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The Genius Flower Girl Tip Every Bride Needs to Know December 1, 2017


Love Story

Alyse and Amado’s gorgeous Colorado wedding video by KEJ Productions had me in tears from the very beginning. The note exchange between Alyse and her father is so special to watch, and it’s one of Alyse’s favorite moments too! We interviewed Alyse to learn more about the planning that went into her wedding day and she has some amazing tips for anyone who wants to hire a videographer to capture their day. (Hopefully that’s all of you 😉 ) Alyse also shared a genius flower girl tip she learned from her florist, which you’ll definitely be obsessed with, too. Watch Alyse and Amado’s full film below and read on for our interview with the bride!

The Love Story:
We met at a very early age in Englewood, CO. Our families live less than a mile from each other and our mothers became friends after joining the same Mom’s In Touch group, at our elementary school. Amado and my older brothers were childhood friends, and his older sisters used to babysit me. Our parents have been very close friends, ever since we were tiny. Amado’s father started a non-profit mentoring organization, Save Our Youth, of which my dad is on the board and my mom is a longtime mentor.

Amado and I were around each other quite a bit growing up; while he and my brothers would hangout, and as years went on, each Christmas season, when our families would get together for Christmas Dinners. We would interact here and there but it was never very extensive and nothing significant transpired- but I had always admired Amado, from a very young age.

While Amado and I were in college, our parents met up in Chicago to watch one of Amado’s football games. Northwestern was playing Ohio State, so I flew to Chicago to meet up with my parents and watch. Amado was the place-kicker for Northwestern and I was a Buckeye fan attending nearby Xavier University. Even then, however, Amado was so shy, and we hardly spoke.

Fast-forward about 7 years. I had a conversation with my mom that revealed I had, for a long time, been very interested in Amado, but thought that there would be NO way he would ever be interested in me. This conversation, conveniently, just so happened to get around to Amado’s parents, who told Amado. He was surprised as well, as he had thought the same of me. He reached out to my brother the next day to grab a drink and catch up…. ? From there, long story short, we ended up talking every day for 2 months, until our first date over Thanksgiving.

We fell in love with each other very quickly! We knew we had all the foundational elements to our relationship, it was just a matter of whether we would click and have that chemistry, which we certainly did. At the time I was living in Houston, Texas for work, and Amado had just moved to Napa, California, for work. So our whole relationship consisted of monthly flights and weekend trips to visit each other, long phone calls, and 1,000’s of texts, emails, letters, and facetimes. This all led up to Amado proposing to me at our favorite neighborhood winery in Napa Valley, at the end of a wonderfully thought out, romantic day, and extremely elegant and beautiful proposal! I moved to Napa Valley just before our wedding and have since been offered a job at that same winery.
We are going to be starting our married life in our cute little teeny tiny house, in Napa with my (now OUR) cat, Sherman, Who Amado is learning to love just as much ?

You mentioned that it didn’t take long for you and Amado to fall in love since you had all the foundations of a relationship: When did you know Amado was the man you hoped you marry? To be quite honest, I think it was from a very young age. We both grew up around each other, and our parents have always been quite close, so he has, in some form, always been somewhere in my mind. I thought very highly of him and the values he upheld, the overall man he had seemed to grow to be, and his nice lookin’ face. I was a bit of a wild child there for a bit, and yearned to ground myself again. Whereas he always seemed to be so sure of himself, and that was very admirable to me. He had a hilarious wit, too, which I remember realizing for the first time through some ridiculous “face in hole” pictures he posted on Facebook, with silly made up background stories. His humor and thoughtfulness ended up being what locked me into him 🙂

As I grew up, I developed an extremely finely tuned list of who my ideal person would be (Christian, great sense of humor, adventurous, has dark hair, has nice teeth, outdoorsy, wears flannel….you get the drift) and the older I became, the more I realized Amado was the one I was holding as a standard against the boys I met. Seems kinda childhood dreamy, I know, but its insane that it has turned out this way. We both still look at each other and are like, “What?! YOU!?”.. cray. I had sworn off any relationship until I was positive that person was going to be the man I wanted to marry. So, when Amado told me he loved me, and I realized I was so deeply in love with him too, I basically couldn’t marry him quick enough and get on with getting our lives started together. I had never been so sure of anything! We joke now because there is that super cliché “When you know, you know” saying, which we had previously hardcore rolled our eyes at, but, my goodness, we swear by it now. I just knew he was the man I was meant to be with for the rest of my life.

