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5 Things Every Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

By Gabrielle Hurwitz

Camille & Adam (hair by MG Hair & Makeup)


Unless you’re a model, actress, or Beyoncé, chances are you don’t need a glam squad to do your day job. But, when it comes time for your wedding, many brides turn to professional makeup and hair artists to look and feel their best. Figuring out exactly how to communicate your beauty ~vision~ can be stressful, especially if you are used to doing your own hair and makeup for events. So, we talked to Megan Garmers, Founder and Director of MG Hair & Makeup, to find out how to get the most out of your wedding beauty trials. Read on for Megan’s five tips below.

1. Do Your Homework
Find as many photos of hair and makeup as you like — it doesn’t have to be the whole look. It could be, “I like the way the curls look on this. I like the volume on this one. I like the eyes on this one. I like how her skin is glowing in this one. I like the lip color on this one.” Bring in as many different photos that show different looks, because it helps paint a larger picture for the artist to get a better understanding of your preferences. Also, find pictures of things you don’t like. “I hate it when hair is too slick or I hate it when it’s too messy, or when you can see individual hairs or like it looks frizzy,” or whatever the case is. You don’t get married every day and you don’t get your hair and makeup done every day, so you may be using words to describe something that are not the same terminology a makeup artist uses. A “bold lip” to a bride might mean product on their lip, but it could also mean the color, or maybe lining with lip liner. Pictures are really worth a billion words. Also, bring photos of yourself where you really like the hair and makeup or really hate it. Those are really helpful because it’s a good gauge of what you’re comfortable with and your personal preferences.

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2. Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up
This is not the time to smile and nod. We’ve all had that experience at the salon where you get your hair done and you’re like, “Can I leave now and go cry in my car?” If the artist misunderstood something you said, you want them to know exactly what you want. It might have been a miscommunication, not an inability to do a certain look. Don’t be afraid to be specific: “I want more volume on the top” or “I’m not really sure about these curls, do you think we can make them more like waves?” or “Can the ends be straighter?” And once you voice those concerns about the specific things you don’t like, it makes it easier for the artist to help you.
If you don’t voice your concern, then it’s never addressed and you could end up with a look you’re not comfortable with. Go back to your photos — the more you have, the better — and say, “You see how this is falling to the left side versus going straight back?” If you have a reference point, it’s easier to communicate that to the artist, rather than trying to find the words, which may or may not be interpreted correctly.

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3. Be Honest with Yourself
It’s hard, but try to think clearly and honestly about what you like and what you’re comfortable with. Ask yourself, “After a long day of work do I keep my hair up or down?” Because those are the things that are really going to make a difference and help the artist narrow down choices. Almost everyone wants false lashes, but not everyone likes the idea of how they feel. So just because it’s a trend, or all your bridesmaids are going to do it, doesn’t mean you have to, and you’re the one getting married. You’re going to be the star and you don’t have to wear false lashes if you don’t want to!

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4. Don’t Rush Your Trial
Make sure you do a trial when you have enough time to try as many different looks as you want to. Some brides try to save money by doing one trial or a trial on the same day as their bridal shower or bachelorette party. The challenge with that is, you’re so focused on the next thing and making sure you’re not late, so you don’t really consider what you want your wedding day look to be. The trial isn’t about trying on makeup, it’s about trying on different looks, and making sure whatever look it is, it is right for you and your wedding. Also, make sure you have a white bed sheet, pillowcase, shirt, or something that you can wear at your trial. That way, you can see your makeup with white, versus turquoise, purple, or red. Color reflects light so it’s going to reflect off the light differently based on what your wearing.

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5. Do Set Realistic Expectations
You should think through and manage your expectations. Obviously, having your hair and makeup professionally done should be different than what you can do to yourself. Your hair and makeup artist is a bit of a magician and they can make things appear bigger, smaller or seem to disappear, but at the end of the day, that zit that is on your forehead will still be there. [And that’s totally OK!]

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