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FAQ About LoveStories TV

For Everyone

What is Love Stories TV?

Love Stories TV is a video platform for wedding planning and inspiration, bringing engaged couples and event professionals together in a uniquely visual community. Founded in 2016, our mission is to provide our community with a never-ending supply of wedding related inspiration and entertainment in a fun and organized way.

Who owns and operates Love Stories TV?

Love Stories TV was founded by Rachel Jo Silver. Meet the rest of our team here.

How does Love Stories TV make money?

We make money through premium listings for wedding businesses, sponsorships, and distribution partnerships.

For Filmmakers

Why should I publish my videos

Every month millions of soonlyweds, and their families, use our site and social channels to find pros, products, ideas, and inspiration for their weddings. Publishing your work on connects you with this huge audience of potential customers.

Is there a fee for filmmakers to publish on

No. Filmmakers can upload, host, and store unlimited wedding videos for free on

Can I embed my videos instead of uploading them?

When brides and grooms publish their own wedding videos on they are able to embed (because they frequently don’t have the file). You can read more about how to encourage your clients to upload here.

Does my music license allow me to publish my work on

Because there are so many music licenses and licensing sites Love Stories TV cannot make individual recommendations to filmmakers about their licenses. However, if you are publishing your videos on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, publishing them to is the same thing.

Will you modify my work in any way?

No. In order to share your work on one of our social channels we may publish only a short section of the the film or a still from the film. We never have and never will use your content in a way you don’t approve of. You are able to remove your content from at any time via the controls in your filmmaker dashboard and you can email at anytime if you have concerns about a social media feature. We have no incentive to use your films for any other purpose than connecting you with brides and grooms looking for wedding ideas, inspiration, products, and pros. 


I have some questions about your Terms Of Use

Please get in touch with us we are happy to help and love to connect directly with filmmakers. Our email is Our Terms Of Use are industry standard and reflect the same language you’ll find if you use Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, etc.

How can I get my work featured on your homepage, blog, social channels, and newsletter?

Step 1: Upload your videos to and make them public by adding the wedding details. The more vendors you tag and details you provide the more likely you are to be selected for a feature.

Step 2: Email your video URL to and tell us why we should feature your video. Did the couple meet in an interesting way? Is there a super emotional or hilarious moment in the video? Does the venue have a unique story?

Step 3: Attach a 60 second vertical crop of the video to the email. If you send us a fantastic clip ready-to-go for Instagram it makes it easier for us to feature you.

What video file formats can I upload to Love Stories TV?

We support mp4, m4v, f4v, mpeg (MPEG-2 or better), mov and webm video file formats. Please note that old mpeg files with MPEG-1 encoding are not supported.

Can I upload 4K videos?

Yes. You can upload 4K videos in either 30FPS or 60FPS.

What if I want to remove the film(s) later?

You can control the visibility of your videos in your dashboard. You can make private or delete any video at any time. If you need help please email us:

Will you always credit me on your site and social channels?


I have more questions and I’d like to talk to a human?

Great! Please email us:

For Pros

Is there a fee to be listed on

Nope! Any pro who is tagged as a vendor in a wedding video that is uploaded to our website automatically receives a free business page. If the filmmaker or newlywed provides your email when they tag you as the vendor, we’ll send you a note so that you can claim your business page and update your contact information, website, social URLs, business description, etc. Once you’ve claimed your account you’ll also get access to our instant Video Gallery tool so you can quickly and easily showcase all of the wedding videos that feature you on your website. If you need help claiming your account email

We do have a paid premium listing program for wedding vendors called the Love Club. Members get more visibility on as well as guaranteed features on our site, blog, social channels, email, podcast, and more. You can learn more about that here or email

I’m not a filmmaker — Can I get my weddings featured on your homepage, blog, social channels, and newsletter?

Yes! Every wedding video uploaded to is eligible for a potential feature. Have a video in mind that you think would make a great post on our homepage, blog, social channels, or newsletter? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Ask the videographers you have worked with or your couples to upload their videos to and to tag you as the appropriate vendor. Only filmmakers and newlyweds can upload. Here’s a handy email template you can use to reach out to them and ask them to upload.

Step 2: Once the video has been uploaded, email the video URL to and tell us why we should feature your video. Did the couple meet in an interesting way? Is there a super emotional or hilarious moment in the video? Does the venue have a unique story?

Want guaranteed social features? Join our Love Club! Learn more here or email us:

For Newlyweds

I’d like to remove my wedding video from your site. What should I do?

If your filmmaker published your video then you should contact them directly and ask them to take it down. If you published your vide you can control the privacy in your dashboard.

If you need more immediate assistance we are here to help: