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How To Market Your Wedding Videography Business

Hi! I’m Rachel, the founder and CEO of Love Stories TV. Earlier this week (February 2019) I had the pleasure of giving a talk to a packed room at B&H Photo’s Depth Of Field Conference in New York City. Throughout my presentation, titled “How To Market Your Wedding Videos,” I shared tips and tricks for promoting your business on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, your website, and The talk was geared towards wedding filmmakers, but I believe anyone who is currently marketing their business on social media will find these insights and recommendations incredibly useful. You can watch my full talk (approx. 30 minutes) here:

If you’re like me, and you like people to get right to the point, I’ve provided the most important tips and tricks below:

Go Vertical

Filmmakers hate it when I say this but, it’s the truth and it’s honestly just common sense. When you are scrolling through Instagram or Facebook on your phone a vertical video takes up more of the screen—almost all of the screen, in fact. A horizontal video (especially one with black bars on the top and bottom; please stop using black bars!) is so small on your screen by comparison. Here’s a screen recording of my Instagram feed to demonstrate. Dash Hudson, the social analytics tool we use at Love Stories TV (along with brands like Vanity Fair, Revole, and Vevo) did some analysis and found that that the average engagement rate for landscape content on Instagram is 1.26%. Portrait (vertical content) is 1.43%.

Convinced that you should got vertical, but not sure how? Our friends at How To Film Weddings have a handy tutorial for editing vertical video in Adobe Premiere:

Another great resource for making vertical crops is this template Premiere Project File or FCPX Project Library pre-built from our friends at Archaius Creative which makes it super easy to create the perfect Instagram video.

Embrace The Cold Open

You should be opening all of your videos (Instagram teaser, highlight film, documentary edit, etc.) with the BEST part of the video. Not an epic drone shot of a beach or mountain top or cityscape. It’s true: Your client is going to love their video no matter what. It’s their wedding. They’ll sit through 20 seconds of sweeping scenic shots! But your followers on Instagram and Facebook won’t. You have about two seconds to grab someone’s attention on social media. So, open your video with the groom’s face when he sees the bride for the first time (more on the power of crying grooms later in this post), or a hilarious speech (use captions when you post it on social!), or whatever was the BEST part of the video is. Not the most beautiful per se, but the most emotional, and the most attention grabbing. Suck your viewers in with that and then you can edit the rest in chronological order.

Here are examples of two equally beautiful films by talented filmmakers where one opens with an emotional groom and one with a sweeping beach scene. Both are fantastic films, but you’ll see immediately why the film that opens with an emotional groom is more likely to capture a viewer’s attention right away.

Details, Details, Details

When filmmakers publish videos on we encourage them to provide as many details as possible about the wedding. This means crediting vendors who worked on the day along with brands like wedding dress designers, shoe designers, jewelry designers, etc. We also recommend tagging the wedding style, culture, etc. This is because is a search engine and engaged couples come to our site searching for videos that showcase particular venues, vendors, styles, filmmakers and more. If your videos are tagged with those data points, the couple will find *your* film and get introduced to you and your business. This will also make your videos more likely to appear in search when couples are Googling these businesses or style terms. Plus, if you want our editorial team to feature your videos, we need to know about the wedding to tell the story to our audience. Also, we like to do social posts where we can tag lots of people and get you more visibility (more on that later).

Sometimes filmmakers tell us, “I don’t have that information” to which, frankly, we don’t have much sympathy. For a couple of reasons: 1) Photographers have been collecting this information from their clients for years. They know that in order to submit their photos to blogs and editorial outlets, they’ll need to list all the vendors. 2) You need this info for your own channels and to be successful on the wedding day. If you want to grow your business Instagram and Facebook, the very best way to do that is by tagging everyone else who worked on the wedding. Here is a cheat sheet for how to make this happen:

As soon as you book a couple and you have their deposit, send them the following email (you can copy and paste!):

Dear Meghan and Harry, 

We are honored you’ve chosen us to capture your wedding. Thank you again — we can’t wait to work with you. Can you please take a few minutes to fill out the on-boarding survey below? We need this info for two reasons 1) To be prepared for your big day. We like to research the venue and vendors before hand so we know who we’re working with and can make the day as  smooth as possible 2) With your permission, after you’ve seen the finished product, we’d like to post your video to our website and social channels. This helps us connect with future couples and gives us a chance to brag about you. Can you provide me with the business name, contact name, and email address for all of the below: 

  • Ceremony venue: 
  • Reception venue (if different from ceremony):
  • Wedding planner and/or day-of coordinator: 
  • Florist:
  • Caterer:
  • Band and/or DJ:
  • Wedding dress designer: 
  • Bridesmaid dress designer: 
  • Groom and groomsmen suit designer: 
  • Any other vendors who you’d like us to credit when we share your wedding:

Thank you!

