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Chloé & Karl

Chloé and Karl’s video will legit take your breath away. Married at the Rånäs Slott in Sweden, their wedding video will provide A+ inspiration for couples looking to plan an elegant overseas wedding. Pay special attention to Chloé and Karl’s vows, which are beyond heartwarming and sure to bring tears to your eyes.

  • Cinematographer: Innar Hunt Films
  • Dress: Stockholm Brud & Fest, Ida Sjöstedt, and tailor-made dress from China
  • Groom: Sir of Sweden from Georg Sörman Menswear
  • Makeup: Ida Greek
  • Photographer: Wedding photographer Linda-Pauline
  • Reception Venue: Rånäs Slott
Wedding Team
Rånäs Slott
Wedding Reception Venue
Georg Sörman Menswear
Groom's Suit Designer
Ida Greek
Makeup Artist
Ida Sjöstedt
Bride's Dress Designer
Innar Hunt Films
Wedding Videographer
Sir of Sweden
Groom's Suit Designer
Stockholm Brud & Fest
Bride's Dress Designer
Wedding Vibe