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Love Story Of The Day: What It’s Like to Fall In Love With Someone You’ve Known Your Whole Life November 7, 2017


Love Story


You know what will make your day one million times better? A REAL LIFE FAIRYTALE. Elisa and Jonathan have known each other their whole life. Their dads, who have been best friends since middle school, met their mothers on a trip to Haiti, moving there permanently to get married and have kids. Read our interview with Elisa for more on her heartwarming love story with Jonathan and her insanely gorgeous Maria Farbinni dress. We also had the opportunity to chat withย Julia Swell, Elisa and Jonathan’s talented cinematographer, about her filmmaking process and her favorite moments she filmed throughout the couple’s wedding day. Watch Elisa and Jonathan’s full film below.

The Love Story:
Our fathers, both of French Nationality, were best friends since middle school. After many adventures that took them around the world, they ended up in Haiti for what was suppose to be a temporary trip. After meeting our mothers who were locals, they got married and had children (us). We have thus known each other all our lives but, like most love stories, our relationship went through many phases (friendship, rivalry, annoyance, friendship again etc…). It was only after returning to Haiti after having gone abroad for our studies, (Jonathan in Paris and Elisa in Montreal), that our love story really began. It went from us spending time together, as friends, while rediscovering one another to finding out that we actually were slowly but undeniably falling in love with one another. We kept it as a joke that the reality is that this was an arranged marriage orchestrated by our parents but in reality, life will surprise you. We also made sure they were the last to know! ๐Ÿ˜›

That wedding gown is incredible! Who is the designer and how did you know it was the dress?
The designer is Maria Farbinni (she is originally from Ukraine but based in New-York). I actually went into one store in Miami, Chic Boutique, thinking I knew exactly what I wanted. After giving a list of designers to the sales person helping me out, I quickly realized that having a tailored wedding dress takes time when I only had 3 months. On top of that, the dresses that they carried from the designers I had chosen were not the ones I had wanted. At that moment I had gotten a little worried and figured I had to make the best of it and decided to try on some of the dresses that were part of the last day of a trunk show from a designer I hard never heard of before. This is when I put on the Maria Farbinni dress to find my mother and sister in tears letting me know that this was the dress and that there was no point in looking elsewhere. The designer who was at the store came to find us and kindly agreed to have the dress made in 3 month with a few alterations that I had asked. I like to think that in this case the dress picked me.

How did you find your wedding filmmaker, and what made you choose them?
A list of wedding filmmaker had been suggested to us. From that list, we both fell in love with Julia Swell’s vibrant images that could, in complete simplicity, capture such high emotions when nerves and pure bliss naturally start to cohabit ate before they end up transforming into something magical that images can only express. This was something that we felt would make for incredible memories that we would one day share with our children so that they too would know the kind of love that brought them to us.

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?
I think that it was the wedding itself and being able to spend that time in the present. Seeing how all these months of planning had come to life in bringing loved ones from all over the world to share with us a time of celebration made all the stress there had been before completely worth it.

From the Filmmaker:

How did you get into wedding filmmaking?
I was a video editor for three years, working mainly with luxury brands and editing music videos, and I was tired of staying in the office. So I had the idea of filming weddings and working solo, for people, not brands or agencies.

A friend of mine lent me a camera and a French wedding blog called Queen for a Day published a release for me. I offered to film weddings for a good price since I was a beginner so I quickly met amazing people who trusted me.

That’s how it began last year. I shot 14 weddings and it all started like that. My second season this year was amazing, I filmed more than 20 weddings and I met a lot of couples, traveled a lot, never at home but always surrounded by happy people, I really love this job and I can’t wait to see where I will be in a few years.

What was your favorite part about working with Elisa and Jonathan on their wedding film?
My favorite part of this wedding was the morning preparation, I always love the morning prep actually! It’s the only moment where we can take time to talk with the couple, while they are getting dressed with friends or family, it’s fun and emotional.

I loved the morning with Elisa and Jonathan because they have a big family and fun friends, it was really cool to spend the day with them. Those are my favorite shots in their wedding film.

If you had one piece of advice for couples considering a wedding film, what would it be?
Meet your videographer before hiring him or her. It’s really important to properly meet and talk to the people we will help to remember your wedding. It’s one of the most important days of your life, so be sure to be in good company with a professional you trust.

Anything else our viewers should know?
Storytelling is everything ๐Ÿ™‚ Since I was used to editing music and commercials videos, I wanted to keep my style and keep doing what I love, so I only offer the couples short (less than 20 min), modern and highly rhythmic videos. I love to search for the right rhythm, depending on the style of the couple. I don’t use speeches, but music, to tell a story.

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