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How to Pull Off The Perfect “I Do Crew” Bridesmaid Proposal

By Lauren Witonsky

Bridesmaids, bless their hearts, often invest a lot of time and money into your wedding. To thank them for their endless support and dedication, brides have begun to dream up elaborate “bridesmaid proposals,” which are just like engagement proposals, but for your squad. We interviewed our friend and bride-to-be Shana Honig for all the deets on her amazing “I Do Crew” bridesmaid proposal. Read on to learn more about how she planned the perfect celebration, from the sentimental speeches to the goodies gifted. One look through her pictures and you’ll be dreaming of this boozy brunch for DAYS. Take notes, and you’ll guarantee yourself a yes…or YAAAS!!!!!

So much 💕 for my ‘I Do Crew’ of amazing women! Thanks for all saying YES 😉 #justshayido missed you Dana and Julie!

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Why did you decide to “propose” to your bridesmaids?
When it came time to choose who would be by my side on my wedding day, I had no doubts about these nine fabulous women. I have an extremely close and unique relationship with each. Some are from childhood, some from high school, some from college, and despite the distance, our relationships held strong. I only wanted those who would be lifelong friends included and I didn’t worry about what others would think about who I did or did not include. Each of these women is so special, supportive, compassionate, and they know my fiancé Justin really well and love him, which was important to me. Two of my bridesmaids couldn’t make it in for the big reveal because because they both live far from New York, but I scheduled a separate meaningful moment with both. I decided to go big with the bridesmaid proposal because it truly is a big responsibility to be a bridesmaid and I wanted to recognize that and do something kind for them to kick it off. Plus, since all of my friends come from different circles, I felt it important that we get together and bond before all of the officially wedding festivities. They all hit it off so well and it felt like they’d all been friends with each other for years. I wanted to thank them for the commitment they were making and acknowledged how special they are to me. I will be asking a lot of them; they’re purchasing a dress and coming to my bachelorette party next summer in Napa.

Tell us how you came up with the title “I Do Crew.” It’s so clever and cute!
I can’t totally recall where I heard that phase, but I feel like I must have seen it online somewhere! I have this great felt board I used for the engagement party and other events this year, so at the last minute I decided to write the message on there and feature each bridesmaids’ initials.

How did you spend the day celebrating after they said yes?
First, I hosted a brunch on the rooftop of my building for the big reveal where I cooked for them, had champagne, gave a little cheesy speech (making some of them tear up, which was my goal), and gave them their special gifts. Then, we hung out at my apartment snacking and chatting about all the wedding details. At night, we had a great prix-fixe Mexican dinner at Xixa in Brooklyn and they really took care of us — my fiancé even called ahead to arrange a surprise round of drinks when we arrived! From there, we went to an awesome disco dance party at House of YES in Brooklyn where we all dressed up in sparkles and flower crowns to match the theme. We danced the whole night.

What gifts did you give to your bridesmaids?
One of my bridesmaids’ sister-in-law is a jewelry designer, so I worked with her to make a custom gold bracelet with a little key charm that had each persons name on it. The reason for the key: Justin proposed in Gramercy Park and needed this gold key to get in, so we’re using that as inspiration for little touches throughout the wedding. We’ll all wear the bracelets on the big day. I also had a custom wooden box with a photo of myself and each bridesmaid on the front created for them. So the bracelet was inside of that, and I wrote a long letter to each detailing why it was so meaningful for me to have them by my side in life and on my wedding day.

Where did you find such cute decorations?
Some of the decorations came from my days working at Birchbox, and the rest was from Amazon! I love rose gold and incorporated a lot of that. Most of my inspiration just came from my personal style, but also from Instagram content I’ve seen. I work in advertising so I’m lucky to be surrounded by creative every day.

Any tips for other brides who want to follow in your footsteps?
Plan ahead! I set the date about three months before, which I had the luxury to do with a long engagement. That allowed me time to make sure everybody could travel in and get something custom-made. I think there’s a lot of cute pre-made bridesmaid items out there, but honestly it’s used a lot and I think it’s nice to do something special. Think about something that your bridesmaids will want to keep, and how to make them feel special since you’ll be asking a lot from them. The letter was an important part too, because it gave me a chance to express myself and show them how I felt about our individual relationship. A big tip I have is to really think hard about those people who are special to you and will always be in your life, and don’t feel pressured to include anybody outside of that criteria. I think brides often don’t want to offend anybody by excluding, but this is a time to be a bit selfish and think about the relationships in your life that add deep value.

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