The Very Best Filmmaker Ever

When you receive the questionnaire back, you should look up all the vendors and follow them on Instagram. Maybe even reach out via DM to introduce yourself and say you’re excited to work with them. It will only take a few minutes and it’s worth it!

After the wedding when you post the video to Instagram and Facebook (whether it’s a 60 second teaser or the full highlight) make sure to tag all of the vendors in the following ways:

  • Tag vendors in the actual video. Recently, Instagram made the “tap for credits” feature that you always see on photos available for videos. It’s a great user experience and worth it.
  • Tag vendors in the caption with an @mention.
  • If you are mentioning designers who are big names take the time to look up their hashtags and include those in addition to their handles. For example, wedding dress designer uses #dresscometrue and #Morilee. Their prospective clients are searching these hashtags for inspiration. If you use these hashtags, they will find your amazing content and will be more likely to book you for their wedding.
  • Post a small clip or still photo to Instagram Stories and tag all the vendors there too! Then direct people to your feed to watch the full video (your feed > IGTV).

After, it’s a great practice to DM the clip to all of those vendors and designers so they can share it on their own channels. You’re doing them a favor! You’ve just produced a commercial of their work that they can show off on their own accounts, and they will tag you in the post.

Here’s what you want to happen: hopefully, all the vendors and designers you tag will like, comment, and share. That means more views and more potential leads for you! Plus if one of the big dress designers likes or comments on your post, this sends a signal to Instagram and Facebook that you have high-quality content that is similar to their content. That makes Instagram and Facebook more likely to bump your content up in the feeds of people for whom they think it is relevant. I explain this in more detail in my presentation here.

Emotional Wow Moments aka Crying Grooms > Everything

On the Love Stories TV YouTube channel (which you should totally subscribe to because we publish the best-of-the-best videos from there) we have 13,000+ subscribers and 17 videos with over 20K views (three of which have over 500k views). Of those 17 top performing videos, 12 of them involve a groom who is crying. The internet loves a crying man, what can we say! If you have a video where the groom cries when he sees his partner at their first look, or walking down the aisle, you should crop that baby vertical and get it up on social media. Make sure the headline indicates that there is a crying groom and open directly with that scene. Just trust us on this one. After you’ve published it on, you should email and tell us you have a crying groom video. So long as you’ve provided the appropriate wedding details, you have an extremely high likelihood of getting featured on our social channels. No crying groom? A crying dad or vows that will make the viewer cry are also winners. I talk more about this in my presentation here.

How To Get Featured On Love Stories TV

To re-iterate: you should be taking my advice and implementing the above tips and tricks on your own channels! This will also help you get featured on Love Stories TV’s social channels and discovered by brides and grooms browsing the thousands of videos on our website. Here’s how it works:

Upload unlimited wedding (or engagement or proposal or vow renewal or love story) videos for FREE to your account.

Your videos will all default to private. At that point, you can embed the videos on your website, or share them with your clients. When you’re ready, you can publish each video on so that our audience can find them by adding the wedding details and, you know, hitting publish.

After your videos are published, if you have one that you think is ~extra special~ email it to

Think: crying grooms, unique wedding styles or cultures, a couple who met in a very cool or serendipitous way or had a special engagement, amazing speeches or vows, etc. Bonus: if you can attach a vertical Instagram crop that has a cold open, you are really upping your chances of getting featured. We do features on our homepage, blog, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and more. Note: You should upload and publish all your videos on Even if they don’ve have one of these epic moments and are just beautiful films. It’s still the best way to get discovered by brides and grooms looking for wedding videographers or researching the pros and venues tagged in your videos.

A few more things while I have your attention:

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