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Love Story Of The Day: This Nantucket Wedding Will Completely Change Your Mind About Winter Weddings November 27, 2017


Love Story

Kyle and Claire live in Kenya (amazing, I know) and had originally planned to get married there. But, wanting all of their family and friends to be present for the day, they decided to plan a winter wedding in Nantucket, a place that’s special to both of them. The magical holiday charm of this wedding will 100% inspire you to re-think your summer wedding dreams. WINTER WEDDINGS ARE WHERE IT’S AT. Watch Claire and Kyle’s stunning film by Birdhouse and then read our interview with Claire for more on her love story and her #1 piece of advice for future brides.

The Love Story:
Kyle and I grew up in the same town in CT and even went to high school together, but he’s a couple years older and we didn’t really cross paths until later on in life. His younger brother is a good friend of mine and introduced us when I moved to NYC a few years after graduating from college. We hit it off and became really close – but, just as friends at first! What I love about our story is that we can each point to a specific moment when our friendship “changed” and we each started to think of it as something more. For me, it was during a beach ride in our friend’s classic red Bronco on Nantucket – a moment that my maid of honor actually referenced during her speech and made it in the wedding film! Nantucket has actually been a big part of our love story. Our romance started there, we fell in love there, got engaged there, and were so fortunate to have our wedding there as well!

You have an anniversary coming up 🙂 Did you always know you wanted a winter wedding? How did you settle on the date?
I never thought I would have a winter wedding – I hate the cold!!!! But, once we decided on Nantucket everything just fell into place. We both love the offseason up there and thought it would be really unique and special to get all our family and friends up to the island during a time they normally wouldn’t visit. We had two people at our wedding who have been vacationing there for 60 years and have never been up in the winter! The town does such a wonderful job decorating for the holidays and it’s so quiet – it really is such a beautiful time of year up there. We picked our ideal date and it ended up being the only weekend available at the Nantucket Hotel, so it just worked out!

How did you find your wedding filmmaker, and what made you choose them?
I originally contacted a filmmaker that had done my friend’s wedding, but they were booked for our weekend and sent me a list of other companies to check out. I spent hours going through that list and doing my own research and after watching hundreds of wedding videos Birdhouse just continued to stand out to me. There is nothing ‘typical’ about their work. Unlike most wedding videos, every film that Birdhouse creates is so unique because it tells a different story. I also think their cinematography work is just gorgeous – they have a great eye for lighting and capturing details. To top it off, Natalie is a total doll and so so wonderful to work with.

What was the most unexpected part of your wedding journey?
Our whole wedding was a bit of a surprise. Kyle and I live in Kenya and had originally planned to get married here. We were going to surprise our families with a ceremony at the end of a safari and then have a casual party for our friends at home. However, he has a very big family and logistics got too complicated. So our surprise safari wedding somehow turned into a 160 person black tie ballroom wedding – something I just never thought I’d have! But, honestly it was SO perfect and I wouldn’t change a single detail. On a smaller scale, I was also very surprised that it was clear skies and sunny on our wedding day. That’s kind of rare for Nantucket in the winter!

If you had one piece of advice for future brides and grooms, what would it be?
Do whatever you need to so that you can be 100% present for your whole wedding day – and enjoy every single second!! And make sure you hire a great photographer and a great filmmaker because that’s how you’re going to be able to relive that day for the rest of your life.

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