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This Confetti Cannon ~First Kiss~ Moment Is Literally The COOLEST Thing You’ll See All Day November 9, 2017


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So, every detail of Lauren and Cameron’s Kentucky wedding is basically a Pinterest DREAM, but one of my favorite moments is the perfectly executed confetti cannon kiss. Right when the officiant says, “you may kiss the bride,” thousands of pretty, white confetti pieces explode into the sky and it looks like magical snowfall on a warm, sunny day. Um, obsessed. What makes this moment a total standout (and worth watching over and over again) is Alyson Biggs Films‘ editing skills. Watch the full film below and you’ll know what I mean 😉 Plus, read on for our interview with Lauren to learn more about how she pulled off the epic moment!

The Love Story: 
It all started in a small town called Stearns, in the southern most part of Kentucky. My parents (Kim and Stewart Morgan) and Cameron’s parents (Cindy and Greg Jones) all grew up together in Stearns. In 1983, my parents got married, and Cindy was my mom’s maid of honor. And a few years later Cindy and Greg got married and my mom was a bridesmaid in her wedding. They took Lots of trips together and were inseparable!

When our parents wanted to start families, my parents moved to Lexington, Ky and Cameron’s parents moved to Somerset, KY. Over the years there were several phone calls and lots of Christmas cards, and although the 2 towns were only about an hour apart, our two families never really got together that much. The craziness of each family having 3 kids each kept both of our parents busy.

One night in November of 2012, our moms were chatting on Facebook, catching up on each other’s lives, naturally the kids came up. My mom started to talk about me, and Cameron’s mom started to talk about him. And somehow in all of the mix of the conversation, I ended up with Cameron’s phone number and we decided to meet up.

So a few days after the conversation, we met up in Somerset, KY where Cameron lived at the time. I made my sister come with me, well, because I make my sister, Haley, 18 at the time, do EVERYTHING with me! Haha so we CHAT ALL night and I’m honestly in love at this point. The way he talked, and walked, and the way he presented himself …. all of it. I was all heart eyes! so after several hours of hanging out, my sister and I head back home to Lexington, and I immediately text my mom as soon as I got in the car. “So I just met my future husband.” And honestly, the rest is history. Every weekend was spent together for the next several years. I honestly think our moms had this planned years ago. A modern day arranged marriage!! It couldn’t have turned out any better for our families!

I LOVE your barn wedding aesthetic – how did your wedding vision come together? Did you start with a theme?
My theme originally was going to be industrially chic. Lots of metals, brick, and concrete. Kind of like an old warehouse feel. But Cameron and I were open to lots of venues, so we also went and visited the Bluegrass Wedding Barn in Danville, KY. As soon as I drove up the hill and saw the beautiful old horse barn and the amazing green hills, I knew this was our place. It was truly a magical moment for me. And it only made since we get married outside in beautiful Kentucky! So as we started to plan more of a theme for this venue, I knew I wanted a mixture of romantic, rustic, modern, elegant, but yet simple and natural. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t over do the “country wedding” theme. I wanted to bring lots of natural elements to my table settings but also, simplicity. Pinterest was my GO TO! But as a bride on a budget, I had to be careful and decide how far I wanted to take some of the ideas I found in Pinterest. So my way of compromising to make sure I didn’t over do the tables (there were 25 tables ) I made sure my head table was everything I’d ever wanted! So I went all out on these, with copper mugs for each of my bridesmaids and groomsman. Lots of silver dollar eucalyptus down the middle of the table with pops of blush garden roses and dark red dahlias. I also used gold lined terrariums with blush pink Himalayan salt. It was everything I’d ever dreamed of having!

How did you find your videographer and what made you choose them?
I searched and searched for a videographer who I thought would capture mine and Cameron’s personalities and also someone who used a Drone camera! The venue we chose was so beautiful, it really NEEDED to be seen from a birds eye view! I’m a full time hairdresser and I meet tons of people on a daily basis, and so many brides! So I was chatting one day with one of my clients who was getting married and I asked her who she was using for videography. So she gave me Alyson’s website and email. I looked up Alyson’s work and I was in love! The way she captures everything from the wedding day was amazing to me. Like the way the couples looked at eachother in the very first moments of seeing each other, or your guests faces when you say “I do”, or even the smallest details like our head table! I knew I had to have her, so I asked her if she was available the date that we chose at our venue and she was. So I knew it was meant to be!

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?
My favorite part of the wedding journey was definitely, beyond a shadow of a doubt the dress shopping! We went to 2 places in my hometown of Lexington, KY; one of them being a boutique called Twirl. I had done tons of research on the type of dress I wanted, so upon my arrival at my first appointment of the day, the girls at Twirl had already pulled so many amazing gowns. I didn’t know how I would ever choose. Searching for gowns on Pinterest, I knew I was in love with EVERYTHING Hayley Paige! So I immediately was excited to try on her gowns! I tried on 10 gowns at that boutique and ventured to the second one and tried on several more. The gown I chose was “blush by Hayley Paige, Halo”. It was the 2nd gown on tried on and I knew it was the one as soon as I put it on! It was such a special moment not only because it was practically a fairytale moment, but my mom, my granny, Cameron’s mom, Cameron’s granny, my best friend Natalie, and my sister Haley were all there for that moment! It was so fun and I’ll never forget it!

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides?
Although there are so many things I could say to a future bride, it’s very corny, but honestly try your best to slow down and take in the day. You will forget a lot of that day in the excitement and hustle of the day. So for all of the moments you can’t remember, GET A VIDEOGRAPHER! You WILL NOT regret it!

Anything else our viewers should know?
Don’t be afraid to try and recreate things you’ve seen that you love! 3 weeks before my wedding, I saw Julianne Hough’s wedding video and I became OBSESSED with her confetti at the “you may kiss the bride” moment. I saw it, and I HAD to have it! I was lucky enough to have a brother that has a business that does stage, sound, and lighting set ups, so we had great access to confetti cannons and we made it happen! It was so magical. I loved it, my guests loved it, and now I get to share these amazing moments with everyone through the amazing job Alyson did!

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