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Love Story Of The Day: He Registered Their Wedding Domain Name Two Weeks After Their First Date, and Now They’re Married October 12, 2017


Love Story


14 days after Katherine and Mathew’s first date, Mathew registered the domain name for their wedding website: I’m obsessed with everything about this couple’s epic love story, and of course, their beautiful film by OTD Collective, which you can watch below. Read on for excerpts from their vows and speeches plus our interview with the bride for more on her stunning Portland wedding.

The Love Story :

This excerpt is from Jen’s speech (Katherine’s maid of honor and best friend)

Now, I’d like to tell you all the story of how Katherine and Matt met. Although Katherine and I were both happy living in the Bay Area, we were both hopelessly single. Just like every proper millennial, we turned to the online dating website OkCupid. Because Katherine is so selfless and thoughtful, she was determined to find love not just for herself, but for us both. Katherine scoured OkCupid profiles, analyzing every match question and bookmarking her favorites for both of us. One night at my apartment in San Francisco, we hunkered down on the couch with our laptops and started perusing the profiles that Katherine had bookmarked. Immediately, one stuck out to me. When asked to describe what he was really good at, he wrote, “ping pong, video games, household chores, telling stories, hugging, catching objects that have accidentally been knocked off tables and counters, and dancing all night like I mean it.” He also loved dogs, couldn’t live without his mother’s home cooking, and was looking for someone who was smart, kind, and adventurous. He also mentioned loving Toy Story 3. I thought, really? A kid’s movie? Well we all have our quirks so I was willing to look past that part.

I told Katherine how excited I was and dashed off a message to him. The next day, I got a phone call from Katherine. “Jeennn… I have something to tell you. You have to promise not to get mad. Right after I left your apartment, I got a message from the OkCupid guy. He sent me the most thoughtful message I’ve ever gotten. He likes linguistics and we have the same favorite movie – Toy Story 3! He even cried at the same parts as me when he saw it! He wants to meet up on Friday, but I know you were really excited about him…

I said, Katherine, you have to go on a date with him! I’m so glad you two have so much in common. I think you’re perfect for each other. That night, I sent a message to the OkCupid guy to explain the funny situation and how happy I was for him to meet Katherine. He replied, “I can’t believe I didn’t notice you both in each other’s photos! She seems really cool, and I’m excited to meet her too.”

Cut to a few days later, and I get another call from Katherine. “Jen, I just had the best first date of my life. I can’t wait for you to meet Matt.”

Read on for our interview with the bride: 

How did you find your videographer and what made you choose them? 

We decided only a month before the wedding that we wanted to hire a videographer. We were at Matt’s parents house for Fourth of July and watched old video footage of their wedding in Iran in the mid 1970s. We realized how precious that video was, because it captured the ceremony and so many friends and relatives we’ll never see again. We started searching through all the Maine-based videographers and, miraculously, Haley was still available on such short notice. Once we found out she was available, there was no question that we’d hire her. She’s incredibly talented in her technique, composition, editing, and story-telling, and she’s also very friendly and easy to work with. After seeing the video she created for us, we’re very happy we hired a videographer and especially happy that we hired Haley.

What was the most unexpected part of your wedding day?

I had so much more fun than I thought I would. Up until the ceremony started, I was sleep-deprived and overwhelmed with stress. I had to plan the wedding largely on my own from across the country while trying to teach, publish research papers, and make progress on my dissertation. We had mini disasters the whole week leading up to the wedding. Massive thunderstorms hit the east coast a few days before the wedding, grounding all planes in and out of New York for days. The second leg of Matt’s flight from California was canceled, and he was stuck in DC for a day without knowing how he would get to Maine. Several friends and family members ended up missing the wedding entirely, because they couldn’t rebook their flights in time. We also had guests suddenly deciding they could come (after RSVPing no) just days before the wedding. Trying to deal with all these last minute changes and keep myself from having a panic attack, I hardly got any sleep for the whole week beforehand. I couldn’t even find time to write my vows until just hours before the ceremony. Thankfully, three of my incredibly generous friends came to the venue early with me and handled all the set up, allowing me to take a few hours to myself to write my vows. I was so worried it would be a complete disaster, that people would regret flying all the way to Maine for the wedding, that I would fall asleep halfway through the reception, or that I would show up to the ceremony with unfinished vows. But it all came together. The ceremony and speeches were so meaningful for us, and we had a wonderful time dancing and celebrating with everyone. The only thing I regret is not having more time to spend with our friends and family that day.

