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Everything You Need to Know About Booking Your Beauty Vendors

By Katie Kortebein
You probably aren’t getting your hair and makeup done on a daily basis (unless you’re the Hadids or JLo), but, come wedding time, you’re going to want to have the professionals attending to your day-of look. But how do you even go about booking that glam squad? We talked to Megan Garmers, the founder and director of MG Hair & Makeup, to get all her tips for booking your wedding beauty vendors.

Courtesy of Clark+Walker Studio

How early should you start thinking about your hair and makeup vendors?

Just like any other vendor, you need to think about what is important to you. If your beauty look is important, you need to start thinking about this sooner rather than later. Remember that while everything else is important, you (and the beauty look you choose) will be in just about every one of your photos. If you have a particular look, you want to make sure that is confirmed early on.

When should you book them?

This is a question that varies by person; however, I will say that we book up to 25 months in advance. Overall, the average would be 12-18 months in advance if you are particular about the way you want to look. Just like other vendors, Saturdays book up quickly, especially in May, June, September and October. You also want to leave yourself time to try another vendor if you aren’t happy with how the trial went with the first vendor. The longer you wait, the fewer options you will have.

When should you book your trial?

You should definitely book your trial when you are ready to try out a hairstylist or makeup artist. Being confident in their ability, their personality and your choice in them as your beauty vendor is important. Getting more items crossed off your wedding to-do list is always a good thing.

How many trials should you have?

The number of trials you have is up to you and your budget. Some people are more visual and need to see the exact look to make sure they will be happy. Others can easily envision what the look would be if their hair was longer, layers cut, etc. You definitely want to be comfortable with your look and so, if it is worth the extra money to appease any anxiety, go for it.

When should you schedule each trial?

You should schedule your trial on a day when you can devote time and thought to it. If you need to have your mother’s or wedding party’s opinions to help you decide, make sure it coincides with their schedule as well. We suggest setting aside four hours for a hair and makeup trial so you can try more than one look and not have to pay for multiple trials. Every beauty vendor is different though, so be sure to ask how many looks you can try. You might decide you don’t like the one look you were set on after seeing it on your face shape, skin tone, hair type, etc. and you will need to try something else.

Should your trial be the same day as your engagement shoot or bridal shower?

We generally suggest not to do this for a few reasons. First, you need to make sure you are focused on the look you want for your wedding day when you have your trial. If you are thinking of how the look would go with your outfits for the engagement shoot or bridal shower, you won’t have the right focus. Also, remember that your hair and makeup will likely need to be toned down after deciding on the look for your wedding so it is appropriate for the photo shoot or bridal shower. I just think your look will be stronger if there is one clear vision of what you want instead of conflicting ideas.

What if I hate my makeup/hair in my trial?

If you hate your hair and makeup at your trial, that’s great! That means you have an idea of what you don’t like, which is sometimes better than having an idea of what you do like (because we all know it is WAY too easy to add a gazillion “pretty” beauty photos to a Pinterest board!). Definitely research the looks you like before the trial and choose photos of people who look like you (your hair color, skin color, eye shape, etc.). If you hate your trial, move on to the next beauty vendor you want to try. At MG Hair & Makeup, we have a policy that if you are not happy with the artist from the first trial, you can try another artist at no additional cost (provided there is another artist available for your date).

Anything else you want to add?

One of the most important things you might not think about is that besides being able to do beautiful hair/makeup, your beauty vendor(s) should be individuals you like as human beings. They will be the closest people to you physically before the wedding as they will literally be touching your hair and face for a couple hours. If they have a nervous energy, aren’t professional, have weird habits that annoy you, it will definitely aggravate you on your wedding day. You need to choose artists who are professional and having a calming presence. Getting your hair and makeup done is the last thing before getting your dress on and seeing your soon-to-be-spouse, you need to make sure you can enjoy that process leading up to it.
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