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Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Engagement Videos, ANSWERED.

By Vanessa M. Buenger

When I got engaged back in November 2016, I was lucky enough to already be working at Love Stories TV. So, you could say I had become somewhat of an expert in why every bride and groom should definitely hire a filmmaker to capture their wedding day. Have you seen the stunning films on our site?! Once I booked my venue, a wedding filmmaker was next on my list of must-haves. Pro tip for my fellow engaged couples: Do NOT save this for last! Your top pick will be booked. 

In my early days at Love Stories TV, I spent most of my days watching the films contributed on I knew the level of talent that was out there. However, there was something about Alexandra from Canvas & Light that consistently stuck out to me. I loved that each of her films were very her but also very much about the couple. I loved how natural they all felt, and I also loved the journalistic, perfectly un-perfect style of her films. When she was available on my wedding date I was ecstatic.

Alexandra doesn’t only shoot wedding videos, she also captures couples during the engagement season of their journey. I have to admit, I’m a little sad that I didn’t get her to capture my fiancé and I during this season of our lives, so I interviewed her on why engagement videos are so important, so none of you have to attribute any level of regret with one of the happiest times of your life… you’re welcome 🙂

Watch the gorgeous engagement video she created for one of my favorite engaged couples Chloe + Scott, then read my interview with Alexandra below. And P.S. you can win your dream wardrobe for your engagement video here.

What are the perks of an engagement video? 

This is probably one of the only times in your life when it is socially acceptable to hire photographers and videographers to follow you around to capture your most intimate and unique moments (although I think we should film each other way more often, but that’s another subject 🙂 ). SO why wouldn’t you want another video that documents your love, engagement and promise to live happily ever after. Engagement videos are like the home video version of the wedding. You can wear different outfits, mess up your hair a little and act a tad wilder than you can on a wedding day. Plus, it’s also a great way to make wedding invitation out of it. Skip the paper and send out a beautifully curated wedding invite.

How does pricing work? I know this is unique per filmmaker but, in your experience, is it usually a part of the wedding package your clients book, or can it be booked a la carte? 

We offer it as an a la carte item. Depending on your videographer, it can range quite a bit, but it’s a beautiful artifact that you get to re-watch for the rest of your lives and share with your friends and family.

Do you recommend having your wedding videographer also shoot your engagement video?

Definitely! I’m all about keeping the flow and style the same. I’ve used footage from the engagement video and incorporated some of that into the actual wedding film. It would be difficult to work with different styles, color correction, lighting, etc. It’s also especially nice if you use the same videographer that way you can get to know each other a little bit before the wedding which is always a plus.

What are some ways you’ve seen couples or you recommend couples use their engagement videos? 

Like I mentioned, a wedding invitation is a great way to use the video. We’ve also had couples use it for their save the date which is similar to the invitation. But it’s so fun to post that on instagram or the social media of your choice. I’ve also seen couples play the video at their rehearsal dinner or wedding during dinner. It brings an added flare to the wedding.

Editor’s note: Here’s a couple that used their engagement video by Canvas & Light as a save the date. 

What elements make a good engagement video? For example, what time of day or locations do you usually recommend? What about wardrobe? Anything I’m missing? 

Lighting is everything! We either like to shoot relatively early in the morning or when the sun is going down. Because there is less of a time restriction on engagement videos vs. on the actual wedding day, we like to scout numerous spots to film. We film mostly in the Colorado Rockies so honestly we can point our camera anywhere and it will be pretty dreamy, but again because you have more time I’d say mix some modern with some outdoorsy shots that pair well with your clothes. The only wardrobe recommendation I have would be to try and stick to the color palette of your wedding that way if your videographer does incorporate that footage into your wedding video it flows nicely. Again, I’m all about the flow 🙂

And lastly, why do YOU enjoy filming engagement videos? How do they differ from wedding videos?

IT’S THE MOST FUN. My creativity is able to come out, there’s less pressure than on the actual wedding day, we might have a mimosa or two  and we get to just create something epic together. What’s better than that?