The moments you share with your dad, from note exchange to the first time he sees you in your dress, are so special! Tell us about them from your perspective. Oh. Muh. Gaw. TEARS, AND TISSUES. And an overflowing emotion I have not ever been able to put into words, even after all of that letter. I only slept for one hour the night before our wedding, and I spent the other hours just crying, and writing, and thinking about the two most important men in my life; My Dad and Amado. I am fully aware that I have been blessed with such an incredibly amazing father. I wanted him to know that I love him, and admire him, and am eternally grateful for him. I WOULD NOT be the woman I am, without him as a role model. The man he has always been, in all aspects; his office, our home, at church, his mentorships..everything. He has set the utmost standard for me, and I know, truly, what a real man and respectful husband looks like. I have been able to make it through some huge life struggles because of the example he and my mom have set. I so desperately wanted to somehow spew that all out in the letter. And then to see his face when he saw me in my dress, to hear him read the letter, to walk down the aisle with him, to do our Irish Dance bit… I love re-living those moments over and over through the video KEJ captured, it makes me melt. I am so glad I didn’t get to just experience it once. For me, such a huge part of my wedding day was about my dad. This video gives the nod to that, that it deserves.

How did you find your videographer and what made you choose them?
Wow, let me start by saying that KEJ was THE MOST cherished expense from our wedding. They have left us, and everyone who watches the video, speechless. From our experience working with them, to who they are as people, we would have invited them to our wedding anyway, even if they hadn’t agreed to be our videographers! 🙂 THEY ARE SO AMAZING. I found them through The Knot. I don’t remember how exactly, I just remember I set a whole day aside to watch dozens and dozens of videographers videos, and realized most videographers have very much a cookie cutter technique. The weddings were events plugged into an outline, without much variation. I watched hours of wedding videos without having an emotional reaction, until I found myself within the KEJ video series, and plowing through an entire tissue box. When Amado was around, we rewatched them all together and were both sniffling on the couch. We didn’t even know the people, but felt all the emotion, and drama of each wedding. They were TRULY capturing the soul within the marriage and the whole story of the couples. No video is the same, they don’t have a set series of events and sounds, and they capture spoken words. They documented the letters, the speeches, and the vows. Not to mention, all the little details, decorations, attendees, and scene. They tell a whole story, in a artfully unique way. Its beautiful. We are SO thankful we found them, and so strongly recommend them for all weddings.

What was the most unexpected part of your wedding day?
This is a great question. I would have to say, its basically the out-of-body experience I had the whole day! You are always told that the day would seem like a blur and go by so fast, but I really felt like I was numb! I felt like a sponge that was already so full of water, I couldn’t soak anything else up! I enjoyed every bit of every piece, but I am also SO thankful that we had KEJs video of it, so that I could see it and witness it again. Also, I didn’t expect to cry so much…. I thought I would be too nervous to produce tears, but I was a water faucet.

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?
My favorite part of this wedding journey, was all of the people and personalities we got to work with along the way. Good or bad! Amado and I definitely grew a lot through this 14-month planning process. Especially, I loved getting to work with my mom on planning this whole weekend. She had so many beautiful ideas and creations, it was such a joy to see the joy she had in doing this with me 🙂 Lots of mama-daughter time!

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides?
The planning takes forever, but its the longest part of your wedding, and the most you’ll be able to experience the little things you choose, so do your best to enjoy all these little bits along the way! When you get stopped up or frustrated, remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Even the biggest hiccups, or hassles end up being fun stories that make your wedding, yours. Also! BONUS TIP! Our florist (Kimball Floral) had an incredible tip; have your flower girl throw the pedals UP over her head, and not down to the floor. It was ADORABLE. This was my favorite wedding tip that I gained along the way!

Anything else our viewers should know?

A lot of people bypass the videographer expense, but I can’t express enough how much it is worth it. In this day, you don’t always flip back through 800 wedding photos. Although the stills are beautiful to have, nothing captures the experience like being able to see the way people move, speak, and interact. You watch moments that you wouldn’t otherwise get to experience. Being able to look back at a moving documentary is priceless.

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