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Love Story Of The Day: They Fell In Love At Local Casino Over A Shared Piece Of Cheesecake

It was love at first bite. I mean, does it get any sweeter? Watch their gorgeous wedding video by Green Attic Films, then read on to learn more about how Emily and Jason met, fell in love, selected their S T U N N I N G venue + talented videographer, and more:

The Meet-Cute:

“Jason was a Blackjack dealer at the casino I was gambling at!” – Emily

The way you and Jason met is incredible! Tell us more about that fateful night from your perspective:

Jason was a Blackjack dealer at the local casino and I would occasionally play blackjack there. One night after a little bit of small talk while he was dealing me cards he came over to me on his break he asked me if I wanted to share a piece of cheesecake with him (which is both of our favorite desserts). That piece of cheesecake turned to several pieces over the years and the rest was history!

The mountain backdrop at your ceremony is absolutely breathtaking. How did you find and select your venue?

Jason proposed to me on the 9th hole of one of our favorite golf courses while we were playing golf with my dad and he secretly invited both of our families to watch from the balcony above. Golf has always been one of those things we both enjoyed from the game itself to the beautiful places and courses it has taken us. With that being said we knew we wanted to be married on a golf course and we were a day away from signing a contract somewhere else when I stumbled across The club at Snoqualmie Ridge on Instagram of all places. We drove up there right away and instantly it just felt right to the both of us and we both knew that was going to be the place.

How did you find your videographer and what made you choose them? 

I originally had found my videographer through my photographer. I had wanted someone who had worked together in the past and who had come recommended but I was also extremely picky and was sure to watch several hundreds of wedding videos from videoagraphers all over. I really chose Alexis (Green Attic Films) for a few reasons:

1. I cried watching every single video she had produced

2. She had such a beautiful way of telling the stories of these couples and capturing the true and raw emotion and personalities of people

3. I felt a really great connection with her when we met – she was extremely humble and genuinely excited to have the opportunity to work with us and that meant a lot to not feel as though we were just some other potential client

What was the most unexpected part of your wedding day?

How much love and support we truly have of everyone who showed up for us. It’s one thing to see a number on paper or send out invitations or make a ton of place cards but it’s another to be there and surrounded by so much love who are all there to celebrate us on our wedding day.

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?

Seeing everything come together was probably my favorite part. Being engaged for almost 2 years and making my dreams of my wedding day a reality by planning every detail in several excel spreadsheets and lists was a lot of work but the reward of seeing it actually come together finally was beyond my expectations.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides?

Try your best to be present and in the moment. It took me a few days of prep to get myself to let go and relax and check out before my wedding day but I promised myself I would shut off my phone and electronics and I would do everything in my power to be 100% there and in the moment to allow myself to enjoy it and I am so grateful I was able to do that.

Anything else our viewers should know?

Our wedding was perfect our dreams truly did come true and we could not have done it without the amazing vendors we had chosen but most importantly we could not have done it without our parents and our families and we are just so grateful to have them.

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