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Love Story Of The Day: Bride Looks Back On Her Wedding Video Four Years Later

Most of our featured couples are newlyweds, but when we heard Lindsay’s story, we knew immediately that it was Love Story of the Day-worthy. Lindsay’s the marketing manager for NST Pictures, a team of talented filmmakers based in NYC but serving couples nationwide. Four years ago, when she was planning to marry the love of her life, she had just started with the NST team — and even then she knew a wedding video was an absolutely MUST. Four years, a new title, and sweet little boy later, Lindsay still looks back on her wedding day with so much pride, from her choice to make all of her girlfriends maids of honor (vs. bridesmaids) to bringing NST down to Virginia Beach for the big day before they traveled outside of NYC.

Watch Lindsay and Cameron’s gorgeous day, then read our interview with the bride below:

The Love Story:

As a little girl, my family and I would go to Virginia Beach every August to visit my grandparents and enjoy the beach. One summer, I convinced my mom to let me stay for the whole summer for an internship. On the last week there, on a hot August night, I serendipitously met Cameron and we had an instant connection. We dated for a year long distance before moving in together in Richmond, VA. That August, we packed up our stuff and headed to New York City. We got engaged a few years later on the beach on Fire Island—in August, of course.

The whole time we were planning, we had one focus: the people are the most important part. We wanted as many of our friends and family to be able to celebrate with us so we always did whatever we could to make it easiest on them.

When we were planning the wedding, we knew it had to be on the beach and Virginia Beach made the most sense. We wanted August (naturally) but the hotel rates were hefty for the summer season and since we had family and friends coming from 8 or 9 different states, we decided to bump it one week into September to save our guests a boatload of money.

We decided to get married on the beach across the street from my grandparents house, which made it super easy to get ready and take formals photos. The reception was at Back Bay Farms so we could rock out under the stars all night long. Well, not all night long exactly. One of the groomsmen buried a keg on the beach in front of the hotel where everyone stayed and the party continued there, and you know we ended up in the water that night!

I made all the girls Maids of Honor, because really, who can pick a favorite from such an amazing group? Cameron’s music school friends doubled as the ceremony musician and officiant (who is now the voice of the Cleveland Indians!) and of course, they ended up on the stage while the band took a break at the reception. Our guys wore decently priced Express suits, which we’ve since seen them all wear again and the girls wore whatever pink dress and shoes they wanted. My friend who caught the bouquet even wore a bridesmaids dress that she had to buy to be in another wedding, so ha!–you can wear it again! The girls also helped me arrange the flowers for the ceremony and reception two nights before the wedding, but we hired professionals for the bouquets and boutonnieres.

At the time, there weren’t very many wedding videographers who did cinematic style, but luckily, I work for NST Pictures, a nationwide wedding cinematographer, so I ended up getting THE BEST wedding video I could have ever wished for. My coworkers/friends were also so helpful with the planning part, with our headquarters director, Jennifer, mapping out my timeline and Daniella, our creative director, taking special care to find the perfect song, which Cameron and I often find humming out of nowhere.

If we had one piece of advice for couples, it would be to NOT get tangled up in the details. I hate to say it, but they don’t matter now and they won’t matter 30 years from now. What will? Being able to see the day your life changed forever, in the best way possible. Being able to see all of the faces of the people who celebrated with you and love and support you every day. Being able to relive the day you planned so hard for, spent so much on and cherished so much because of it’s MEANING and not the superficial hype surrounding it. Being able to revisit a happy memory on your anniversary or on a day when life’s got you down and you just want to smile. Only videos and photos can do that for you, so focus your budget on what really matters.

Cameron and I now have a baby boy, named August, and what matters now is being able to show him this important video of our family’s history.

You recently celebrated your four year wedding anniversary — congrats! Looking back, how do you feel about your choice to have a wedding video — worth it?

Oh thanks! Totally worth it. There was a lot of work that went into that day and it was SOOOO much fun. I just can’t imagine not having it in video to revisit again and again. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pictures and they’re up on the walls in my house, but being able to feel the pace of the day, seeing all of my friends jumping around on the dance floor…just getting that whole vibe back whenever I want is priceless, especially as the day gets further and further away in time.

LOVE that you made all your girls Maids of Honor. Tell us more about that choice, and perks of breaking the so-called wedding “rules.”

What rules? Stressing out about rules is the #2 mistake brides make (right after forgoing videography). You’re paying for it. You’re planning it. It’s about celebrating you two. Why should anyone else be dictating what you do? Unless, of course, they’re chipping in. Then they definitely get a say

I lived a few places in Ohio, then a few places in Virginia before moving to New York and I felt I had a best friend everywhere I went. It just felt silly to crown someone the number one friend when I love them all and they have all supported me through every transition. Also, real talk: being a Maid of Honor is really special but it’s also a lot of work and money. They split up hosting the pre-wedding events and attendance was optional for everything since they lived in four different states. It made the whole process easier on them, which was really important to me.

Most of our Love Story of the Day features have been newlyweds, but we love having your perspective! A few years out from your wedding, what is your greatest memory of the day?

Oooo so hard to pin point. Actually, I don’t think I can. The day was a whirlwind (I know, we’ve all heard it a billion times but it’s true!) and I soaked in every glorious moment. I loved getting ready in the morning because it was super relaxed and my girlfriends are never in the same place at one time. The ceremony was everything I dreamt of: the weather was perfect, the colors of the sky were breathtaking and everyone was there. The reception was incredible—the band, the food, the casual layout, the DIY canoe bar, the conversations. The pow wow on the beach that night was wild and then getting back to our room and collapsing on the bed, just overwhelmed with joy…every minute was my greatest memory!

You work for NST Pictures, the filmmakers who created your beautiful video. Did you work there at the time? How did that influence your decision to have them be a part of your day?

Yes I do and I LOVE my job! I had just started working there in an entry-level position a few months after getting engaged and NST was still pretty new on the scene. I remember watching the videos before my interview and tearing up over strangers saying their vows. I definitely wanted a video.

We only served NYC at the time (now we’re nationwide!) but when I was searching for videographers that did cinematic-style work near Virginia Beach there were only a few choices. Three were booked and the only company that wasn’t was 25% of my total wedding budget. About a month went by and I started trying to convince myself that I didn’t need it.

That sort of worked until I went home for my grandma’s 90th birthday party and saw Super 8 footage of my 18-year-old dad in a powder blue tux, standing in my grandma’s driveway, heading off to prom. My grandpa, who passed away 20 years ago was in the footage straightening my dad’s tie. The whole thing was surreal—seeing him alive again, seeing him gesture just like I remember, seeing both of them young… I choked back a tear and realized how much bigger having video was than just capturing a party. When I got back to the city, I approached my boss about getting the team to travel and I’m so glad we worked it out.

Anything else our viewers should know?

If you’re on the fence about hiring a videographer, take the plunge. If you’re struggling with the cost, get the bare minimum package and focus on coverage hours. See if you can add on items after the wedding to space out payments.

If it’s just the mental hurtle of the price tag, adjust your mindset. This is not an expensive new phone that will be obsolete in two years. It’s not a car that you’ll drive for 10 years or even a house you’ll live in for 30 years. This is an item that you will keep the rest of your life, and your children’s lives, and you’ll love it more and more every year.


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