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This Couple Had a Pizza Buffet and an Actual Sloth at Their Reception

The Love Stories TV team spotted Karly and Dan’s wedding on Instagram and immediately knew we had to feature their film. I loved getting the full story on how they met (!) how the engagement happened, and why the song “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers means so much to them. You will fall in love with their whole wedding, which featured a surprise balloon drop, lots of confetti, a pizza buffet, and yes, a real sloth. Watch the full film by Ryan Green Films below and read on for our interview with Karly.

The Love Story

How did you meet and fall in love?
We actually met on (these were the good ‘ol fashioned pre-Tinder days). I was blown away by how quick-witted he was in email and texts. When we first met we quickly bonded over sports, craft cocktails, love of adventure and pizza (all of which were incorporated into the wedding). Our relationship was unlike any I’d been in before — rather than falling fast, we took it pretty slow and just focused on dating and enjoying each other’s company. I remember mentioning at one point early on in our relationship that he was my best friend and his response was “significant others can’t be best friends.” I take great pride in the fact that he now calls me his best friend and has completely changed his perspective all because of the fun, excitement and trust that makes up our relationship.

Husband goals.

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Tell us how the proposal happened.
When we first started dating, before Netflix and Chill, it was Hulu and Chill. We spent many days/nights watching Hulu in bed and they always played this one ad with “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers. It wasn’t long before I considered Ho Hey our song since it reminded me of our low-key dates. I quickly became a big fan of theirs and they became a staple of our relationship. We were heading down to Austin for Austin City Limits music festival and the Lumineers happened to be in town the night before the festival kicked off. Dan said he had plans for us that night directed the Uber to an Austin concert venue. I thought the surprise was that we got to see the Lumineers in concert, but as soon as “Ho Hey” started playing he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards an open lawn area in the middle of the stadium crowd. I saw a bright light on my face and then noticed my parents, his family and our closest friends staring at me. The bright light was from my friend’s professional camera, capturing the moment. Dan had arranged for all these people to fly in and be at our proposal to watch him get on one knee. It was incredibly special.

Where did you get your engagement ring?
Collins Family Jewelers in San Diego, CA.

The Wedding

What products and vendors made your wedding so beautiful?
Studio Palma worked with Enticing Table Welds to COMPLETELY transform our venue, Brick. As a Brick couple, you get absolutely nothing in your package – you literally rent out an empty industrial warehouse of a space. Upon booking, our biggest anxiety quickly became how do we fill the space and create a WOW factor on a budget?! It was all due to Rissa at Studio Palma’s insane creativity and the incredible metalwork of Enticing Tables. I also utilized Etsy for some super cool signage. Lastly, SD Social Lights marquee letters really enhanced the dance floor. Our nonstop confetti spray and balloon drop didn’t hurt either!

Tell us about something that was creative or unique to your wedding.
We had a pizza display/buffet for dinner, a REAL sloth visiting guests during cocktail hour, a surprise balloon drop during our ceremony first kiss, and my mom’s brand new gourmet popsicle business, Dixie Pops, catered our dessert. A truly fun, unique evening!

🌹🌹🌹 ⠀⠀ It’s not a New Year’s wedding without some metallic touches. @studio.palma’s floral installations totally transformed @brick.828 with the assist from @enticingtableswelds’ gorgeous metalwork 📸: @brogenjessup

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Describe the moment from your wedding day that stands out to you the most.
Dan and I were driving from our first look photos to the wedding ceremony. Ideally I had wanted to separate between photos and the ceremony, but with all the chaos we ended up sticking together and being split up from the bridal party/family until it was time to walk down the aisle. With our coordinator telling us to avoid the venue so we wouldn’t be mobbed by guests before the ceremony, we had to find somewhere to hide. Near the venue is a 50’s-themed diner and so we snuck in there. Totally the last place you’d expect to see a bride and groom. We sat at the bar and with all the fun nostalgic lights/food/decor, we got a really cool photo reminding me of a pretty special moment where we took in all that was about to happen (cocktail in hand, of course).

How did you find your wedding dress? Who designed it and how did you know it was ~the one~?
It was polar opposite of what I envisioned: I wanted an A-line with straps and a fun skirt, not formfitting. Sure enough, I picked a tight, strapless dress. It was designed by Essense of Australia. I knew it was the one as soon as I tried it on a second time — I’ve never felt so stunning in a dress. I loved the see through, lacy back and details in the material.

What made your wedding feel extra special to you and your partner?
It was the perfect combination of everything we enjoy about each other and in life. Sloths, pizza, our corgi, love, cocktails, laughter, I mean there is nothing I regret or wish we’d done differently. The best feeling was that after the wedding we had so many people say “that wedding was SO you guys!”

Welcome to Babetown🚨 Est. 12.29.2017

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How did you find your filmmaker and what made you choose them?
I searched hashtags like #sdweddingvideographer #sandiegovideographer etc. I also searched popular venues’ geotags. Ryan Green Films is unlike any other. I loved his storytelling style – it seemed unique compared to all the others. I remember crying watching his Vimeo playlist and I of course had zero connection to these other couples – but that’s just how powerful his storytelling is. The way his camera moves and the thoughtful editing is very special. His transitions and the way he utilizes the music is incredible. We couldn’t have been more impressed or pleased with our video.

What is your favorite moment from your wedding film?
At one point you’re listening to my dad’s speech as he talks about giving me away to my husband, and in that moment Ryan transitions from a clip of me and my dad dancing to a clip of Dan and I dancing. It’s almost seamless. It is one of those very intentional and thoughtful edits he is so good at.

As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen. Here’s a toast to a lifetime full of pizza, cats, corgis, sloths, Patriots + Red Sox championships… 🤜🏻🤛🏻 What a perfect reminder of all the fun that was had on 12.29.2017 🤘🏻💍 @ryangreenfilms | @sassylittlebee @brick.828 | @shelby_mcelroy | @svglamour @studio.palma | @sdsocialights | @pacificanimalproductions

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The Couple

What do you think the ~secret sauce~ to your relationship is?
We had this displayed on some Etsy signs from the wedding – but it’s the perfect explanation of us: “You keep me safe, I’ll keep you wild.” We have such a strong balance, yet aren’t complete opposites where it causes tension. We both truly know how to just take advantage of life and seek out adventure, but Dan is great at keeping us grounded when responsibility comes calling.

Finally, tell us the No. 1 piece of wedding planning advice you wish you would have known OR that you found to be the most helpful.
Be mindful on your wedding day. Everyone warned us the day would fly by and we’d hardly remember any of it. Fortunately, because I was so aware of that, I can honestly say I remember so many moments where I took a second to absorb my surroundings and what was happening. I look back on my wedding day and don’t feel like it was a blur, instead I feel like I was lucky enough to be very present.

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