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About Love Stories TV

Hi! We’re Love Stories TV.

We’re a media company building the first and only library of real wedding videos, aka: your happy place. Founded in 2016 by Rachel Jo Silver (who you can read all about here), our mission is to connect you with the products, services, ideas, and inspiration you need for your wedding in a fun and stress-free way. 

It’s our goal to connect you with the products and services you need for your wedding by making it easy for you to experience tons of weddings as if you are actually there IRL, sippin’ on champagne and crying during the ceremony. (At least, that’s what we’d be up to.)

We think videos are basically magic. They provide value that still photography can’t: speeches, vows, pre-wedding interviews with the couple, note exchanges, officiant’s ceremony, the couple’s first look, toasts, dances, movement, sounds and so much more. Video focuses on the most important part of the wedding—a happy, joyful day filled with love, gratitude, friends, and family.

Whether you’re searching for your dream filmmaker, the perfect venue, a dress with just the right amount of glitter, or ideas for what to say as you toast the happy couple, we hope Love Stories TV will be the wedding planning tool you’ve been waiting all your life for.

Not currently planning a wedding? We’ve got a lot for you to love, too. At the end of the day, we’re just out here trying to make it easy for everyone to feel all the feels. Everyone is welcome. And we mean it.

We believe that love has more than one aesthetic. Love Stories TV is dedicated to the simple, but important idea that love is love, period. We publish every video that’s submitted to, which means we host films from 60+ countries and showcase every religion, gender, culture, budget, color, shape, and size.

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