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?

There wasn’t much of a pre-wedding journey (if that’s what you mean). I’ve never had any interest in the rituals surrounding wedding dress shopping, bridal showers, or bachelorette parties, and I’m very thankful I didn’t get dragged into participating in any of it, despite my maid of honor’s best efforts to plan 🙂 The only other part of the pre-wedding journey for us was planning, which was generally very stressful, and I honestly regret the amount of time I spent on it. The one fun part of wedding planning was when Matt and I were picking out music for the reception and ceremony and spent the night laughing and dancing around our living room.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides?

Remember what the wedding is actually about. The ceremony is for you and your partner to express your love and commitment in whatever way is most comfortable and meaningful for you two. And the reception is for you and your guests to have fun. It’s easy to get sucked into picturesque wedding trends and planning details that will have *no* impact on how memorable the ceremony is or how much fun the reception is (e.g. flowers, decor, escort cards, attire, etc.). Focus on the details that will matter to you and your guests (e.g. music, food, officiant, speeches, seating arrangement, accessibility of the venue, weather contingencies, unobtrusive photographers) and when the day comes, have fun.

Bonus! Read read the excerpts from the bride and groom’s vows: 
Excerpt from Katherine’s vows

>Matt, you and I have always clicked. After our first date, which was fittingly at a Persian fusion restaurant, I gushed about you to my mom, saying how smart, thoughtful, and funny you were. How we talked for hours about our families, our exes, the universe, and human consciousness. And I explained to her that you seemed perfect, because basically you were just a male version of me. I don’t know what more could you want, right? We shared the same taste in music, the same values, the same hobbies. We spent all of our time together playing board games or video games, cooking elaborate meals, watching cerebral documentaries. We called each other by the same pet name and even wore matching outfits sometimes. You used to describe us as parallel processors – two minds working as one to solve problems together. We fell in love with each other within weeks, in part because we saw so much of ourselves in each other.

After a few years of living together, though, we learned that we’re not actually the same person, and we are not always parallel processing. We’ve disagreed about how to divvy up chores, how to spend our free time, and of course how to assemble IKEA furniture. These disagreements often ended up being extremely frustrating for us, because we imagined ourselves as being the same person, and so we expected that we should always be in sync with each other and always do things the same way as each other.

Over time, though, I’ve found that the things I love and admire about you most are the things that make you different from me. I love how fearless you are. No person or situation ever intimidates you, and you approach conflicts and setbacks with unwavering determination. I admire your candor, how open and honest you are with everyone you meet. I love how fiercely dedicated you are to seeking justice in the world and standing up for people who’ve been mistreated. And most of all, I love your neverending enthusiasm and warmth. You radiate joy even during the most boring moments, filling my heart with light and a sense that I can do anything when I’m with you.

Excerpt from Matt’s vows

Katherine, I knew that you were the person I wanted to marry exactly 14 days after our first date. I know it was exactly 14 days, not because I was counting, but because I looked it up. December 4, 2014 was the day I registered for our wedding.

Within two weeks of meeting you, it was already apparent to me that you have an unparalleled capacity for empathy, you’re right about almost everything, and you’re the most fun person to be around. In the years since, I’ve witnessed these qualities in action. You’ve dropped everything to help me get through challenging times. You’ve enthusiastically taught me new facts you learned from your research and from nature documentaries. And every day you manage to make me laugh with a silly voice or expression.

I know that registering our wedding domain name after only two weeks of dating must have made me seem like a fool rushing in, but marrying you is definitely the smartest decision of my life. And I promise to do everything I can to make sure that marrying me is the smartest decision of your life too.

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