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Love Stories TV. We’re bringing the joy back.

(Today we launched the brand-sparkly-new If you don’t have time to read this blog post, but want to support us, you can share this FB post, share this LinkedIn post, retweet this Tweet or regram this IG. Thank you! Rachel)

On June 29, 2013 in Charlevoix, Michigan I married Justin Boelio, the smartest, most handsome guy I met in kindergarten (true story). While planning the wedding my mother had asked me if I wanted to hire a wedding videographer. I pictured a man with a giant camera on his shoulder shining a bright light in people’s faces. A scene of an over-served me screaming into the camera I love you Natalie and Erik! flashed before my eyes. I said no thank you to my mother and didn’t think about it again.

At my wedding my family and friends surprised us with the most insane dance flashmob to the tune of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “September.” It was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I was totally amazed and overjoyed. That moment, and the rest of the wedding, were totally perfect and unforgettable. At least, that’s what I initially thought.

Immediately after, I began to regret not having hired a videographer. Not only because of the flash mob, but because I couldn’t remember the speeches, or our vows, or what the officiant said, or how Justin and I looked when we walked down the aisle. Photos can’t capture these things, only video can.

At the time I was running content marketing for a beauty retailer so it was my job to create (and sometimes star in) fun, entertaining, educational videos. I started to pay more attention to wedding videos when I would see them on social media. My friends Aaron and Michelle got married six weeks after we did and when I saw their wedding film something clicked between my content marketing brain and my nostalgic bride brain: this was the best content I had ever seen. Real people, real love, professional production.

I began to think: what could possibly be more fun if you were planning your wedding than to get ideas, inspiration, and find vendors by watching other people’s wedding videos? Plus, I suspected that engaged couples would want to watch these even if they weren’t wedding planning. Why watch a rom-com, when you can get inspiration from actual humans?

It’s been incredible to watch how quickly the idea of LoveStoriesTV turned into a real thing with real people who wanted to be a part of it: We got an MVP site up, hired Vanessa, talked to tons of filmmakers, raised some money, hosted the Wedding Film Awards, worked with amazing partners, hired some more people, and built a new website. And today it’s LIVE!

I am so proud to introduce you to the sparkly new It’s now easier and more fun than ever to watch the weddings you’re looking for. We’ve got boho Muslim weddings, gay weddings in Italy, elopements in Norway, Indian weddings in Jamaica, beach weddings in Canada, lesbian weddings in art museums.  Because we’re a platform (not an editorial blog) we publish all of the weddings contributed, as long as it’s an edited piece of work shot by a filmmaker. Publishing every single wedding video that is submitted to our site means we have 60+ countries are represented.  And…you can buy products and services highlighted in the videos. They’re like commercials for the products and services featured. But better because they’re real. This authenticity is what brands and business spend millions of dollars trying to achieve with their marketing efforts, but rarely do. Plus, everyone wins – engaged couples, wedding vendors, filmmakers, and advertisers…all benefit from the ecosystem we’ve created on the new site.

I’m proud of our new site features: a streamlined submission form, bulk uploading, a high quality video player, search and filtering, competitive dashboards for filmmakers, and more. But I’m even more proud of our mission: to provide our community with a never-ending supply of real love stories.  We’re living in an intense, but important time with a lot to pay attention to. At Love Stories TV, we’re focused on sharing stories about the love and good that is still very present in our world. Planning a wedding should be fun not stressful. We think watching wedding videos emphasizes the fun part. So we’re bringing the joy back. And, if you’re not engaged please don’t be embarrassed to be watching real wedding videos — truly everyone is doing it. We have the data to back that up.

I would love to hear your feedback on our new site, my email is

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Rachel Jo Silver

P.S. Here’s the video I cut together of our flash mob from the iPhone footage I collected. If this doesn’t convince you to hire a professional, nothing will 😉  

(photo from Rachel and Justin’s wedding by Kendra Stanley Mills)