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Nicole & Allen
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With a 9 & 1/2 year age difference between us, our relationship is anything but “typical”. Unlike so many other love stories, it was far from love at first sight or an instant connection. Allen and I worked alongside each other at a part time job helping to teach children martial arts at a school in our hometown. Obviously, we had never considered each other a possibility. But slowly, our friendship built itself on a similar sense of humor, unapologetic honesty and a mutual love of martial arts. We kept in touch here and there after Allen left the job and then one day, it just … changed. We both look back now and still can’t seem to understand when or how, but we do know why: that friendship base helped us truly see who the other person was without all the “fluff” that so often comes with dating and we knew we wanted more of that in our lives.

After some initial hesitation from both family and friends, the more everyone saw us together, the more they came to recognize that it was right. Allen and I are two VERY different people, but our similar values and upbringing helps us to understand and accept the nuances in our personalities. Our wedding day was filled with love, humor and people who have and continue to support our journey together.”

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