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Choosing A Wedding DJ: The Right Music For The Right Moment

Planning a wedding is a big undertaking. You’ll need to select the most delicious cake fillings, find the best stretch limousine in the city and make sure the blooms in every bouquet are fragrant and beautiful.


Chances are that you’ve probably been to a handful of weddings yourself. You probably remember if the catering was good and maybe even the venue for the ceremony. But do you know what most guests remember when they look back on a wedding? You’ve got it! It’s the reception. That’s why it is so important to choose just the right DJ to keep the party going and the dance floor full.


However, the DJ does a lot more than just throw on a few tracks and turn on some colored lights. In fact, the DJ may be the glue that holds the entire reception together. So, it’s best to make sure that you ask the right questions when you’re making such an all-encompassing selection.



Do you DJ full-time?

Even though being a DJ is the epitome of a true wedding professional, you may run across a few DJs who haven’t exactly quit their day jobs yet. This means that they are probably juggling a lot of responsibilities on top of ensuring that your wedding reception goes off without a hitch. It’s true that everyone has to start somewhere, but you want to make sure that “somewhere” isn’t your wedding reception.


A lot of people look at the DJ business and think, “Wow, I could do that.” So, you may also receive a few offers from family and friends to “put together a playlist” and use the speakers that are available at the venue. But again, you have to remember that a DJ does a lot more than push a button and wait for the songs to play.


Some of a professional DJ’s responsibilities include:


  • Reading your guests and deciding what song to play and when
  • Helping you select the right songs for special dances and moments
  • Making announcements throughout the reception
  • Hosting fun games to draw in guest participation
  • Setting up “please play” and a “please don’t play” lists
  • Instinctively knowing how to keep dancers out on the floor
  • Ensuring everyone has a memorable time


See your DJ as a master of ceremonies, someone who will take charge and make sure that events move along during the reception, and that everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there. This is why it’s so important to hire a true professional, as they have done this hundreds of times, so it all comes as second nature.


You also want to make sure that your wedding will be a priority. Enquire as to if your potential DJ books more than one wedding per day.



Have you worked with our venue before?

This is definitely not a prerequisite, as a true professional can DJ just about anywhere. However, it could be the deciding factor if you have your decision down to two entertainers. It’s nice to know if they may already be familiar with the setup and the space, and if they have any unique ideas about ways to utilize it to their advantage.


When you’re looking for a DJ who has worked at your particular venue, you can easily search for your venue on Then you can watch real wedding videos and then see which entertainers have performed weddings there.


Can you help with a playlist?

Couples rarely ever choose all the songs that they’d like to have played at their reception. Instead, it’s best to find an entertainer who is knowledgeable about all genres of music and can help make selections that will fit your preferences and those of your guests. Plus, a DJ will also make judgment calls on the fly, dependent upon the mood of the guests and the songs that they seem to respond well to throughout the reception.


Yet, most DJs suggest that the couple does supply them with two lists, as mentioned above: one for “must-play” songs and another for “never play” songs. This will help your DJ know how to address requested songs during the course of the reception. If you never want to hear Bon Jovi or Madonna, your DJ will ensure that it doesn’t happen.


Do you bring your own lighting?

This is an important question, as not all venues will provide lighting that is adequate for a party-style atmosphere. If you’re ready for a disco ball and synchronized lights, be sure to ask about the equipment that the DJ has at his or her disposal.



Will you be the actual DJ at my wedding?

Some DJs work for big agencies, so it might be a possibility that the DJ will actually be scheduled a little closer to your wedding date. If you are choosing a particular DJ for the way that you gel with that individual, insist that entertainer will be the actual DJ for your reception.


And while you’re still asking questions, it doesn’t hurt to know that the company has a backup plan in place. In other words, if there is an emergency and your chosen DJ cannot make it to your wedding, will a replacement be provided. If so, can you also see work from that DJ?


Can I see a video from an actual wedding?

While it’s a great idea to see a DJ live at a wedding show or other bridal event, you should never finalize your booking until you see footage of the entertainer at an actual wedding. This will provide you with an in-depth peek into what you can expect at your own reception.


Once you’ve found the perfect DJ, get ready for the most memorable party of your life! Plus, you can also ask them to mix the music for your wedding video and share it with us on LoveStoriesTV. Just as you have been inspired by other weddings and couples, wouldn’t it be nice to do the same?


Above all else, keep in mind that your reception is a time to have fun, relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends. After all, your wedding IS a celebration! So… celebrate in style with a professional DJ.