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Love Story Of The Day: He Told Her to Go to India With Him on Their First Official Date and Now They’re Married October 10, 2017


Love Story

Rob and Amber first met at the University of Illinois, but it wasn’t until they ran into each other in New York City that they decided to get dinner. That night, things were going so well, Rob asked Amber if she’d join him on his upcoming trip to India. She said YES (!) which is basically the beginning of the most amazing love story ever (and hopefully the plot line for an upcoming Hollywood film). Read our interview with the bride for more on the spontaneous beginning to Rob and Amber’s love story, and then watch their gorgeous wedding film shot by Life.Film!

The Love Story:

In 2006 Rob and I met at the University of Illinois, it wasn’t until Aug 2012 when our paths crossed again in Chicago. I was living in Milwaukee at the time and Rob had just moved back to Chicago from NYC. Rob had asked me out a few times, but I was not interested, because I had plans to move to California the following year. Fast forward to November, Rob and I ran into each other again in NYC (fate!). We were both there for work and decided to grab dinner. We immediately hit it off and realized we both had a passion and zest for international travel and life. At dinner, Rob shared that he was going to India in February and asked if I would want to go with him. My young, carefree, 25-year-old self said yes. A few weeks later my trip was booked and I found myself on an airplane by myself flying to India to meet Rob. I will never forget being so excited for the unknown and the adventure we were about to have.

How did that trip to India play a role in your love story with Robert? The trip to India was such a beautiful experience. There we were, just friends, exploring a very unique and beautiful country. It’s not too often when you just click with someone and that is how Rob and I were. We just clicked. We were in India for 11 days. Normally, that much time with someone would make you tired of them. Not Rob, we talked about everything under the sun. Our hopes, our dreams, our childhood, family, our careers, politics, religion and faith. You name it, we talked about it. We were able to see each other’s hearts in the raw. That trip opened my eyes to how special Rob was and that I could never let this man go. So, I didn’t. I held on and it was the best decision I ever made. Love chose us. We decided to choose it back.

How did you find your wedding videographer and what made you choose them?

I found Life.Film on Most brides are all about finding the perfect photographer for their big day (which is very important), but my focus was more on finding the perfect videographer. I love film and wanted to make sure the videographers captured our story in a unique, beautiful and creative way, while showcasing all the beauty of California around us. As I watched video after video from Life.Film, I was sold they were the company I wanted to book to capture our wedding. I was so fortunate they were a production company, because this allowed me to book them for both photography and film making our story come together in a more cohesive way.

What was the most unexpected thing about your wedding day?

The most unexpected thing on our wedding day was that it was truly the best days of our lives. Every bride always says that, but it is so true! The day could not have been more perfect. From getting ready, to the first look, walking down the aisle, our personal vows and the beautiful reception venue with all of our loved ones, could not have been better. It was so very special and a day we will never forget.

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?

Definitely deciding together to have our wedding in Malibu and getting married in the church I attended while I lived in Cali. California has such a special place in our hearts and there is nowhere else that feels more like home. Rob and I spent a lot of time in Malibu and that is where he proposed, so finding an enchanted venue in Malibu made the day so much more special.

In addition, my second favorite part of our wedding journey was seeing it all come together on the big day! You put so much time and effort into everything! From the stamps on the invitations, to décor, chairs and fun wedding signs, everything is a decision. I will never forget arriving at our venue for cocktail hour and being blown away at how beautiful everything was! All the vendors worked together and Charley from Bluebell events goes above and beyond! The venue itself is breathtaking, but seeing our ideas over the months play out was the best feeling.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides?

Get a planner! I recommend at least getting a month-of coordinator or at a minimum a day-of coordinator. Trust me, it is the best money you can spend. It is so worth it, so you can enjoy your day and have everything run smoothly. Also, if you put the responsibility on a family member, that’s a lot of added stress for them, let them enjoy your big day too. The planner will take care of all the issues in the background and make sure when you arrive to the reception, everything is perfect. Not to mention, coordinate with your vendors on the timeline so you do not have to.

Anything else our viewers should know?

At the end of the day it’s just a wedding. What matters is the new life you’ll create as husband and wife. 🙂 So, when things go wrong and the stress levels rise, shake it off, put a smile on and remember how lucky you both are.

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