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Kaleigh & Kelly
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From The Bride:

After I finished my master’s degree in 2011, I took a job in North Carolina and made the move down south. Two weeks after moving there, my cousin Jamin tells me that he has a friend in Atlanta that he wants to introduce me to. I was single and thought, why not? He tells me that his friend’s name is Kelly and I immediately ask to see a picture because I had never heard of a man named Kelly (which I eventually found out that many people confuse Kelly’s full name with Kelly Clarkson- the female singer). Over the next month, we started to get to know each other and then I made the trip down to Atlanta with Jamin to finally meet Kelly in person and that sealed the deal.
We conquered that wonderful thing called a long-distance relationship for one year and then I moved to Atlanta. Shortly after my move, we got Mitch (our furry-yellow son). Five short months after that, we moved to New York City. I like to think that if our relationship can survive that shoe box of a “one bedroom” apartment (equipped with a doll-house size kitchen and no outlet in the bathroom) with our four-legged boy, we can survive anything.
On May 23rd, 2015, Kelly popped the question. We had just flown into St. Maarten that morning and were staying in a house overlooking the ocean for the week. After a late afternoon trip to the grocery store, we got back to the house and I was on a mission to start making macaroni salad for dinner because I was starving (and because, I really like food). Kelly said he had to use the bathroom and then he’d start the burgers. As he came back to the kitchen, I had just grabbed two Coronas out of the fridge and he asks, “what are you doing?” Well, this would be called opening beers. He then said, “I had Ursula get us some champagne for our first day here.” I thought nothing of this due to the food on my mind so I put the beers away, grabbed the champagne, and began pouring. Kelly then says, “Let’s go out by the pool with this”. Yet again, all I want to do is make food so I replied with, “we can drink champagne inside.” Anyway, I ended up following him outdoors, we clinked glasses, took a sip and then he took the glass away from me. Now let’s get to the good part: close your eyes and imagine the ocean, tropical air, the sun just beginning to set and champagne in your mouth. Next thing you know, Kelly is on his knee asking me to marry him. I cried, laughed and pretty sure I blacked out in that moment… I could not believe it was happening. I had an inkling that this might happen during our trip, but I had no idea it would happen on the first day of our vacation. Of course I said yes!!!
We absolutely loved Charleston, SC and with our families being all over the country, we decided on a destination wedding. We set the date for a year and a few months later and it was absolutely perfect! I would go back and have our wedding day over and over again if I could!

  • Bridesmaids Dresses: Kennedy Blue
  • Cake: The Cake Stand
  • Ceremony Venue: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
  • Cinematographer: Southern Tide Photography LLC
  • Dress: Spy Baby Boutique
  • Flowers: Duvall Catering
  • Groom: Generation Tux
  • Hair: Paper Dolls Wedding Hair & Makeup
  • Makeup: Paper Dolls Wedding Hair & Makeup
  • Music: Lowcountry Entertainment
  • Officiant: Kristen Barner
  • Photographer: Southern Tide Photography LLC
  • Planner: Jessica Cruz
  • Reception Venue: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens