Chloé + Karl | Rånäs, Sweden | Rånäs Slott - Love Stories TV

Chloé + Karl July 22, 2017


Love Story

Chloé and Karl’s video will legit take your breath away. Married at the Rånäs Slott in Sweden, their wedding video will provide A+ inspiration for couples looking to plan an elegant overseas wedding. Pay special attention to Chloé and Karl’s vows, which are beyond heartwarming and sure to bring tears to your eyes.

  • Cinematographer: Innar Hunt Films
  • Dress: Stockholm Brud & Fest, Ida Sjöstedt, and tailor-made dress from China
  • Groom: Sir of Sweden from Georg Sörman Menswear
  • Makeup: Ida Greek
  • Photographer: Wedding photographer Linda-Pauline
  • Reception Venue: Rånäs Slott