Why? Does this change anything for me?

In order for us to share your videos on social media and our partner channels (see above) we need to have the video files. Also, as our platform evolves, having the videos published directly on will enable us to make smart recommendations to our viewers which means more qualified potential customers for our filmmakers. In terms of our TOS, and laws pertaining to rights and ownership, there is no distinction between embedding your work and uploading it.

In terms of music licensing: is uploading and/or embedding my videos on different than uploading them to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or other social networks?

No. There is no major difference in the terms of the licenses that videographers must obtain when they post their videos on Love Stories versus the other social media platforms.

How do I get my films on and your social channels?

To publish your work on, visit the website, tap SHARE A WEDDING VIDEO, and follow the prompts. Once you publish your video you have the option to keep it private or to showcase it so that it’s public on your channel and findable by our community of brides and grooms-to-be. Our team reviews all public videos for potential features on our homepage, blog, and social channels.

What video file formats can I upload to Love Stories TV?

Currently we support the mp4, m4v, f4v, mpeg (MPEG-2 or better),  mov and  webm video file formats. Please note that old mpeg files with MPEG-1 encoding are not supported.

Can I upload 4K videos?

Yes, you can upload 4K videos in either 30FPS or 60FPS.

I read your Terms Of Use but I have a few more questions

Will you modify my work in any way?

No. But, in order to share your work on a social network we may publish only a section that is shorter than the original full video. 

What if I want to remove the film later?

No problem at all. Email and we will remove it from our site and partner sites if it has been distributed.

Will you always credit me on your site and social channels?


I have more questions?

Great! Please email us:

For Couples Submitting Their Film

Do I have to ask my filmmaker before submitting my film on

Everyone’s contract with their filmmaker is different. When you submit your film and agree to our Terms Of Use you are stating that you have the right to distribute it and that it’s compliant with all regulations.

I changed my mind and don’t want my film on your website anymore. What should I do?

Email and we’ll take it down.

What video files can I upload to Love Stories TV?

You can upload your wedding videos if they are of one of the following formats: mp4, m4v, f4v, mov, mpeg (MPEG-2 or better) or  webm.

We recommend uploading a high definition (1080P) version of your video, or even a 4K version of it, if you have one. Please note that old mpeg files with MPEG-1 encoding are not supported.